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  1. Okay everyone, I just started the round and sent out the PMs so you guys have your cards. For this round I am requiring that everyone post flashbacks about where their ghosts were on the night of the Rosengard murders. Madame Rosengard has a lot to do with why everyone inside of the mansion was murdered, but that doesn't mean she was the only one killing people. Have as much fun with this as you would like. I'm hoping to post more: the story of Raymond and Marion is far from resolved. The Bonus Card this round was to be awarded to a player who used ALL of their cards (including P
  2. Shy

    The Mansion

    [indent]The Gravedigger watched Rosengard from afar. Although many souls had yet to perish, the estate taken succumb to an eerie silence. [I]It was futile to prolong the inevitable[/I], he thought to himself, [I]Soon all but one of their souls will be mine.[/I] Still, he could not ignore the pleasure he took in seeing the mansion alive with fresh faces once again. He was reminded of a time when Rosengard played home to socialites from far and wide, and when he had enjoyed a quiet life of servitude. â??[b][I]M.R.[/I][/b]â?? he muttered to himself, â??[b]Marion and Raymond.[/b]â?? Even in
  3. By my count all of the Death Cards have been played, and some time has been given for players to resurrect their characters if need be. This round is over. White being removed from the game threw my numbers off a bit, and as a result we have FOUR players going into what will presumably be the final round. Special thanks to [b]Canz[/b] for playing! We'll be hearing from you soon. I'll hand out cards in either 12 hours or 36 hours from this post. - Shy
  4. [quote name='Lady Shy' date='09 October 2010 - 03:23 AM' timestamp='1286619782' post='701010'] Go home and be a family man. [/quote] Look, I work long hours and provide. Is it so bad that I want to spend a few minutes of my day watching Guile videos on YouTube? Haven't I earned it? Can't you stop treating me like one of your children and like the man you married and loved so long ago? I can't deal with this anymore, Lady Shy. It hurts. IT HURTS. [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y1iqJqNHX_g[/media] I think this one might be my favorite&#
  5. I'm gonna play around with this more when I get home from work. Great find, Des! [url=http://tubedubber.com/#bflYjF90t7c:Ie_R1H9L4eI:0:100:NaN:NaN:true]Guile Theme Goes with Everything![/url] - Shy
  6. White doesn't have any characters in play, so I suppose we'll just remove him from the game. That leaves one other player left to use their Death Card. I'll bug them about it now. Apologies for the delay. - Shy
  7. [center][img]http://archives.bulbagarden.net/media/upload/6/64/498Pokabu.png[/img][/center] Pokabu is my new favorite [i]everything.[/i] Seriously. - Shy
  8. Okay, I seriously hurt my feet going hiking today. I'm wondering if my shoes are the problem or what. This pain is intense! - Shy
  9. I'm starting to view the computer with the screen zoomed in so that the text and images are enormous. I find myself on the computer more than ever (if such a thing is possible) these days, so it helps my vision to have everything blown up to size 40 font. - Shy
  10. Machete was kind of life changing. There's so much to love about this movie - Jessica Alba, Violence, Social Commentary, Boobs... honestly I don't know where to start. Robert Rodriguez is a master of his craft, and this film works as both a parody of and love letter to B-Movie schlock. It's hard not to compare this with The Expendables since both were released so close to one another, and I feel like Machete is the better of the two. For one it doesn't over-rely on its cast to thrill the audience, and the action here is top notch. It also balances intense gore with genuinely h
  11. Thanks, CaNz! I look forward to your post. Right now every single card can severely change the outcome of the game, so I'm interested in seeing who posts next and what actions they take. By my count there are still five Death Cards in play (the Haste Card does not count) and four characters remaining. There are still plenty of other cards out there, though. Anything can and WILL happen. - Shy
  12. I did not, nor would I ever. If anyone knows the joys of a good vampire **** it's me.

  13. Shy

    The Mansion

    [indent][b][font="book antiqua"][size=5]Chapter Four: The Gravediggerâ??s Secret[/size][/font][/b][hr]50[/hr] The game continued and two more of Rosengardâ??s spirits had lost their places within it. Gravedigger approached the Green Lady as she saw on a stone bench, nestled between a dangerous overgrowth of rose bushes. She stared down at the Moon, reflected onto a puddle of rainwater that had formed. The lady sighed softly. â??[b]We had a deal,[/b]â? The Gravedigger announced coldly. He had no interest in repeating the folly of Lin and Ren, â??[b]You must come with me now, as t
  14. ...and so another round comes to an end, and two players are out of the game! Thank you [b]Sandy[/b] and [b]Excel Excel[/b] for your participation. We'll be hearing from you soon! [b]Edit:[/b] Congrats to [b]Heaven's Cloud, Anomaly (Current User Name: "White") and Nathan[/b] for receiving Bonus Cards this round. Those cards were awarded to players who wrote posts which featured characters running away from one another. I will only be handing out a single Bonus Card this round. If multiple characters complete the secret objective it will be given out at random. I
  15. This movie was incredible and it gets my highest rating yet: [b]FIVE OUT OF FIVE SIDEWAYS FIST BUMPS![/B] In all serious, this is exactly what I want from a night at the movies. The action scenes were really fun [spoiler]especially when they killed all of those foreigners with their guns.[/spoiler] Dolph was probably my favorite, but I feel like everyone got a moment to shine. Arnie's cameo alone is so campy and gratuitous that it's worth the price of admission. - Shy
  16. [quote name='Gavin' date='24 August 2010 - 11:50 AM' timestamp='1282675801' post='699801'] [font="Tahoma"][size="2"]Three isn't it Josh ? Nathan, Excel and CaNz ?[/size][/font] [/quote] No, there are only six Death Cards in play this round. Every player has received at least one card, but not every player has received a Death Card. We are waiting on two players to use their Death Cards. - Shy
  17. [quote name='Gavin' date='23 August 2010 - 10:34 AM' timestamp='1282584848' post='699765'] [font="Tahoma"][size="2"]Actually I'm kinda curious about this myself, to what extent are we to let on exactly what happened on the night in question Josh ? Will the perpetrator be revealed etc ?[/size][/font] [/quote] We'll be touching on that more in the next round, but I'm grateful Sandy is giving us a bit of a tease for what's to come. There are still TWO Death Cards in play. I wonder who will make it through to the next round
  18. The plan was to eventually put this up as a Wiki. I'm not sure what happened exactly, though. I'd love for people to start contributing again. -Shy
  19. Okay, two new cards have been played. The [b]Fate Card[/b] and the [b]Creation Card[/b]! As the Fate Card says, one of the two characters targeted must be killed with a Death Card (or some similar card) within the next FIVE posts or both characters are killed. My posts do not count towards this, so you still have five posts. With the Creation Card a new character was introduced into the game, and it belongs to one of you players. The harpy can be targeted by Power Cards and Death Cards just like everyone else, so have fun with it! Belle may be the first new face we've seen in
  20. Shy

    The Mansion

    [indent][b][font="book antiqua"][size=5]The Creation Card[/size][/font][/b][hr]30[/hr] The Gravedigger looked out over the grounds of Rosengard as he buried the body of Sara Marcel. The sky was beginning to clear, revealing the harvest moon above. There would be many more bodies to bury this night, but there would also be new champions selected to play the game as well. He pitied the poor soul that would be the first to cross Belle. [center][img]http://i43.photobucket.com/albums/e366/nifty_fifty/mansion%20cards/dianaross.jpg[/img][/center] Diana Ross shivered as she stepped in
  21. Shy

    The Mansion

    [indent][b][font="book antiqua"][size=5]The Truth Card[/size][/font][/b][hr]30[/hr] [center][img]http://i43.photobucket.com/albums/e366/nifty_fifty/mansion%20cards/jacquelinemasey.jpg[/img] [img]http://i43.photobucket.com/albums/e366/nifty_fifty/mansion%20cards/charlottehamilton.jpg[/img] [img]http://i43.photobucket.com/albums/e366/nifty_fifty/mansion%20cards/mileshaw.jpg[/img][/center] Byron and the Gravedigger watched from afar as Miles Shaw bravely reentered the mansion in hopes of finding Dr. Mills. He had little interest in helping Charlottte Hamilton, but he knew better tha
  22. [strike]There has been some confusion in ExcelExcel's latest post. Until the matter can be resolved please refrain from using any of the characters they featured in it. You are welcome to play as normal, though. Hopefully this won't effect the flow of the game too much.[/strike] All taken care of! Carry on! The Truth Card has been played, and as such [b]Jacqueline Masey[/b] has been revealed to belong to none other than [b]Heaven's Cloud[/b]. Time will tell how this information ultimately changes the game. - Shy
  23. Shy

    The Mansion

    [indent][b][font="book antiqua"][size=5]Chapter Three: The Gardens[/size][/font][/b][hr]30[/hr][/indent] [center][img]http://i43.photobucket.com/albums/e366/nifty_fifty/mansion%20cards/charlottehamilton.jpg[/img][/center] Rin and Len laughed mercilessly as they watched Charlotte struggled with the monster that they had summoned from within Charlotteâ??s psyche. Battered and defeated the young woman lay mercilessly at the bottom of the mansionâ??s rear staircase as she was being beaten within an inch of her life. â??[b]Isnâ??t it lovely, Brother?[/b]â? Rin asked with a mischie
  24. Great post, Nathan! A perfect way for us to end our round. As it stands [b]TWO[/b] players have had both of their characters eliminated and since they did not have a Life Card at their disposal they are removed from the game. So let's take a moment to thank both [b]Inuyasha Fandom[/b] and [b]Shy[/b] for their enthusiasm and participation... wait a second here.... Both of my 'dummy' characters were among those eliminated, and as such I am removing my own Power Card, the Poison Card, from play. Also: [b]The Playtime Card and the Twins are out of the game as well, and I'
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