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  1. DragonArcher

    Favorite band/music artist?

    i like this band called shinedown. i also like silverchair and,oh yah baby....the offspring!!!!!
  2. DragonArcher

    Merry Christmas and A Happy New year!

    Hey,everyone,have a a merry x-mas and a happy new year! seasons greetings!
  3. DragonArcher

    My Life As A Teenage Robot

  4. DragonArcher

    My Life As A Teenage Robot

  5. DragonArcher

    My Life As A Teenage Robot

  6. DragonArcher

    My Life As A Teenage Robot

  7. Your "friend" had no right to do that. Knight of the rose is right,no friend would do that. Nothing is your fault so don't think it is you were taken advantage of. I know how it feels to not want to tell someone about, two guys in eighth grade made fun of me alot at school and I cried when I got home and it was to embarassing to talk about,I know its different from your situation but I know the feeling,but nothing was your fault, that guy should be kicked in the nuts.
  8. DragonArcher


    What do you guys think of piercings? I'm getting my belly-button pierced in a couple days and wanted to know how many of you have them? I'm kind of nervous.
  9. DragonArcher

    South Park! Who watches it?

    Sorry Chichiris girl,there are alot of charaters that i should have put on there like Towly,Mr.Hankie,Butters,Timmy,Jimmy,there are just to many to choose from so I just put the main ones on there,but yeah,Mr.Hankie rocks!
  10. DragonArcher

    Anime Somebody's suing Cartoon Network (FLCL related)

    That is so wrong! Yah,it is called Adult Swim for a reason. I like FLCL, its really funny. Its on late at night for a reason,what are "young teens" doing up so late at night on the weekdays anyways,don't they have school? if they are going to sue Cartoon Network for showing FLCL, then shouldn't they sue Comedy Central(not that I want them to,thats the last thing I want) for showing South Park and the Man Show,oh,don't forget Crank Yankers.
  11. DragonArcher

    Anime Anime Club

    My school has an anime club too.Its pretty cool. My friend made a new website for it and its alot better than the first one. I didn't really get into anime until last year when my freind now was still kind of new. But anyways,anime clubs are cool.
  12. DragonArcher

    South Park! Who watches it?

    Okay,how many out there watch South Park? Who are your favorite characters? I like Stan and Kyle and Kenny. I don't especially like Cartman but I like his attitude,its really funny.My favorite episode is when Timmy and Jimmy start fighting and Cartman yells "cripple fight!". I also like it when Cartman says "screw you guys , I'm goin' home.":)
  13. DragonArcher

    Its time for Animaniacs............

    I loved the Animaniacs! I really liked Wacko,he was funny.They should be put back on T.V.
  14. O.k we all did dumb stupid things when we were little,Like one time I was watching t.v. and I had to go outside and feed the horses and I didn't want to miss my show,so I turned the t.v. off thinking it would pause my show.When I came back in I was like "aww,man,I mssed it!" How retarded is that!? Tell me you guys did!:)
  15. DragonArcher

    who want`s to share dreams?

    Yah,I have dreams of all sorts.I always have dreams of volcanoes and I usually wake up shaking.A volcano always explodes near my house and everyone gets out but my stepdad,I'm always the last one out and I tell my dad to come with us but he says hes not leaving,then the lava flows and corners me and my mom,sisters and grandma,then I wake up before the lava actually kills us. One time it was a flood but had the same theme. You guys should try looking into the meanings of your dreams,its really interestering.