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  1. yeah i guess lugia is cool but ho-ho way better if u ask me:D
  2. thats a pretty good team i cant make any changes i give it 9/10but 1 little change train a little bit more and it would be perfect!:angel: :) :D
  3. thats a stong team u got there !
  4. o thaxs just pick thnxs again:D
  5. its fake?i thouhgt it was real????????????
  6. real sorry if anyone asks this you know the test in blackthorn after u beat clair if u get the test wrong fo u start over or theres no wrong?????????????:eek: :ball: :
  7. pikachu1

    Gaming pokemon yellow

    really if u evole pikachu it doesnt follow u around thanks for the evice:D
  8. there is no better answer raikou the bomb!:D
  9. i think raikou but i dont know y
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