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  1. The effect is not actually cancelled. When the opponent plays Stop Defense, then the effect will already have taken place.
  2. I have a situation. Yugi always seems to win, and so does Kaiba. (in Battle City) Can anyone submit some deck ideas to Yugi and Kaiba?
  3. Dragonball GT is an extension of the Dragonball story. Dragonball is the story of Goku, Dragonball Z is the story of Gohan, which makes Dragonball GT a summary of both. "If the sun rises every day, why can't there be peace everyday?"
  4. I think you are all crazy, if telekinesis was real, you could guess my password. Silly kids.
  5. Girls can be duelists too. I was almost beat by a girl once, until Black Luster Soldier was drawn. But look at Tea, and Mai.
  6. The story of a lifetime Way back in time, two spaceships travel. One in the west, the other, in the same direction, but faster. In the background, a planet explodes. The planet that explodes is called Vegeta, and the spaceships carry Goku and another Saiyan. The slower spaceship's cargo is unknown. Almost 20 years later, Goku and the others are training to fight the Androids. They are in the middle of the forest, eating breakfast until they heard a loud crash. "What was that," said Goku. "I don't know, but it doesn't seem nice," replied Piccolo. They went immediately to check ou
  7. My name is not a unique one. I am anime, but a human at the same time. I'm one of those ordinary people who do extraordinary things. (Like Yusuke in Yu Yu Hakusho)
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