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  1. Anime

    [QUOTE=Sakura Kinomoto]Konnichiwa! Inu Yasha rox. yay! ^_^ I like the songs! But I kinda DON'T like my will because I can't remember the melody. ._.; Kagome's cool! DOWN WITH KIKYO! *screams in fury* the animation's good, good music (I AM IS THE COOLEST!), GOOD STORY, GOOD CHARACTERS. bad things: SHIPPO'S ENGLISH VOICE. *barfs* so annoying. Actually,I don't like ANY of the english voices.It's so...BLAH. let's see... awesome movies. I wanna see hte 3rd one! >_< I found the soundtrack at my local anime store/source, but...$15?!?! (a bootleg too...) The manga's ultra sugoi! Too bad my friend doesn't feel the same way...=( Rumiko Takashahi's awesome. Ranma 1/2, Maison Ikkoku, etc... I'm kinda disppointed with how slow the english version is coming out. They should have a channel for subbys and a channel with dubs, for kids. Just last week (and this week too...), they started showing old eppys again! so =P!! well, that's all I have to say. Ja![/QUOTE] You rule, Sakura Kinomoto! I hate Kikyo! Hi Dagger I'm back! I'm ready to conquer all who like Kikyo. I HATE :flaming: her! Anyway, I've been writing my own Inuyasha/Kagome fanfic. It's turned out to be really good. Kagome gets kidnapped alot and Inuyasha saves her alot. They fall in love even more and they actually admit how they feel about eachother. Although I love the english voices compared to the japanese ones, I hate how they change there voices in movies. If they change Inuyasha's or Kagome's voice for that matter, I will scream and go on a rampaige, RIOT inthe streets and a tare the head off the producer of the movie. :laugh:
  2. Anime

    Yay, me and My cousin love Shippo. He is so adorable. :love: . But what I love even more is the sexual tension between Inuyasha and Kagome. Kikyo should not try and break them up. Even though she wants Inuyasha to be with her. Kikyo doesn't desurve Inuyasha. How Kagome can cope with Kikyo being on Inuyasha's mind all the time is beyond me. They are the perfect couple, Inuyasha and Kagome. :love:
  3. Anime

    Well I would have to say that if they did wrap up the Naraku thing and Inuyasha and Kagome told each other how they feel for each other then the Inuyasha would be over and there would be no show. Inuyasha is all about anxiaty. They want to keep you into the show so for all you romance and action lovers out there they want to keep you on the edge of your seat so you will keep watching to see what happens. ;) . And to answer Jim Hawkins question about Inuyasha, Demon Inuyasha is a little bit stronger than normal Inuyasha but DI(Demon Inuyasha) lacks the thinking skill of battle. NI(Normal Inuyasha) Acctually nows when to quit, well sometimes, anyway DI will just keep fighting until he is killed, were NI will stop the moment he knows when it is over. :babble:
  4. Anime

    [QUOTE=Demon Babe:)]I feel you there I wish tey had a station just for anime247 you know bwcause I'd be so done with CN I currently own like seven of the manga of Inu-Yasha I feel there better than the episodes c'ause......Well i just like them better i hate the fake anime fans that only like the stuff on CN and don't give the manga a second glance I have returned Otaku ~Demon Babe~ [COLOR=Navy]Welcome back. ^_^ Now, how about adding some periods to your posts? ~Dagger~[/COLOR][/QUOTE] I know what you mean. I have 8 volumes of Inuyasha. But I like them both. I love the show and I adore the manga's. I love anythign to do with Inuyasha and Kagome. :love:
  5. Hey Whats up everyone I am Angel_Kagome_2 and My all time FAV. couple is INUYASHA & KAGOME. OOOOHHHH they look so cute together it makes me want to scream in joy. :eek: . I cant wait till they come out with the 2nd Inuyasha movie. I want to see the [spoiler]sceen where they kiss.[/spoiler] But for now I am waiting for the new episodes and the showing of Inuyasha's first movie on cartoon network. I can't wait. :D . I just get so excited. My other fav. couples are Songo and Miroku, Yuske and Kaiko, and Kenshin and Kaoru. I just wish they would make an episode were Kenshin kisses Kaoru. ;) [COLOR=Navy]I edited your post for spoiler tags. To create them yourself, just type [*spoiler]text[/spoiler], but without the asterisk. ~Dagger~[/COLOR]
  6. Anime

    [QUOTE=keyblade master]I never even knew there was an Inu Yasha movie and i call my self a fan. Can someone do me a favor and tell me the date and time the movie will air on cartoonetwork please? ooooo ya... um can anyone tell me if they ever kiss Kagome and InuYasha i mean um thats it thanks all.[/QUOTE] [spoiler]They actually do in the 2nd movie. I heard that the reason they kissed is because Inuyasha had turned full-demon again and she ran over to him and he grabed her arms really tight and she kissed him. He even kissed her back.o_o :wigout: . I was jumping for joy when i heard that. I ran to my room and screamed for joy. I was really excited. [/spoiler]I cant wait till the first movie shows on cartoon network. :love: [COLOR=#503F86][SIZE=1][b]Added 'spoiler' tags -Solo[/COLOR][/SIZE][/b]
  7. Anime

    Guylover14 is only new and doesn't know about the length requirement. Hey Guylover14, I'm Angel_ Kagome_2. I know how you feel because I didn't have any way of seeing Inuyasha for a really long time. But anyway are you an Inuyasha & Kagome fan or do you just like Inuyasha or Kikyo. Just to let you know I HATE KIKYO. but don't let my opinion get in the way of yours. I just feel strong hatred toward Kikyo :flaming: :cussing: . She always gets in the way. Anyway about the English songs of Inuyasha. I have never heard them in English so I wouldn't know how bad or good they are. :( . Anyway, I am better know and I cannot wait till the 1st Inuyasha movie shows on Cartoon Network. I am going to tape it. WOW :wigout: Just thinking about it makes me want to scream with glee. :wigout:
  8. Anime

    [COLOR=RoyalBlue]I love Inuyasha and Kagome![/COLOR] :love: I have heard the song Change the World. It was ok but it probably would have been better if i heard it in English. ;)
  9. Anime

    :wigout: I LOVE INUYASHA & KAGOME! :love: I think they are such a good couple. I am the biggest InuKagome fan there ever was. Rock on. You may never meet someone who loves them as much as me. :cool: :mad: Oh yeah. If you hate Kagome so much than I advise you to not talk to me. Because I love Kagome. I'm guessing you hate her because you have a crush on Inuyasha. Well forget it because Inuyasha is with Kagome now. :devil:
  10. Anime

    I couldn't have said it better myself Inuyasha7271. I totally agree. BUt you already know my opinion. But you are right about Kikyo and Kagome. Kagome is a lot sweeter and more trusting of Inuyasha which takes him by suprise. Kikyo on the other hand (and I can't belive i'm saying this) could not afford to trust someone, especially Inuyasha. Its sad really.
  11. Anime

    Well If you want to see all of them from start to finish the second episode is on tonight at 11:00 p.m. central time. I love Inuyasha so much that everyone says I am obsessed with Inuyasha. The thing i like about it most is the relationship between Inuyasha and Kagome.:blush:
  12. Anime

    Oh hello. Inuyasha is sort of violent but it's not what you think. Inuyasha is not a bad show. In fact I am probably the biggest Inuyasha fanatic there is. I go insane over Inuyasha.:love:
  13. Anime

    :) I guess I really do love this show. The Wind tunnel boy you are refering to is Miroku. and Demon huntress girl is Sango. I think that they are really cute together. But my fav. couple is Kagome and Inuyasha.:love:
  14. Anime

    :love: I totally agree with you only I like the everything about the show. My cousin says I am obssesed with Inuyasha. Her and I are big Inuyasha-Kagome fans. We both think that Kagome is better suited for Inuyasha than Kikyo is. For one thing it will keep Inuyasha alive and for two he knows he loves her more he just can't forget about the love he felt for Kikyo. I hate her so much it is so aggrivating how she always takes Inuyasha away from Kagome or vis versa. :flaming:
  15. Anime

    :mad: I can't forget about Inuyasha. I just can't. my cousin got me into it and now i am so crazy about it I sometimes pretend that I am Kagome and Inuyasha is going to save me from someone. I even once had a dream that I was Kagome. I get so weird when Inuyasha comes on. I get this sudden urge of excitment. I just can't stop thinking about it.:excited: