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  1. is extremely curious about the new OB layout. O_O

  2. Kitty

    Kansas abortion doctor killed in church

    [size=1]And you assume I don't know the difference between a small group of sick people and the rest of the (usually) sane. I was not attacking nor did I claim that I was referring to [i]all[/i] republicans, and I know many people personally and of the majority who are both devout Christians and adamant right wingers who neither condone nor believe in using methods like that were used against Tiller. And I find it rude that you'd attack me on the assumption that I did. I was simply stating that it is uncommon to see the word "terrorism" used in these cases by people the terrorists would be listening to.[/size]
  3. Kitty

    Kansas abortion doctor killed in church

    [size=1]What I find entirely unsurprising is that this happened in Kansas. I'm still curious as to why pro-life, pro-war republicans who claim they are completely against terrorists have been using terrorism themselves for years and no one with a significant voice has called them on it.[/size]
  4. Kitty

    Discuss Memoria [Judicial Committee]

    [size=1]I'm both a bit happy and disappointed that I have to wait, but that's okay. This way I can finish my sign up (sorry it's taking so long, btw) and watch how the rounds go before having to participate![/size]
  5. Kitty

    Sign Up Memoria [Spar]

    [size=1][b]ooc:[/b] I finished the sign up! I hope this thing's still happening. : ) [indent][b]Name:[/b] Cale Eden [b]Age:[/b] 19 [b]Appearance:[/b] [url=http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v332/PicKitty/RandomPicchus/Marla_feels_beautiful_II_by_skeev.jpg][i]Cale[/i][/url] stands at five feet, seven inches, and weighs in around a hundred and twenty pounds. She's slim but fit, with a pale complexion, hazel-green eyes, and light brown hair, which she often keeps tied up in double buns. She currently wears a form-fitting v-neck shirt and a skirt, underneath which hide her holsters and a pair of tight black shorts. [b]Personality:[/b] Cale is a bubbly nineteen year old girl, ready for adventure and insanely stubborn. She is rarely put off by the attitudes of others, or anything at all really, and is capable of taking anything and everything in stride. Even when she's serious, she's rarely seen without a smile, unless someone's somehow managed to [i]really[/i] piss her off. [b]Weapons:[/b] Cale carries dual trench knives, held at rest in two holsters on her thighs. [b]Powers:[/b] Cale can change her skin and hair into anything, from steel to broken glass to lava if she so chooses, and is capable of growing it back if ripped off or separated from her body while transformed. However, she can only regrow [i]skin[/i], and if anything else -- bone, muscle, an entire limb -- is removed, it will not grow back, even if the skin covers what is missing. [b]Memory/ Aspiration/ Manifestation of Memory:[/b] Cale remembers sitting in the pews at the wedding of a familiar man, though she can't recognize him, and then seeing said man drowned in a bathtub. She doesn't know if she did it or if anyone else saw what happened, but she wears his wedding ring on her right ring finger. [b]Writing Snippet:[/b] Cale giggled, hoping backwards to easily avoid the swing of a rather large man's fist aimed for her. While not short, Cale was still dwarfed by the man accosting her, and she had little intention of actually getting within range of his arms. However, that didn't mean she couldn't have fun teasing him a little just outside his reach. [b]"You sure are big,"[/b] she pointed out with a smile. He grunted and swung for her again, but she easily leapt to the left before he reached her. [b]"Eat your fruits and veggies, did ya?"[/b] she smirked, this time jumping over and landing behind him when he lunged for her. [b]"Never cared for 'em, myself, y'know,"[/b] she continued, cartwheeling to the side before he could pound her into the ground. [b]"Though I was partial to--"[/b] she began, but was cut off when a hand managed to find her arm and keep her in place. [b]"You, li'l girl, need ta learn ta shut up,"[/b] the man bellowed, wrapping his giant hands around her waist and beginning to squeeze, with every intention of popping her like a balloon. Not quite keen on the idea of her insides becoming outsides, she blinked her eyes once, and suddenly her skin wasn't skin anymore. Cale's opponent let out a howl and dropped her immediately. She landed on what may have passed for feet, but were more like puddles of acid. She was transparent and dripping, and more liquid than solid, but her clothes were still on, keeping her form, and the features of her face were still quite visible. [b]"You should've let me finish,"[/b] she giggled, pulling her knives from the holsters barely keeping hold on her liquified thighs. The man looked from her to his melting hands, eyes wide in pain. [b]"I was always partial to tomatoes. Very acidic,"[/b] she finished with a grin before leaping towards him. He tried swatting her away, but she dodged his lumbering, dissintigrating hands and buried her knives in each of his shoulders as she landed on his chest, causing another cry of pain as she burned through his clothing and began melting his chest into nothing. He tried to pull her away, but every touch only caused him more torture, and soon his hands were down to little bits of muscle and bone. As Cale's feet penetrated his rib cage, he finally fell backwards, dead before he hit the ground. Her skin reverted to normal in a second, and then she was tugging her knives from his corpse and stepping out of the hole in his chest. [b]"So! Who's next?"[/b] she smiled, looking around. [b]Judge:[/b] Yup yup![/indent][/size]
  6. [size=1]Speaking of fired, I haven't shown up at work, called in or e-mailed my boss in two weeks. Guess who's guaranteed not to have a job next time she steps in the library! 8D[/size]
  7. [size=1]Glad to see you guys are interested in this! : D Looking forward to the snippets of those who plan to do them! ^__^ They needn't be as long as mine, though ( er.. I got carried away, lol >w
  8. [font=timesnewroman][center][size=5][b]Avatar: Conquerors of the Spirit[/b][/size] [size=1]An 8Bit and Kitty Collaborative RP[/size] [IMG]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v332/PicKitty/A-CofSHeadergray.png[/IMG][/center] [indent][center][i]Water • Earth • Fire • Air[/i][/center] Six hundred years ago, the Avatar, master of all four elements, simply vanished. The balance kept for generations by the Avatar, whose spirit cycled through the nations ever since people first learned the art of bending, was shattered when the Fire Nation attacked. The Air Nomads were decimated, going completely extinct, and the Earth Kingdom and Water Tribes were engulfed in war. For a hundred years, the dream of Fire Lord Sozin looked like it would come true. But then, a hundred years after the war began, the Avatar was discovered, hibernating within a block of ice in the South Pole. Despite technically being over a hundred years old, the Avatar was revealed to be a “young” Airbender named Aang. With the help of Sokka and Katara, the two Southern Tribe children who found him, and later Toph Bei Fong, a master Earthbender, and the exiled Fire Nation prince Zuko, he mastered all four elements and defeated Fire Lord Ozai. After the fall of the Fire Lord and his war-hungry forces at the hands of Aang and company, there were only a handful of loyalist efforts remaining, which were easily dealt with. The Avatar had brought peace to the world and restored the balance. The next obstacle that faced Aang was being the world's last Airbender, though he wouldn't be for long. His own children inherited his Airbending heritage, and there were also a few cases of children from other nations capable of Airbending. Aang lived for another century after the fall of Ozai before he passed away at the age of 212, the next Avatar being born a Waterbender. After this Avatar died another hundred years later, came the latest Avatar, Earthbender Wu Ren. Several generations later, the Air Nomads are slowly, but surely, restoring themselves with a population of a few hundred. The four nations have enjoyed the lasting peace, and there had been no signs of that changing any time soon. Until Wu Ren was killed while in the Avatar State, breaking the cycle of the Avatar and leaving the world in shock. Fending off a violent series of earthquakes and storms while in the Avatar State, Wu Ren had all but completely stopped them when a stray bolt of lightning struck him, killing him instantly. The immediate effect was an eerie calm, the weather calming instantly. The week following his death, all witnesses spread the news as fast as possible, the bizarrely perfect weather continuing. The peace was slowly dissolving as the tensions suppressed by the Avatar rapidly resurfaced. And as everyone suspected, the strange calm did not last for very much longer. Accompanying the returning heavy storms were evil spirits from the Spirit World, revealing that a much more terrible unbalance had resulted from the Avatar's death. But it is not only beings from the Spirit World coming over to the Real World. In a last ditch effort to restore the balance, the Spirit World has brought over a small group of people from the Real World to stop more spirits from escaping, and possibly repair the Avatar cycle...[/indent][/font] [center][font=trebuchet ms][b]SIGN UP SHEET[/b][/center] [INDENT] [b]Name:[/b] Pretty straight forward. [b]Age:[/b] As young or as old as you like so long as your character can fight. [b]Gender:[/b] Male or Female. [b]Appearance:[/b] Description, Picture, whatever you want. [b]Nation:[/b] Earth, Fire, Air or Water. [b]Element:[/b] Earth, Fire, Air, Water or none (not everyone bends you know!). If your element does not match your nation make sure to explain why in your sample. [b]Weapon:[/b] Anything you want. Your fists? A sword? If your character can already bend an element you cannot have a weapon. So you either get to fight with a weapon or your element. :D [b]What was your character doing when they heard news of Wu Ren's death?[/b] This section is optional, but if you choose to do it, go craazy. Make sure that whatever you write here gives us a good sense of your characters personality and background. [/font][/INDENT]
  9. Kitty

    Discuss The Polyphemus: Underground

    [SIZE="1"]I've been wanting to sign up for this RP for a while, but haven't had the time, so I'm posting to let you know that I'll have a sign up by tonight sometime for you, YawnBoy. (: One question, though. I'd like my character to be a medic/nurse/whatever, but I'm not sure how medical care works on the Polyphemus. So, if you could explain just a little, I'd be very grateful. ^__^ (or I can just wing it in my sign up, and have you advise me from there. xD)[/SIZE]
  10. Kitty

    Sign Up The Castle of 20 Levels

    [SIZE="1"]Wewt! This looks fun. :3 Hope this is something like what you had in mind~ [INDENT][b]Name:[/b] Baeli [?bay-lee?] Wurr (originally Mennington) [b]Age:[/b] 22 [b]Gender:[/b] Female [b]Appearance:[/b] [url=http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v332/PicKitty/RandomPicchus/0406.jpg][i]Baeli[/i][/url] [b]Occupation:[/b] Fisher(wo)man [b]Why did the Castle choose you?[/b] Baeli moved in with and eventually married her childhood friend and love, Jak Wurr, at the tender age of eighteen. He wasn't a very rich man, but she was happy to join him fishing for the various creatures that inhabited the lake near their home. However, shortly after their fourth wedding anniversary, Jak was killed by an angry Merman he had accidentally caught in one of his nets. Since his untimely death, Baeli has gone from aloof to just plain ?out of it?, unable to pay attention for very long, and often drifting into her own thoughts and daydreams while someone is still talking to her. She still fishes, and knows how to get to the markets, with her mother-in-law stopping by every so often to check in on her. Once she heard someone mention the Castle of Twenty Levels at the market, she recalled Jak eagerly telling her stories about it when they were younger and the pair's fierce determination to enter and defeat the legendary castle which lasted through their late teens. Initially shocked at how much she had forgotten since the death of her husband, she immediately declared, once again, that she would conquer the castle, this time in the memory of Jak.[/INDENT][/SIZE]
  11. Kitty

    RPG The Dragon's Wail

    [size=1][indent][b]?Oi! Keep your filthy hands off the merchandise, brat!?[/b] screeched the old woman, batting Cyd's hands away from one of the cabinets of expensive jewelry. She took the large necklace Cyd had been looking at and gently placed it back on its hook. She turned around and eyed the young woman suspiciously before speaking in a mocking tone. [b]?One rock on that necklace is worth more than your head, girlie.?[/b] Narrowing her eyes, Cyd stayed silent for a moment before replying. [b]?And how would you know that??[/b] [b]?Hmm??[/b] the shopkeeper grumbled. [b] ?Do you know who I am??[/b] [b] ?It doesn't matter who you are; you aren't anyone important or famous,?[/b] she waved a hand passively, as if dismissing Cyd's worth completely. [b] ?I may not be famous, but I am indeed important. I'm sure you know of [i]Wren Olyick[/i], yes??[/b] Cyd asked coolly, dropping the name of one of the nation's most famous jewelers and catching the woman's attention. She whipped around, expression suddenly curious and less disdainful, giving Cyd her answer. [b] ?So you do. Well, it just so happens, that I have a connection with Miss Olyick. I am one of her scouts--?[/b] [b]?Oh! Dear me, forgive me, Miss, um...??[/b] the woman interrupted, her face drained of color. To deny a scout of Wren Olyick was to doom one's business. [b]?Rieva,?[/b] Cyd sighed in an irritated tone, using the name of someone she had met in the last town she had visited. [b]?Miss Rieva, then. I'm terribly sorry, I was unaware that Miss Olyick was interested in shops all the way out here! Please, please, take any pieces you think worthy!?[/b] she smiled, repeatedly bowing her head in apology. She backed away, not wanting to get in the way of Cyd's 'scouting'. After a couple minutes, Cyd held in her hands several pieces of jewelry, likely to be worth even more than the shopkeeper was aware of, and headed for the door. She paused in the doorway, turning back to see the old woman had been watching her closely from behind the counter. With a small, fake smile, Cyd called back to the old woman, [b]?With this selection, I can practically guarantee you'll be receiving positive word in the next couple of weeks.?[/b] She left without another glance, though she was sure the old woman was greedily rubbing her hands together at the prospect of becoming an Olyick sponsor. Cyd grabbed Zel and a small purse she had stolen recently, both of which she had hidden away before entering the small town shop, and placed the jewelry into the handbag before zipping it shut. She knew she was only about a day's walk from Yeshova, and would certainly be able to find an exchange there, hopefully where she could get some money for the jewels she was carrying. But right now, she was concentrating on getting out of town before the shopkeeper's husband made her realize she had just been fooled. [center]--[/center] Cyd traveled very often, and sometimes for very long distances, but she was reasonably hungry and tired as she arrived at the gates of Yeshova. She blamed it on not grabbing herself anything to eat before leaving the last town she passed through. She had little patience when the guards decided to stop her and ask her questions, but her answers cleared her of any suspicion. After all, no matter where she went, almost every large city she stopped in seemed to think they should interrogate her, so she had developed an acceptable answer for any question they could ask her. Once inside Yeshova, she grabbed the arm of the first person to pass by her, demanding the location of the local exchange. The young man looked positively terrified as her eyes flashed red over their natural green, and pointed a shaky finger towards a large building a ways down the road. She released him without a word, ignoring him as he ran away, clutching his arm. She walked inside the building and immediately recognized it to be the exchange she had requested, but frowned at the large amount of people inside. Too tired and impatient to wait in line, Cyd managed to talk her way past the crowds and got a rather large sum of money for the jewels she traded. Before leaving, she asked the man she had just done business with for the location of an inn. He gave her some simple directions, and she was tired enough to thank him. It took her a couple minutes to find the inn, and immediately after entering, dropped a decent portion of the money she had just received onto the front desk and asked for their best available room. She was pleased with the room she was escorted to, but had little time to examine any of it other than the large bed she fell asleep on almost instantly.[/indent][/size]
  12. Kitty

    Sign Up The Dragon's Wail

    [SIZE="1"][INDENT][b]Name[/b] Cyd Ulri [b]Age[/b] 20 [b]Archetype[/b] [free spot] The Liar [b]Physical Description[/b] [url=http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v332/PicKitty/RandomPicchus/13020gothique.jpg][i]Cyd[/i][/url] has long black hair which shines with soft rainbow colors in the light. Her eyes, while typically green, tend to change color depending on what she's thinking or trying to communicate. She wears a tight, black blouse and matching shorts, with black moccasins. [b]Weapon[/b] Cyd bartered her axe, dubbed [url=http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v332/PicKitty/RandomPicchus/Axe.png][i]Zel[/i][/url], off a pawn shop owner when she was about ten years old. She originally didn't want it, and only tricked the shop owner into giving it to her to prove she could do it. But it became useful shortly after she acquired it, and she has become skilled with and attached to it over the years. [b]Combat Tactics[/b] Cyd is a rather lazy fighter, resorting to cleverness or trickery (such as acting like a bystander to avoid the action) rather than brute force to get her way. However, she is no slouch when it comes to using Zel, and prefers to use it when fighting Dugolman soldiers and supporters, just so she can chop them up rather dramatically. [b]Personality[/b] Cyd is a clever and confident young woman, but also very bitter and reserved. She rarely talks to others for any reason other than to correct, humiliate, make fun of or lie to them. But despite her lack of verbal communication with others, she has a tendency to “speak” very clearly with her eyes. Whatever motives she has, they change often and are quite random and strange to begin with, so it is difficult to determine what she's traveling for in the first place. [b]How does your character view the way Dugolma treats Iasel?[/b] Cyd is an Iaselian herself, though she managed to avoid persecution after her parents died due to some luck and quick thinking, despite how young she was when it happened. Because of her connection to Iasel, she despises all those who are affiliated with the Dugolman empire, including civilians. Her radical, anti-Dugolma views have gotten her into trouble quite often, but she's always managed to talk or fight her way out of it.[/INDENT][/SIZE]
  13. Kitty

    RPG This is Earth

    [SIZE="1"][INDENT][right][i]... /system reboot code 1149057; name MAE /program run: system scan status: complete main systems operational /end sleep mode[/i][/right] A pair of soldiers, each dressed in uniforms aligning them with the Russian-sent police of Septu, wandered drunkenly through a large metal scrap yard. They were either recently discharged, or soon to be for ditching their posts, asT they went down the seldom taken shortcut between the edge of Posopia and one of its smaller, more rural neighbors. The lesser drunk of the two men said something in Russian about needing to go to the bathroom, and stumbled off a little ways to do so, leaving his friend to trip over various unusable android parts and knock himself out. The soldier, having found an acceptable spot, was about to relieve himself when he heard a sudden noise of metal crashing against other metal and the ground from somewhere behind him and immediately reached for his firearm. Whipping himself around, he looked ready to fire, but saw nothing. He called out quietly for his fellow officer, but when no voice replied, he began to crouch and inch his way up a large pile of metal parts, hoping to scout out the source of the noise from a higher vantage point. He was surprised to see a young woman, dressed in warm weather clothing yet ignorant of the chilling air around her, staring at a large pile of parts. He lowered his gun and was about to call out to her when he saw her lift her arms, which suddenly turned into metal vines and wrapped around an unconscious body, which he quickly recognized as his buddy, before throwing it with ease into the air. She slashed the tips of her whip-like arms along the man's body while it still hovered in the air, and watched silently as he fell into several bloody, but perfectly cut, blocks of flesh. The soldier immediately brought the gun back up and, after aiming carefully, sent a shot straight through her forehead. He cried angrily out at her, believing himself to have gotten his revenge for the death of his friend. However, after a moment, he froze and watched in a mix of horror and awe as the woman stayed standing, and even turned her eyes immediately on him, despite the hole in her head. The hole seemed to sew itself together, and after a few seconds, it looked as though she hadn't been touched at all. She took a step towards him, and he fell over himself trying to back away, tumbling all the way down to the bottom of the large pile he had perched himself on. As he scrambled to his feet, he felt as if there was a hand spreading through his hair before he was yanked up into the air, legs kicking desperately to regain the feeling of ground beneath them. He shouted and cursed in his native Russian, before being spun around slowly to look down into the face of the young woman. [b]"Give it to me."[/b] He tilted his head, still with a look of absolute terror on his face, unable to understand. She paused for a moment before asking the question again, this time in the language she had heard him cursing in moments before. He stared back at her in awe, before asking her what it was she wanted. She pointed quietly at his weapon, and after a second of hesitation, threw the weapon at her feet. She tossed him at one of the piles of lifeless robotics, and reached down for the gun. As the soldier struggled to get to his feet, she thanked him in Russian before shooting him in the exact same spot he had shot her. She glanced down at the weapon in her hands and snapped it in half, dropping the pieces on its dead owner as she passed by. [b]"I do not understand why I would be in a Septu junkyard,"[/b] she 'thought' aloud to herself. After a moment or two of trying to access her own navigational program and failing, she rationalized that she must have not succeeded on her last mission, and was thereby disposed of. Though doubtful that she would actually fail an assignment, there would be no other reason to be sent to the "Country of Trash", as it was occasionally referred to for its taking in of prisoners and defunct military experiments. However, why she hadn't been deactivated permanently when left with the scraps made no sense to her. If she was a failure, why had she been simply been put into sleep mode? All of her unanswered questions bothered her, and she decided that there was only one thing to do. Get out of Septu, and find Professor Green. But with her navigational programming jammed (most likely to prevent her escape from Septu), she had little idea as to where to head first. Suddenly, a large roar of shouting and a sound only a chorus of guns firing together could create erupted from the large city she recognized as Posopia in the distance. If there were people, there was likely to be someone capable of directing her to the border of Septu. As she walked, she brought up a stored directory of Posopia residents, recorded only a year or two ago from her last mission to the large city, to search for someone capable of repairing her navigational system. Only a handful of names came up when she searched for "android repair", and none when she specified "nanomachines". But this was not surprising, as more than half the city's residents never registered in any official database because they were in hiding. She calculated the statistical advantage of searching for someone capable of fixing her jumbled programming by word of mouth, and its results were far more promising than she suspected, and decided to ask everyone she came across in the city. [/INDENT] --- ooc: Apologies for the delay in posting! Very little free time and writers block combined to make writing this post an unnecessarily long process. Anyways, anyone involved in/some place near the riots, feel free to see or interact with Mae, 'cause that's where she's headed.[/SIZE]
  14. [size=1]Yeah, sorry 'bout that. >_< I just opened photoshop for the first time in a week or so sometime around midnight, and I totally forgot that I had made a claim here. I'll try this again when I have more time, tho'! ^__^;;[/size]
  15. [SIZE="1"]claiming~! : D will edit later with the finished product (probably sometime tomorrow).[/SIZE]