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  1. Chauien

    Anime Krillin

    hey thats pretty good do u reckon u could try drawn a real strong Tien?? Doesnt matter if you cant thx
  2. Chauien

    RPG Sign Up for Dragon Tournament

    next fight hurry up
  3. Chauien

    RPG Sign Up for Dragon Tournament

    u just had to wreck this didnt u krillan
  4. Chauien

    New Avatars added.

    shot flash im using the new tien one
  5. Chauien

    South Park

    south park is the best show ever the movie is so funny aswell
  6. Chauien

    Anime i got tha blues....

    hmm so u live new zealand aswell dbz is stingey here aye
  7. Chauien

    Anime Hahaha

    no but where abouts do u get them from
  8. Chauien

    Anime DBZ Products

    hmmmmm we will make millions one day
  9. Chauien

    Anime DBZ Products

    hmm seems that u and me r the only ones wif business ideas
  10. Chauien

    RPG Otaku Big Brother! <phase 1: nominations>

    i nominate Sapher Sephiroth
  11. Chauien

    RPG Sign Up for Dragon Tournament

    jesus krillan
  12. kool man thx he is Chau-su and Tien fused together Face: Tiens three eyes...... chau-sus little ret cheeks wearing teins green fighting robes..... and chau-sus little hat A lot stronger build than tien aswell
  13. Chauien

    Anime Best Dragon Ball character

    goku defintly
  14. Chauien

    RPG !!pirates crusade!!

    ill be joining ya' on ur crusades ill be a lookout/sniper
  15. Chauien

    Anime DBZ Products

    wat about Capsule Corp Dragon Ball radar.... to Capsule Corp Key Finder