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  1. Anime

    hey thats pretty good do u reckon u could try drawn a real strong Tien?? Doesnt matter if you cant thx
  2. RPG

    next fight hurry up
  3. RPG

    u just had to wreck this didnt u krillan
  4. shot flash im using the new tien one
  5. south park is the best show ever the movie is so funny aswell
  6. Anime

    hmm so u live new zealand aswell dbz is stingey here aye
  7. Anime

    no but where abouts do u get them from
  8. Anime

    hmmmmm we will make millions one day
  9. Anime

    hmm seems that u and me r the only ones wif business ideas
  10. RPG

    i nominate Sapher Sephiroth
  11. RPG

    jesus krillan
  12. kool man thx he is Chau-su and Tien fused together Face: Tiens three eyes...... chau-sus little ret cheeks wearing teins green fighting robes..... and chau-sus little hat A lot stronger build than tien aswell
  13. Anime

    goku defintly
  14. RPG

    ill be joining ya' on ur crusades ill be a lookout/sniper
  15. Anime

    wat about Capsule Corp Dragon Ball radar.... to Capsule Corp Key Finder