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    I live in Georgia and hope to fly a U.S fighter plain AKA be a pilot in US airforce I also want to become an Archaeoligist and major in Egyptoligy and Greek Mytholigy. I also play the Clairinet I have black hair and blue eyes & i'm 6'1
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    Being a good person and never letting go of my dreams^_^
  1. Chibi_Sango

    Art kenshin banner

    I like it! The colors are a bit dark but besides that it's pretty good!
  2. Chibi_Sango

    Art new vash banner

    Cool I really liked it the back to back thing was kinda weird though but other than that it was pretty awsome!
  3. Chibi_Sango

    What's the deal with "preps"?

    Not that it's any of my busness but most of the time people waste the word "prep" on people that they are jealouse of and make it seem like all people who are either popular or pretty are also just as mean and hatefull even before they get to know them you know like pre-judgeing. I have seen alot of people whoom I thought were going to be big stuck-up brats one of them would be Kenshin_K (We have known each other since 4th grade in elementary school) well the first time I saw her she was pretty so I immediately thought she was excuse the term but, a prep. I got to know her and now we are best freinds and I try not do do stupid things like that ever again. But as you see most people do that and don't realize that if they put aside those type of things they could have a great freindsship.
  4. Chibi_Sango

    Art my 2nd banner tell me what you think

    Try to go easy on the guy! I tought It was pretty good too:) Especially since it was FFX instead of DBZ. I'm sure your next one will be better:)
  5. Chibi_Sango

    Art My first banner!

    Hey K, it looks great, but I'd have to agree with Kieko. Keep trying!
  6. Chibi_Sango

    Art dragon banner here

  7. Chibi_Sango

    Trick Or Treating: Fun or Immature?

    Who cares if you have to dress-up like a freak and ruine your rep, it's not like your boy friend really cares, just as long as you get free candy.*stops and thinks, reflects, thinks aout boyfriend* Wait, what did he mean i t was over!
  8. Chibi_Sango

    Favorite seasons....

    Hiya! Just wanted to say I love winter! The snow, the snowmen,and every thing in between! I might be a little weird but i guess some things you can't change.
  9. Chibi_Sango


    Can you please give me some advice? I'm in a really bad sittuation see I like this guy.... Well I kinda like him but see he's going out with one of my friends I've known since, well, forever. I need some advice can someone help?
  10. Chibi_Sango

    Writing Opinions please!

    Hey , I love your poem (it was really touching)! Shut up all of you stupid people who say it's bad! Obveosly you don't know poetry!