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    Reputation System: Yes or No?

    Here's how I've always seen karma systems work: you see a post, you react to it, you hit the karma up/down button next to their name. The page auto-refreshes, their karma has gone up or down. I've never heard of this business about leaving a message, but if that's the only type of karma plugin we could get, then it could work. [quote name='Petie'][COLOR=Blue]only the person leaving the rep and the person receiving it can see it. Reputation comments are not publicly visible regardless of whether or not they are left anonymously. [/COLOR][/quote] I can see why it was done like this in a regular karma system, as those are more judgmental and maybe people ought to know privately why they've been praised or condemned publicly. But I don't think this feature has any real function in the lighthearted good/evil system we're talking about implementing. Maybe if the comments were public it'd be fun to read through and see the silly things people said, but if it's just one person privately telling another person why they deemed them good or evil, it could be... [I]weird[/I]. Not to mention, having to type a message every time you just want to rate someone as good or evil could deter participation in the system.
  2. [quote name='CaNz']if people didn't like them the networks wouldn't put so many on the air... I personally am getting addicted to talk shows... especially Craig Fergison.[/quote] Craig Ferguson is so wonderful. Television needs a lot more earnest people like him.
  3. John

    Two Points of View

    [quote name='Nerdsy'][COLOR=deeppink]2. I'm pretty sure the "What." was elicited by the thread in general.[/COLOR][/quote] Confirmed. [FONT=Lucida Fax][quote name='Boo']I read "two boners at a time." :([/quote][/FONT] [I]What[/I].
  4. John

    Reputation System: Yes or No?

    To say that only mods should be able to affect karma is to imply that the karma system was put in place for anything other than fun. However, I think we all agree that we don't really need a system like this, and it wouldn't add much in terms of convenience or functionality to the site; it'd just be for kicks. And as long as it is, why does it just have to be a "this person rules/sucks" meter? We could easily change it to a system where there's fun times on both ends of the spectrum, such as an RPG-esque "good/evil" meter. People like Boo would probably head to the "good" side very quickly, and others like that corporate tyrant Gavin would be dominating the "evil" side. If someone actually wants to move their meter one way or the other (or if they want to stay as neutral as possible), they might even change the way they post accordingly. Hell, you could conceivably base entire OB events off of a uniquely-themed reputation system. Oh, and if you did "good/evil", you'd obviously have to change it to "naughty/nice" during the holidays. But do I even have to say that?
  5. John

    Two Points of View

  6. Whoa, whoa, whoa. We're restarting this thread. Disregard all posts before this one. [IMG]http://www.crowndozen.com/main/archives/iron_giant.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://53cannon.com/site/wp-content/uploads/2009/08/the-triplets-of-Belleville.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://www.thehetre.vn/ichinews/090501230245-386-656.jpg[/IMG] Ok, now we're off to a good start. Commence posting.
  7. John

    What do you know?

    A [URL="http://us.wii.com/iwata_asks/nsmb/vol2_page1.jsp"][COLOR=DarkOrange]recent interview[/COLOR][/URL] between Nintendo's Satoru Iwata and Takashi Tezuka, it was revealed that the "P" in the [URL="http://quick.dezro.com/PWing.png"][COLOR=DarkOrange]P-wing[/COLOR][/URL] from Super Mario Bros stood for "paratroopa"--it was one of their wings! Cool, huh?
  8. [quote name='Mr. Maul'] [IMG]http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/5/57/Man_chopping_wood_-_greyscale.svg/552px-Man_chopping_wood_-_greyscale.svg.png[/IMG][/quote] Huh, I didn't know that's how they used to play golf. Something new every day, I guess.
  9. John

    Gaming Does Anyone Know Why...

    [quote name='Mr. Maul'][FONT=Verdana][SIZE=1][COLOR=DimGray]I would have never have thought to have tried that.[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT][/quote] Casual.
  10. John

    Sleep Is For The Weak!

    [quote name='Kimmeh'][FONT=Tahoma][SIZE=2][COLOR=Green]I'm anxious to see how many all-nighters I pull this semester. Woo Graphic Design and ridiculous deadlines.[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT][/quote] ALL NIGHT GRAPHIC DESIGNIN', AWWW YEEEEAAH. I've had no life so far this semester because of graphics.
  11. John

    Gaming Does Anyone Know Why...

    Nostalgiagasm. I only had the demo of this game, so I'd play the first level over and over and over as a kid, finding every secret, trying to find the easiest way to kill that leopard boss, trying to get through it without taking any damage... Man, that was fun. At any rate, some older games don't run as well (or at all) on newer PCs, so if you end up wanting to play on your original disc for some reason, try right-clicking on the the game's .exe file, going to Properties, and in the Compatibility tab, set it to run under compatibility mode; first try whichever version of Windows would've been the default when the game came out (98?), and then try the rest if that one doesn't work. Compatibility mode is never really a guaranteed fix, but it works sometimes.
  12. John


    Oh man, I had an entire text document about this saved on my laptop, but my hard drive crashed. I'll try to remember some of what I had written. 1. Learn French (or any other foreign language, I guess), and speak it exclusively around your baby. Play it French songs and French movies (keep it in front of the TV as often as possible). Consider the English language a plague to your spawn. Then when you drop him off on his first day of preschool, hang around until he starts trying to talk to others, and when he does you're all like, "Gotcha, we speak English here in America!" This lets your child know who's holding the reigns in his life. 2. After your child has finally learned English, buy him some picture books about fantasy creatures like dragons and griffins, but over the pictures of said animals, carefully adhere pictures of ordinary creatures native to your location, like turkeys or whatever. Later, take him out for a drive in the country until you see a turkey, and point it out to him. Make sure you bring a camera so he can show all of his friends the dragon he saw. 3. Read up on classical conditioning, there's simply no limit to the possibilities here. Needless to say, the more things that trigger him to pee, the better.
  13. John

    Did I just screw up?

    [quote name='Lunox'][FONT=trebuchet ms] I write for my school newspaper and want to be a journalist. And I believed in everything I wrote, nothing I did was for sensationalism or drama. It's not the writing of the article itself I'm conflicted about, it's whether or not I should have ever written it. [/FONT][/quote] I have strong beliefs about many things, but I don't feel compelled to write about all of them in a newspaper. Ethics in journalism isn't always a question of deceit; it can also be a question of what information or opinions should be printed and which shouldn't.
  14. John

    Did I just screw up?

    Why'd you feel compelled to write this article, at any rate?
  15. John

    Texting While Driving

    [quote name='Chabichou'][URL]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ttNgZDZruI[/URL][/quote] My prof showed that to my typography class a few days ago. I think that kind of advertising, well-meaning as it certainly is, is inappropriate, insulting, and maybe even morally questionable. Still, if some people really find it meaningful then far be it from me to condemn them for it. So needless to say, when the car crash turned into a pileup and I unthinkingly said "You've got to be kidding me" loud enough for at least a few people to hear, I felt like an *** for a while afterward. [spoiler]Seriously though, when the third car slammed into the other two I figured they may as well top it off by having a flaming helicopter smash into the wreckage from above. THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU TEXT AND DRIVE.[/spoiler]
  16. I've already capped out the cool meter with my membership title, so all this hubbub about Senior Whatsits and Whosits has no significance to me.
  17. John

    The Princess and the Frog (Dec. '09)

    [quote name='Japan_86']I am just sick of all of the Shrek and Toy Story movies. I didn't really like their sequels either. [/quote] If you didn't like Toy Story or Toy Story 2, then you don't like movies.
  18. [quote name='taperson'][COLOR=RoyalBlue][SIZE=1]I miss Group Sounds ;-;[/SIZE][/COLOR][/quote] :bdance::bdance::bdance:
  19. John

    McCruelty: I'm Hating It

    As far as I'm concerned, they hit their peak with "sea kittens", and it's all downhill from here out. They'd have to really pull out all the stops to do something more baffling and hilarious than that.
  20. John

    What do you believe in?

    [IMG]http://img269.imageshack.us/img269/8660/milton.jpg[/IMG] I believe you have my stapler...
  21. John

    Twitter Down!

    I don't see why someone would use Twitter when Facebook provides the same capability within a robust social networking site. Not that I use the Facebook status very much either.
  22. John

    Is it wrong?

    I don't think you or your friend were behaving inappropriately, but I'm with Gavin in that I think you need to consider the girlfriend's feelings, whether you think they're unfair or not. It'd probably be a whole lot easier for you to tone down the flirting than it would be for her to just get over it. Also, what do you mean by "as long as it doesn't go past flirting"? Are you implying that that's a real possibility in your case?
  23. John

    F-word in Cobain quote sparks controversy

    To clear up some confusion--it isn't a grave marker, and it isn't according to Cobain's wishes. That said, I don't think it's a big deal either way, and if those people in Aberdeen get into a big hissy-fit over "Kurt's wishes", it'd seem like they were kind of missing a point or two...
  24. John

    Sleep Is For The Weak!

    [I]"I never sleep, 'cause sleep is the cousin of death."[/I] In my graphics department at school, it's a given that you're going to do an all-nighter at least on the night before the final, and probably for a few other projects too. Fortunately, that means actually [I]doing[/I] stuff in a room full of people, so there's a lot of energy to keep you awake. Class is first thing in the morning, so most people are able to ride that wave at least through their own presentations before they start shutting down. Jobless as I am, I've been staying up later and later. Night before last, I was still up at six, so I thought "screw it", and just didn't go to bed, since that would end up with me waking up at like, three or four in the afternoon, thus perpetuating the cycle. Yesterday turned out to be a busy day, so I was able to stay awake until I just crashed around nine and woke up at twelve today. I'd say my plan worked out well enough.
  25. John

    Should Lady Gaga change her name?

    [quote name='Lunox'][FONT=trebuchet ms]Or she'll comment about how my iPod sucks, or something else obnoxious. I mean I'm pretty sure most of it is just because she's a music elitist. I mean the way she builds her music library is by going through Pitchfork and downloading the albums that were rated 8.0 or higher. It's sort of hilarious to see her in action, because she thinks of herself as some indie music buff but once I played The Arctic Monkeys and she had no idea who they were and promptly labeled their music as ****.[/FONT][/quote] Don't quote me on this, but I think it's hipper nowadays to hate Pitchfork than to love it. You should tell her she's on the verge of becoming severely uncool if she doesn't start ironically liking T-Pain and heavy metal.