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  1. Anyway, I can't Log Out. When I do, it says "All Cookies Cleared. Click here to return to the board index." but when I click it, I return logged in. Does anyone know why this is, and how to fix it?
  2. Matt.D

    Gaming Woobs Game Designers!

    I have some.. 1- Remember finding Tseng in the Temple of the Ancients. Aeris says "...Tseng's with our enemy the Turks, but I've known him since we were little...". However, this is a contradiction with what we see earlier in the game, when Elmyra recounts Aeris' childhood. In this particular scene, we see Tseng in Aeris' house, demanding Elmyra to give him the child. Tseng is clearly an adult, so how can Aeris say she knew him when they both little!? 2-After Aeris is killed by Sephiroth, we see Cloud lifting Aeris with her head to Cloud's right (and her feet to his left). However, when we see Cloud dropping her into the lake, Aeris magically changes orientation. Her head is to Cloud's left and her feet are to his right. 3-in the aeris death cutscene when sephiroth come from the sky falling to aeris there is no gloves in his hands but when he slash's her gloves are on his hands..!!! 4-This third 'error' is grey. You should have noticed that Cloud isn't anywhere to be seen after dropping Aeris. Surely he didn't withdraw himself that quickly from Aeris' body to completely disappear from view. Secondly, by judging the camera depth, the water must be at least 10 metres deep. How did Cloud manage to walk in such deep water while holding Aeris? [size=1][color=CC0000]Yes, "Spoilers!" =P please could you add spoiler tags to both this and every next post you make that needs spoilers? -[b]Break[/b][/color][/size]
  3. Matt.D

    thumb pains

    I usually play RPG's, so I don't often get that problem. Just do what everyone else said. Take breaks. Gah, it's hard not to sound like a broken record in a thread like this.. *Needs to post around more*
  4. Matt.D

    Otaku Boards: A society.

    [color=navy] "The Guy Over There". I've been a member for a while, and i'm just..here. There's not really a specific thing I do, I just exist here.[/color]
  5. Matt.D


    [color=navy] I get it all the time..usually in circumstances that are just odd and meaningless though..like TV. I'll watch a show that i've never seen before, and think, 'Hey, I remember this..' Mostly stupid things like that. [/color]
  6. Matt.D

    What scares you..?

    [color=navy] Well..i'm not deathly afraid of anything, but there are deffinatly things i'm not 'fond of', if you will. Crabs. They creep me out. The way the move, the claws..I hate being in the water with one, or some crawling around my feet. When I go into the water, I constantly look down to see if there are any crabs around..I'd rather not step on one..>_
  7. Matt.D

    favorite place

    [color=navy] Favorite place..My favorite place is not a big city, or amusement park, rather my aunt's house, overlooking the river in the tranquil country. I enjoy the quietness of it, as well as my aunt and uncle's presence. We get along very well. I'd much rather live there than where I do now, with my dad..but I guess I can't change that, for now anyways. Infact, i'm going up there this weekend.:) [/color]
  8. Matt.D

    I make my return

    [color=navy] Bet you thought youd never see me here again. Alot of you probably don't know me, but a few old members might remember. It's been such a long time since I was here. Back then, on V2 and V3, I was..well, a newb. Over the past 2 years or so since I left, i've grown smarter, and changed alot. I thought i'd come back to the old forum that once was my life, pretty well. Terribly sorry if this is SPAM..I don't see the old 'Newbie Lounge' around anymore to post 'I'm Back' threads. Alot has changed here.. So basically, i'm just posting my return message. I wonder if anyone remembers me..[/color]
  9. Matt.D

    Virtual Pet Sites....

    [color=darkred] There are others? God...neopets was bad enough...[/color]
  10. Matt.D

    School Fun/Pranks

    [color=darkred] Me and my frined stole all the doorstops in the school, making all the doors purpetually closed...not much, but we had about 50 of them from one day.[/color]
  11. [color=darkred] Yes, I believe strongly in demons, ghosts, aliens and things of that nature. If you *really* look hard, you can find evidence, and I personaly believe in them from my own experiences.. This is up to you to decide if it's just a coincidence or not.. Well, it was about 10:30, and my friend and I were walking down a dirt road near his house. At the end of it, there's woods and rocks and a huge cliff. As we were walking into the wooded area, we got talking about spirits. And i said in a mocking manner, "Are there any spirits present here." After the moment I said it, my friend ran off in the opposite direction. Confused, I ran to meet him. He said he saw a huge shadowy figure with red eyes standing on the rocks in front of us...I didn't believe him, so I walked back to see...I saw nothing, so I said again in the same manner, "Are there any spirits present here." The second the words came out of my mouth, a tree about 8 inches thick snapped off at four feet from the ground and crashed to the ground. Needless to say I ran..so yeah, that was one of the experiences..so I am a believer.[/color]
  12. [color=darkred] That things pretty nifty... You are ...The Harlequin Blood is a terrible thing to waste ^^That it is..[/color]
  13. Matt.D

    Goin down to South Park gonna have myself a time....

    [color=darkred] Oh man, South Park is one of my favorite shows of all..unfortuneatly, no new episodes right now..but I love watching re-runs of the old ones. My favorite one is the Trapper Keeper episode...infact I saw it just the other night.. Favorite characters have to be Tweak, Officer Barbrady, and Mr.Garrison...he reminds me of this guy on my street..creepy.. [size=1]800 posts![/size][/color]
  14. Matt.D

    Your REAL Name.....

    [color=darkred] *Points to name* Yeah...i'm Matt...a fairly good name, but I really wanted to be named Kayne-Julius...Kayne-Julius Doiron..I like the sound of that..makes me sound like some villan..[/color]
  15. Matt.D

    Gaming Golden Sun

    [color=darkred] Golden Sun was an excellent game...best graphics i've ever seen on GBA, and i'd say in certain circumstances the graphics are better than on FF7...I can't wait till Lost Age comes out...It's set to Jan. 2003 last time I heard..already have 90$ saved up for it.:p Oh, and BTW, if anyone needs help or something in it, PM me, i've beaten it all the way through getting every item and all that. *Dreams of a Golden Sun GC RPG*...*Drools*[/color]