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  1. Made the mistake of seeing if my old narrative attempts survived the purge. They did. Oh dear.

  2. Holy crap. I've been an OB member for a decade?

    1. Gavin


      How time flies eh ?

  3. Whoa. OB got an upgrade while I've been gone. Wait. Where'd my pictures go? :O

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    2. liamc2


      Just my profile photo, no big deal. I guess I need to be more regular here now that I'm back in Australia.

      From November '08 to November '10 I lived in Germany as a missionary for my church (Church of Jesus Christ of Latterday Saints) and since being home I've been looking for work like a fiend.

      Now I'm a full time Radiochemist for a Nuclear Pharmacy that services Queensland with plans to FINALLY get a book submitted for publishing by the end of the year..

    3. James


      Wow, that's very impressive. Well done! Good to see you back. :-)

    4. liamc2


      It's good to be back. I guess I could probably get some form of new narrative fiction up here again...

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