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  1. Iron_Chef

    Anime Anime Irony

    evryone uses a feind/spellcaster deck these days...and with dark lord ha des roaming around in a few packs of LOD feinds are more popular then ever
  2. Iron_Chef

    Anime What are your thoughts about yu-gi-oh?

    i noticed that im my area the game has died down a bit the new eps have stop showing the new sets are being released quicker.. (probably through desperation to keep the game going.. more sets = more cards... more cards = more variety..) so i think the game is dieing down.. but maybe like Magic The Gathering....YGO will get a few "die hard" fans and the CCG will last a fair while...i wouldnt worry about it dieing of yet
  3. Iron_Chef

    Anime Ultimate Card Combos

    mysterious puppetier + fire princess nice little trick, puppetier gets +500 lp for each monster summoned fire princes puts them down 500 everytime yours go up meaning ... every time a monster is summoned, you get 500 and they lose 500 (you can use a few traps to protect them if you want)
  4. Iron_Chef

    Anime Ultimate Card Combos

    umi+ tornado walls+ magic reflector x2 that will stop you taking damage unless one of them is destroyed using magic refector on umi means it has to be destroyed twice before its sent to the graveyard. putting a second magic reflector on means it has to be destroyed 3 times before its sent to the graveyard protecting tornado walls, which is protecting your LP
  5. Iron_Chef

    What pets do you have?

    i have a chinchilla (called charles) a guniea pig (called pudding) and a hamster (called YoJimmy)
  6. Iron_Chef

    Anime Boys Only?

    i don't know any girls who play the game, i think thats a shame really i dont there are "guys only" or "girls only" hobbies so why should YGO be an exception i ould like to see more girls play the game
  7. Iron_Chef

    Anime Anime Irony

    i see your point in the decks being huge, and unthemed (i did base my real deck round mako's and it has proven very effective) and did you notice (mainly in the duelest kingdom) that yugi changed effects of cards to suit his situation... mainly living arrow
  8. Iron_Chef

    Anime Favorite Card to Use in Play...

    my fave card would be my "umi" Name:Umi Type:Field Magic Card Effect: raises all fish, sea serpent, thunder types by 200 decreses pyro and rock by 200 WHY: ok its a basic card, but my deck probably wouldnt survive without it some new aqua types have cool effects if umi is face up, like "tornado walls" and "legendary fishermen" and the boost effect is a plus it helps me win many duels
  9. Iron_Chef

    What Song Are You Listening To Right Now?

    if you want my opinion you should use the Rei Ayanami skin mainly cos she is my fave NGE character (apart from Asuka) yeah the chobits theme is pretty good, i like most anime themes, i'm listening to "Through The Night" at the moment
  10. Iron_Chef

    Futurama anyone?

    its still on tv over here in the uk its a really good series, thats funny and original
  11. Iron_Chef

    What Song Are You Listening To Right Now?

    i saw this thread on another forums and it got around 5,000 replys, so i thought it would do well here oh and im listening to NOW: Foo Fighters-Learnt To fly Next: Green Day- Basket Case
  12. Iron_Chef

    What Song Are You Listening To Right Now?

    metallica are cool which is why im listening to Metallica- Memory Remains
  13. Iron_Chef

    What Song Are You Listening To Right Now?

    thanks for the warm welcome valen, being a big anime fan im sure i'll have fun here, Trebler Charger-Favorite Worst Enemy (a cool song)
  14. just lke that name suggests.. what song are you listening to? Red Hot Chilli Peppers- On Mercury (this is my first thread so i hope its a success)