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  1. Writing

    A: she was his sister :P Q: What was her name?
  2. Writing

    Wake up, guys... A: Eowyn; Emyn Arnen Q: What are the names of the two orcs who take Frodo's body after he his nearly killed by Shelob?
  3. Writing

    I thought he was poisened by a Nazgul arrow? A: Barad-dur (Mordor) and Orthanc (Isengard) Q: How did Denethor die?
  4. Writing

    She's right- Samwise had a daughter named Goldilocks- not Goldberry. A: Asfaloth Q: Who was Frodo's father?
  5. Writing

    *Mt. Doom= Orodruin A: She gave him a wooden box filled with earth from Lothlorian; it was used to restore the Shire after the ring was destroyed. Q: Who destroyed the One Ring?
  6. Writing

    A: it's Grima (come on, guys, I waited an hour...) Q: What is another name for Mt. Doom?
  7. Anime

    Inuyasha must be one of the worst dubs I've seen. Kagome's voice is so irritating-- it makes me want to throw something at the TV to get her to shutup. Then there's Kagura: Helloooo- you're trying to kill these people, not seduce them! And Kouga sounds like he's on drugs or something, not to mention all the other wolf demons' voices are kinda squeeky. Jaken sounds like a smurf O.o (wait... maybe that's not too ooc) But I have to admit that Rin's and Sessho-maru's voices are well-cast. (When Naraku says Kanna's name, he sounds like he has some sort of speech impediment and can't say it right-- is that how her name is supposed to be pronounced?) But Princess Mononoke was a great dub. Love that movie :) .Hack//Sign has some really good voice actors, too. Hopefully I haven't been too much of a critic... or offended anyone....
  8. Writing

    A: Lothron (Drix had to tell me that one -.-) Q: What is the name of the dragon in The Hobbit? (hopefully someone will answer this...)
  9. Writing

    A: his foot O.o Q: Who marred the face of Morgoth and bore away the body of Fingolfin?
  10. Writing

    *I was looking for the White Towers, but correct A: Eldarion Q: How long was Aragorn's reign?
  11. Writing

    A: the Bruinen and the Glanduin? i think i'm right... Q: The seventh palantiri was kept in what structure until the end of the Third Age?
  12. Writing

    A: Orome? (if I'm wrong ignore the question) Q: The Grey Havens (Mithlond) is the only city of what land?
  13. Writing

    A: Yavanna and now it's my turn... Q: What is the name of Orome's steed?
  14. Writing

    I don't think Radaghast is checking his PM's.... (is he even online?) Maybe someone should post a question...
  15. Writing

    A: Galion Q: Who was the twenty-fifth and last King of Numenor?