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  1. yeah as for rammstien songs been a tad weird i saw in an intvie on the DVD "live aus berlin" that they sing about things that mare taboo in socity.
  2. yeah I got the aalbum as soon as it come out to Aus, IT ROCKS, I am a big rammstien fan ever since i heard Sehnsucht amd mow have ever single Cd and them live in berlin on DVD. as for reise reise this CD is a gods send it came out just before my end of skool exams and when i study i lisen to music. so I have lisend to this CD aobt 20 times so far and i love every song apart form stien um stien. but this CD is great but my fav still has to be Herzeleid PS reise reise is not jorney jorney, it is riise rise. it is an old german fisherman saying go to [URL=http://herzeleid.com/en/l
  3. I was at a lan last night (woot for 30+ hours hours awake) and we were playing battlefront and it was great we had few matches in hoth then we went to endor with no AI and were having speader bike races through the forest it is great fun even when i got home and had a single, player dig with teh conquest mode and campians i know you are asking aobut for Xbow but they would be almost exactlly the same in tehe way that they are set up with a few tweaks for the diffence of platform
  4. hmm I have all the ramsiten songs stuck in my head, as a result of falling asleep while lisning to them when really buggered. But atm I have somewhere by the village people. it just turned up in my head one day when i was sitting aoubt. btw that slipkot song mentioned is duality of volume 3
  5. I am surprised no one has mentioned starcraft, that game has some great cutsences. since i will not be a spoiler I will just say the end of the 3rd (I think) terran mision. and the end of the 5th mission for the zerg.
  6. I think that with RTS games soem back ground music works greattheir is nothng like opening an attack to rammsitens feuer firi (tans: open fire). in game music also works in Q3a for me I mean i chuck on some death metal and i can frag like nothing else, but for other game like halflife and doom 3 it dosnt work as they need the atmosphere that the music provides
  7. i have just been playing doom 3 for about an hour on my oldish pc on low settings and it still looks good. it is scary and fun to play. I mean the zombies spawn behind you and attack you at the same time as imps do. all lovers of doom MUST play this game it will freak you out good.
  8. hmm yeah i was in the same boat as you with traslations till i found this site rammstien.ws it has the translation to all their songs some can be really bad like track 7 on your cd but try to get the rest but their first one is the best it's herzleid
  9. Kopfgeldj


    Gday all I was just wondering what every one things of rammstien I love them they are great even if you can't understand what they are saying, they are also really great stagemen they sounds good on stage. my fav songs of theirs have to e du rist so gut, rien russ, du hast and (trans) spawn time (can't spell it in german :P)
  10. hey I love to read my fav books are thing like hp lovecraft, tolkin, harry potter, douglas adams and starwars. i almost forgot you should read some of mathew reilys work it is great it is so fast paced that it's like reading a movie and it all makes sense and some of the twists are great
  11. i really enjoyed the book my self it was a great read, I have been brought up on monty python and it struck a similar cord in me when i read it, but last year in english for y11 in australia we did it and it got me some good marks so my love for the book has gone up heaps :wigout KopfgeldjÀger
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