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  1. [color=crimson] [size=1]They're pretty good, but my friend lost the files, so I haven't listened to them in a long time. And she doesn't know where to find them since she threw her comp away. It's Juuthena. She doesn't come to these message boards anymore, I think.[/color] [/size]
  2. [color=crimson] [size=1]I'm really big on fate, so I really wouldn't change anything. I'm content with how my life is right now, and everything has happened for a reason. [/color] [/size]
  3. [color=crimson] [size=1]Color and weather-wise, definately autumn. Fashion-wise, winter. That's basically what my closet is full of. But Fall's good, since you get candy [i]and[/i] turkey. Pumpkin pie isn't so bad, either.[/color] [/size]
  4. [color=crimson][size=1]God, I'm not going to see this movie. One, the ads at the bus stops have me freaked out. Two, I'm not much of a Jessica Biel fan. Three, scary movies are just... not for me.[/color] [/size]
  5. [color=crimson] [size=1]Greek drama's always interesting. My personal favorite is the story of Narcissus and Echo. Either that or Demeter and Persephone. I really like all the nature-related references.[/color] [/size]
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