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  1. I like it very much. I like the art, it looks so simple. And I like the characters, I haven't read very much Bleach but anyway. :) I definetly want to read it more, more, more!
  2. Mysia

    Manga Angel Sanctuary

    Oh, I just love Angel Sanctuary. :) The only thing that bothers me in it is that the characters look same and I don't know who is who sometimes. But the art is beautiful indeed. :)
  3. Mysia

    People... what are you afraid of?

    I'm afraid of butterflys. How silly is that? ^^;
  4. Mysia

    Are you a Vegetarian?

    Yes, I'm a vegetarian but not mainly because I don't like to eat dead animals but because I want to save the nature. Umm, does this make sense? ^^;
  5. Mysia

    What are you 'addicted' to?

    I'm addicted to cleaning. I just have to keep my apartment keep no matter what. I think it's a good thing but sometimes I just want to sleep but I can't because I know there's something waiting to be cleaned.