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  1. Well this thred went a bit walkabouts so why dont i start us off again? And this tim people please try to pay a bit more attention. sorry about the un answerd question that im jumping ahead of though, looks like noboddy is gonna answer. Q) In Dark Cloud What are the moon people (what animals)?
  2. That is correct but now you have to ask a question
  3. Hey all this time i decided to make an RPG Quiz since the last two got closed down :( . oh well it happens. Any way you should all know the drill answer the Question and then ask a Question. Oh and it can be off any gaming System. an easy one to start off with. So Here it Goes! Q) Who is the main Charecter in Dark Cloud?
  4. Hey, what ya all doing? Well i started a Final Fantasy Quiz because i didnt think there was one, but i was wrong. Oh well! well we still need something new around here like a quiz so i made this one. You all know what to do (I think), but if not ill explaine anyway! Well for startes ill ask a question and then when you answer the question then you ask a question (its all very confusing i know). Any way the topic is obviously about dragon ball/Z/GT. I'll start with a Simple one. Q) Who wade Gohan mad :flaming: enough to go to SSJ2 level :devil: ? And what did that person do?
  5. If This game is like Grand Theft Auto: Vice City then I will definetly be getting it. Vice city was really the first grand theft auto game i have ever played. It would be a good idea to use a diffrent new charecter, but also it would make it a lot better if they made it so that you can use more than one charecter. They should also make it that instead of only just being able to buy property you should also be able to sell it as well. Personly it should be a fairly good game (for people who like these sort of games). a\Any way thats all from me l8rz.
  6. Cinematic?s, what would we do without them. They make up the games themselves. The thing about them is they appear when you get right into the game and least expect it. Not that it?s a bad thing mind you. But at times you wish that they would come just so you could see what happens. Any way back onto topic. What is your favourite cinematic and for which game, but also which cinematic so far have you seen with the best graphics. Mine would be the ending cinematic for Final Fantasy X. [SPOILER]I like how Yuna starts sending the fayth (aeon?s) and sin. But what got me going is how she starts
  7. My favourite death sequence would also have to be a tie between Zelda: Majoras mask and The legend of zelda: a link to the past. But as for my favorite death scene there are about 3-4 cool ones but there from the same game. That game is Final Fantasy X. [SPOILER]The first one is when you finish the first fight with yunalesca. With me i was thinking "If she dies then how the hell will i be able to destroy sin." Man that was a cool one. [/SPOILER] The second one was when you *Finnaly* kill sin and then you get sucked into sin. then you go through the dead sea. Then you have to fight
  8. Well Personaly i think that this would be a good product for games which only let u save 1 game (e.g pokemon :ball:). cause i have friends who borrow my games and save over my games. But also if you wanted to ceep your old file on a game but aso start a newone. its about time they brought out a product like this. But i was thinking the other day (probbably not that good of an idea0 but you should be able to save gamecube games on it (e.g pokemon collesium (mind the spelling)) and then import them onto your gameboy advance games or just act as another memory card that can hold GBA and Gamcube g
  9. Yeah thanks for the info the only reason i didnt know whas because where i live dbgt hasnt started yet well and i was saying that this website said that u couldent to be u had to be able to turn ssj3. i always thought that but its what the website said.... so go figure
  10. Okay ive got a question! I read on a dragonball z website that a sayin can only turn to a higher ssj level only if they have gone the level before. if this is tru how did vegeta go ssj4 without first turning ssj3? its a question thats troubled me for a while. Please help!!!:)
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