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  1. SSj3 Gotenks

    Anime Who is the pervert in db/dbz/gt?

    Master Roshi Or Oolong.
  2. SSj3 Gotenks

    Anime Which Z Fighter would u rather be???

  3. SSj3 Gotenks

    Anime any Info on the new dbz game

    It's For the game boy advance. Here's the URL of where i found that.[URL]http://www.dragonballz.com[/URL]
  4. SSj3 Gotenks

    Anime Favorite Super Sayain Jin?

    Who's Your Favorite Super Sayain Jin? Mines Gotenks.
  5. SSj3 Gotenks

    Anime cell

    He's just misunderstood:wigout:
  6. SSj3 Gotenks

    Anime Favorite Charrie Poll

    Man Chi Chi would kick all there @$$ easy:devil:
  7. SSj3 Gotenks

    Gaming Hello. How do you like my new game? (I'm new!!!)

    sup' ,but sorry i never heard of you:devil:
  8. SSj3 Gotenks

    Gaming Who is the strongest Legendary dogs?

    Entei is strong but raikou is fast and suicune has high defence
  9. SSj3 Gotenks

    Anime dbz rpg

    it wont let me join and also where is gotenks:flaming:
  10. SSj3 Gotenks

    Anime Whos really the best Vegita or Goku?

    Goku kicks @$$:devil:
  11. SSj3 Gotenks

    Anime do u have it

    Those pics are cool:wigout:
  12. SSj3 Gotenks

    How do u consider yourself...........mentally????

    Crazy @$$ mofo all the way :laugh:
  13. SSj3 Gotenks

    Gaming Fav.Pok

    Crystal by far
  14. SSj3 Gotenks

    Gaming celebi

    Not With Out Gameshark
  15. SSj3 Gotenks

    Gaming rate my team...

    I rate ya' a 3