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  1. Most likely Jpop, but like Owaranai yume, it's KINDA Jrock-ish. But that's as much as it gets. But it's good Jpop. I don't really like Jpop as a whole (or wait, maybe I do!) because of artists like Ayumi who even has her share of songs like Evolution. I just don't like it because most of it is too cheerful for a me.
  2. [QUOTE=Semjaza Azazel]Well, I knew them, but perhaps I am a special case? I don't know lol. Anyway, yeah New Order originally did Blue Monday. They're a pretty good post-rock 80s/90s band. Worth checking out beyond Blue Monday. They have a greatest hits CD about that I recommend getting. The European version has better tracks, though.[/QUOTE] OOOPS! That's wat I meant to say. >_< sorry I misrepresented the topic. Has anyone heard "Crystal"? It's one of their newer ones (2001) , and it's pretty good! SadClown, you're perfectly right about Orgy. Their best single is Fiction, and song is Eva. [color=darkblue]Please don't double-post. Use the "Edit" button to add on to your replies, instead. I put the text of your second post into this one. --Manic[/color]
  3. They kick Orgy's *** SO bad... ^^ Yes, New Order is just THAT good. I haven't heard anything else by 'em, but that is a darn good song! I'll talk later, I'm pretty tired now, and must get up at 10. UPDATE: I just heard Crystal from the 2001 album. Good stuff, all good stuffiez! ^_^!!
  4. Yeah, I know about disbanding >>>
  5. I can't believe this, a topic for quotes, BUFFY quotes, I mean, rrrrrrr. Kinda wasteful with space, are we?
  6. Oh yeah! Psycho le Cemu ROCKS! Especially their mini-album, Prism even though it was old stuff. I enjoyed their indies stuff more than their major works. My favorite song is probably Prism then REMEMBRANCE.
  7. Yeah, sounds great. All I know, is it's an accoustic. What I meant was, after all that "Rettou Gekishin 5 Ugly Kingdom" Touring, right after, they work on a new album. Suicidal Tendencies, I tell ya.
  8. [quote name='stun gun Milly']Man, I'm one huge Daft Punk fan ^^;. I own the album Discovery and their new one that was release a while back I think, called Daft Club. I just love their music. It's the best music I've ever heard myself. My dad (being a techno lover ^^; ) absolutely loves the music. I haven't be able to see any of their music videos or Interstella 5555 >>. I wish I could buy them soon. I'm also searching for their album called "Homework", but I haven't been able to find it >>. But can someone tell me this song that Madonna made that was remixed? I know you all said her song was named "Music" was it. But I'd like to find the remixed one by Daft Punk ^_^. If I were to say which Daft Punk song is my favorite it would be Crescendolls (also the Daft Club remixed version) and Pheonix (in the new Cd Daft Club) if any one is a huge Daft Punk fan as I am, I recomend you to buy the Daft Club CD![/quote] What are you talking about... Phoenix is from Homework. I liked their first album better, it was much deeper and almost just as fun as Discovery. One of my favorites from Homework is Fresh... the one with the electric guitar in the beginning. I also liked the hillarious Teachers and Oh Yeah ("Yeah, vave-y!") Some of the tracks were just horriblle, though.
  9. [quote name='Sweet Pie][color=indigo]Yay! [b]Tackey & Tsubasa[/b] came out thier new album. Gotta buy them! Anyone knows that that [b]Gackt[/b] & [b]HYDE[/b] starred in a movie [b][i]Moon Child[/b][/i'] The story's in a Chinese channel on cble here. Pity I don't get to watch them but I'll get them from a LaserFlair shop, bet, they have ^_^[/color][/quote] Yeah I think I'd LOVE to own that movie unfortunately it's so much. Yes Asia carries it.
  10. It's like I said, he needs to take a break from music. A lot of people think Dir en grey should've too, what with last year's extensive touring. It could help a few artists.
  11. [QUOTE]After my hard drive crashed, I havent been able to find SEED Style 2000 to save my life. And kagerou is probably the best song on the entire album, unfortunetly. The rest of it gets too cheesy and gospal sounding. Track 8 isnt that bad though. [/QUOTE] [COLOR=Teal]SEED Style 2000 isn't that hard to find, actually. Do you have the original SEED? They're both titled with OP (it was the theme for Miami Guns) and I have them both, they don't sound different. You may have to settle on buying the single though from Jpophelp, though. >_< I did find is the END again, someone who had even kono aozora no hate, but it was like 108 queues. It was down to 57, and the system froze. So that was that. Looks like I'll have to settle on the single, too. >_> And about Departures, SkY is probably my 2nd fav. so far.[/COLOR] [QUOTE]Anyway, who's in their teens here? Anyone? It's seems like most of the people who is active in this thread are in their 20s. True? [/QUOTE] [COLOR=Teal]Well, early 20s maybe. Not too far from there, I guess. I'm glad this thread's starting to get lively again![/COLOR]
  12. [QUOTE=Charon]Their bigger hits like One More Time and Around the World are pretty awesome. This is the kind of techno that stands out - much preferred by me over the indentical trance songs that pop everywhere you look for techno. My favorite would have to be their remix of Madonna's "Music" (I think the remix is called Da Funk). I was dissapointed however with the Neptunes remix of one of their songs. It's the only thing I disliek by them.[/QUOTE] I LOVE Da Funk. It's not a remix of "Music", but it was their first (I think) hit, in 1997. You should see the video, which was directed by Spike Jonze, who also did Fatboy Slim's Weapon Of Choice. I'm not going to tell you about what's in it, though, but it's WILD :wigout:
  13. [color=teal][b] I just heard Seeds Style 2000. I almost didn't finish d/ling it, since I have a 56K and my dad wanted to connect. But I got it! I'd say it's my favorite then Rebirth, then FREEZE OUT. If theres one I WISH I had, it was Is the End. The hard drive corrupted :mad: My favorite I heard from Departures so far is Kagerou, the first track. I like it because it's an accoustic song, you don't hear too many of them anymore! About -R-, I've talked to some people and they said they outdid themselves with the release! But you can't find the mp3s ANYWHERE. :confused: Also, I just heard "MYSELF" by D-SHADE, it has some nice wind effects in the beginning and end, so if you got winmx, try to find it! ;) Oh yeah! I'm now 20! *not a teen anymore* :p [/color][/b]
  14. Lord Ilpallazo from Excel. He's so mysterious... ^w^ and he'd like me a lot because I'd serve him faithfully LOL... Let's see, either him or Tsukasa/Elk (both) from the .hack serieses.
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