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  1. is extremely curious about the new OB layout. O_O

  2. [size=1]And you assume I don't know the difference between a small group of sick people and the rest of the (usually) sane. I was not attacking nor did I claim that I was referring to [i]all[/i] republicans, and I know many people personally and of the majority who are both devout Christians and adamant right wingers who neither condone nor believe in using methods like that were used against Tiller. And I find it rude that you'd attack me on the assumption that I did. I was simply stating that it is uncommon to see the word "terrorism" used in these cases by people the terrorists would b
  3. [size=1]What I find entirely unsurprising is that this happened in Kansas. I'm still curious as to why pro-life, pro-war republicans who claim they are completely against terrorists have been using terrorism themselves for years and no one with a significant voice has called them on it.[/size]
  4. [size=1]I'm both a bit happy and disappointed that I have to wait, but that's okay. This way I can finish my sign up (sorry it's taking so long, btw) and watch how the rounds go before having to participate![/size]
  5. [size=1][b]ooc:[/b] I finished the sign up! I hope this thing's still happening. : ) [indent][b]Name:[/b] Cale Eden [b]Age:[/b] 19 [b]Appearance:[/b] [url=http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v332/PicKitty/RandomPicchus/Marla_feels_beautiful_II_by_skeev.jpg][i]Cale[/i][/url] stands at five feet, seven inches, and weighs in around a hundred and twenty pounds. She's slim but fit, with a pale complexion, hazel-green eyes, and light brown hair, which she often keeps tied up in double buns. She currently wears a form-fitting v-neck shirt and a skirt, underneath which hide her holsters and
  6. [size=1]Speaking of fired, I haven't shown up at work, called in or e-mailed my boss in two weeks. Guess who's guaranteed not to have a job next time she steps in the library! 8D[/size]
  7. [size=1]Glad to see you guys are interested in this! : D Looking forward to the snippets of those who plan to do them! ^__^ They needn't be as long as mine, though ( er.. I got carried away, lol >w
  8. [font=timesnewroman][center][size=5][b]Avatar: Conquerors of the Spirit[/b][/size] [size=1]An 8Bit and Kitty Collaborative RP[/size] [IMG]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v332/PicKitty/A-CofSHeadergray.png[/IMG][/center] [indent][center][i]Water • Earth • Fire • Air[/i][/center] Six hundred years ago, the Avatar, master of all four elements, simply vanished. The balance kept for generations by the Avatar, whose spirit cycled through the nations ever since people first learned the art of bending, was shattered when the Fire Nation attacked. The Air Nomads were decim
  9. [SIZE="1"]I've been wanting to sign up for this RP for a while, but haven't had the time, so I'm posting to let you know that I'll have a sign up by tonight sometime for you, YawnBoy. (: One question, though. I'd like my character to be a medic/nurse/whatever, but I'm not sure how medical care works on the Polyphemus. So, if you could explain just a little, I'd be very grateful. ^__^ (or I can just wing it in my sign up, and have you advise me from there. xD)[/SIZE]
  10. [SIZE="1"]Wewt! This looks fun. :3 Hope this is something like what you had in mind~ [INDENT][b]Name:[/b] Baeli [?bay-lee?] Wurr (originally Mennington) [b]Age:[/b] 22 [b]Gender:[/b] Female [b]Appearance:[/b] [url=http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v332/PicKitty/RandomPicchus/0406.jpg][i]Baeli[/i][/url] [b]Occupation:[/b] Fisher(wo)man [b]Why did the Castle choose you?[/b] Baeli moved in with and eventually married her childhood friend and love, Jak Wurr, at the tender age of eighteen. He wasn't a very rich man, but she was happy to join him fishing for the various creatures t
  11. [size=1][indent][b]?Oi! Keep your filthy hands off the merchandise, brat!?[/b] screeched the old woman, batting Cyd's hands away from one of the cabinets of expensive jewelry. She took the large necklace Cyd had been looking at and gently placed it back on its hook. She turned around and eyed the young woman suspiciously before speaking in a mocking tone. [b]?One rock on that necklace is worth more than your head, girlie.?[/b] Narrowing her eyes, Cyd stayed silent for a moment before replying. [b]?And how would you know that??[/b] [b]?Hmm??[/b] the shopkeeper grumbled. [b]
  12. [SIZE="1"][INDENT][b]Name[/b] Cyd Ulri [b]Age[/b] 20 [b]Archetype[/b] [free spot] The Liar [b]Physical Description[/b] [url=http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v332/PicKitty/RandomPicchus/13020gothique.jpg][i]Cyd[/i][/url] has long black hair which shines with soft rainbow colors in the light. Her eyes, while typically green, tend to change color depending on what she's thinking or trying to communicate. She wears a tight, black blouse and matching shorts, with black moccasins. [b]Weapon[/b] Cyd bartered her axe, dubbed [url=http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v332/PicKitty/RandomPicchus/
  13. Kitty

    This is Earth

    [SIZE="1"][INDENT][right][i]... /system reboot code 1149057; name MAE /program run: system scan status: complete main systems operational /end sleep mode[/i][/right] A pair of soldiers, each dressed in uniforms aligning them with the Russian-sent police of Septu, wandered drunkenly through a large metal scrap yard. They were either recently discharged, or soon to be for ditching their posts, asT they went down the seldom taken shortcut between the edge of Posopia and one of its smaller, more rural neighbors. The lesser drunk of the two men said something in Russian about n
  14. [size=1]Yeah, sorry 'bout that. >_< I just opened photoshop for the first time in a week or so sometime around midnight, and I totally forgot that I had made a claim here. I'll try this again when I have more time, tho'! ^__^;;[/size]
  15. [SIZE="1"]claiming~! : D will edit later with the finished product (probably sometime tomorrow).[/SIZE]
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