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  1. Yeah, getting into one new game is like starting in on a new TV series: it's gonna take at least 10 hours and maybe upwards of 100. It's a huge time sink.
  2. Could be that as you get older, social and capitalist pressures make you feel guilty for ever spending large chunks of time idly. Or it could be that the ever-mounting sense of life's precious brevity does the same. There's also the fact that most games are still made to appeal to adolescents, and you're probably just outgrowing their aesthetic appeal and crave something more meaningful or at least artful. And like you sort of alluded to with D&D, most video games don't fill people's needs to build and maintain real friendships (unless it's local multiplayer), and tabletop games do. T
  3. So far in this thread you've called her babies gross and insulted her home. Nice, bro.
  4. Honestly anyone who signs up here in 2018 and starts posting in earnest is some kind of superhuman in my eyes, but yeah, necro-ing a thread that might be as old as the poster themselves is a truly next-level move. I couldn't even attempt it.
  5. John


    The song you're thinking of is "Snake Eyes" by Main Source:
  6. If someone in like 2008 had told me that ten years later, 100% of OB's activity would be updates about a member's adorable babies, I'd be confused but very happy.
  7. Though I wasn't close with many, there have been a lot of people I looked up to on OB as I was growing up, and even among them Des was kind of a figurehead. Part of that was just his admin status, I'm sure, but he also composed himself with a pleasant ease and steadiness that was rare on the internet. It distinguished him, and I'll remember him for that. This is the first loss of a notable member on OB that we've experienced, isn't it (apologies if it's not and I'm overlooking someone)? If so, we're really fortunate to have gone so long without a tragedy like this.
  8. This is incredibly impressive work for one person! How long do you think those trailers took you?
  9. John

    Pokémon Go

    Oh yeah, let me be clear: this game is absolute garbage in most respects. I love it, I keep playing it, but it is messed up beyond belief. Niantic didn't drop the ball on it so much as they spiked it into a sewer drain. The bugs, the poor gameplay balance (VAPOREON VAPOREON SNORLAX VAPOREON), the nonexistent server stability, and the completely senseless lack of communication from Niantic about any of this just blows my mind. Granted, Niantic is a really small studio. Granted, their one PR person had a baby and went on maternity leave just before launch. Granted, there's just no way they could
  10. John

    Pokémon Go

    I SEE YOU LURKIN', and I know you're playing. Let's talk about it! What's your team? How's the scene in your area? Any good catches (or painful misses) lately?
  12. Career path update: I got that agency job! I'm a designer at a small studio in Madison, Wisconsin now. Dessert situation: apparently on Wednesdays everyone goes and gets really good malts, so I'd peg it at "agreeable".
  13. Well, I never knew what I wanted to do as a kid, so I ended up in graphic design almost on a whim. I liked the couple of design classes I took in high school, and my local university had a really well-regarded program for it, so I kinda just went for it. It's always been really important to me to not do something for 40 hours a week for the rest of my life unless I actually enjoy it, so it's lucky that I grew to love design as much as I did. I was never the artsy kid in high school, but design's functional aesthetics spoke to me in a way that pure visual art mostly didn't. Right now I'm workin
  14. Wow, I'm really sad to hear that. My immediate family has had a lot of experience with cancer surgery, radiation and chemo, so I know how brutal it is to deal with that. Hang in there, and thanks for checking in.
  15. The new season of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia is really surprising me with the consistency of its quality. The show has stumbled at a few points as it ages, and I was expecting that to get worse and worse, as most shows do when their tenure gets into double digit seasons. But damned if the writers don't keep finding fresh story and character angles (even if they do lean a little too heavily on successful running jokes from earlier seasons). And I'll tell ya what's not surprising, and that's the quality of this season of Better Call Saul. The only thing that nagged me about the first seas
  16. Aside from running through David Bowie's discography front-to-back, I've been listening a lot to Lil Ugly Mane's swan song LP, Oblivion Access. If you know Ugly Mane from anything, it's almost certainly his last LP, 2012's Mista Thug Isolation, which was the culmination of his efforts paying homage to Memphis-style gangsta rap and horrorcore. The grim subject matter and disingenuous boasting on the album worked because, like any good Southern rap album, it didn't take itself too seriously. But in his scattering of small releases since then, Ugly steadily evolved into a more idiosyncratic sty
  17. If you don't think I'm cool enough just say so.
  18. I think by the time Flappy Bird was released, the basic concept of touchscreen games was solidly established. Hell, even the gameplay mechanic wasn't new; there have been games like that around forever, usually helicopter-themed. There was even one such game on Orange Lazarus back in the day, and I vied fiercely (and in vain, iirc) for the top score on it.
  19. It never ends, man! Just keep posting. OB is ๑۞๑,¸¸,ø¤º°`°๑۩ ⓣⓗⓡⓘⓥⓘⓝⓖ ๑۩ ,¸¸,ø¤º°`°๑۞๑
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