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  1. RPG

    Tyler was still curiouse, he had eaten his meal in relative peace, but he was still uneasy of "The Hungery Kid." Then, he saw the server leave, and he remembered the conversation between the kid and her, and decided to follow her. He watched in horrer as the battle ensued (0ber0n's post) but he kept himself hidden and quiet. When he was sure that Rikki and her friend were gone, he made his way over to the crater. "Hey kid, you ok?" Tyler called. "Yeah, I'm ok." he called back "What just happened?" (I'll let "Jake" finish the conversation) OOC:(This is more for myself but...) if and when Tyler learns about the power of Atomsk, he will become curiouse abd become a [B]human seeker[/B]
  2. RPG

    OOC: O.k. I'm thinking "Psyco Mantis" (Metal Gear Solid) so I'm gonna' run with that. Oh, BTW: if I say a something that you don't understand (especialy "moves") go to [URL=judoinfo.com]Judo Info.com[/URL] click "step onto the mat" and type the correct spelling into the "search" box. IC:The trail of bodies led them to an apartment on the top floor where Tyler and Akmah stoped for a seecod to catch there breath. "You ready Akmah?" "Yes, let's go." They bust in, Akmah raises her lasor and Tyler yells. "ON THE FLOOR, DON'T MAKE US USE FORCE!" The man just looks at him and "hurls" a dead body at him. OOC: I would have posted more but I have to eat.
  3. RPG

    [QUOTE=callmegoddess04] OOC: I can't do more, I am lost.[/QUOTE] OOC: Me too, hte humens don't have much of a roll yet. IC:*huff, puff* "You did well today Mr.Gracchi, we covered almost every arm-bar I know!" "Thank you sensi, have a good day." *leaves* "Man, all that has made me hungery, better go to lunch. Tyler walks to McDonalds and gets in line; the person in front of him was making a strange order. "Yeah, I'd like fourteen cheeseburgers, please,"he said. "Would you like fries with that?" "Oh, it's you..." "No, I don't think I would. Thanks for asking, though. "That'll be fourteen dollars, sir," "You know, you really don't have to pull that 'hello world, may I take your order' crap on me." "Oh, but I do. It's what I get payed for," "Ah. Okay, then..." Whatever thought Tyler, he just must be very hungery or something. "Hello, I'd like a 1/4 pounder please." "Would you like fries with that?" "Yes please, and a Diet Coke." The server got his food with no problems and Tyler started eating but coulding help but feeling that that "hungery kid" was up-to-no-good. OOC: Where is Gracchi, we need him to progress the humen storyline.
  4. RPG

    Vincent made his way in to the training hall and found Ben sorunded by people, each getting thrown in turn. "Hey Tyler! I thought I'd find you here, come on, we have a case" "One sec!' Throws one last person. "What kind of case?" "Something about a maniac, go ask Alex and Raccon." *runs off to find everybody else* *walks into the office* "So, I heard we have a case." "Yea, lets wait untill everybodie's here before we start."
  5. RPG

    "Well that was a waste of time, I may as well have gone to McDonald's, but atleast I got fed." Tyler started to walk to his Dojo (being almost time to open) "Man that Gracchi guy sure is good, I wonder why he wants to know so much so fast?" some guy on the street bumps into him muttering appologies, Tyler turns around and puts him in a (insert joint lock here) and says "Wallet please." the man hands him his wallte and is relesed and runs off. "Stuped kid"
  6. RPG

    OOC: crap, I'm already haveing troble with keeping up. It's hard to remember who is who. Tyler was busy pumling a heavy bag when something on the TV in his basment caught his ear... 'Today Meta Mechanica announces its re-opening which happened three thirty this morning. It was an amazing event. A lift of the fog and the re-opening started. In other news it was reported there was a huge explosion downtown.? Not thinking anything of it, he continued his workout... *BANG (metalic sounding) * Tyler rushes out side to see what happened but all he sees is some hippy with a trench coat walking down the street and a huge dent in the wall of the alley near his house, he takes a closer look and notises that there are some pieces of metal, plastic, and paint on the ground near his house. He just shrugs and goes to take a shower saying to himself "I wonder if that one singer is going to be at the resturant tonight?" OOC: How was that, I know I suck at spelling but how is the post?
  7. Sign Up

    Name:Ben Stewert Gender:Male Race: Human age: 20 weapon: Bo Staff side weapon: 2 Kamas appearence: about 6' and 200 lbs, caucasion, 1'' long hair, unstyled, dark brown. Paranormal Attire: (Think Trunks) Normal Attire: T-shirt, jeans. bio: After winning the gold metal at the olympics (judo, submited all of his opponints) he was approched by Racoon and Kal; and after learning that Kal was a werwolf became interested in the company and joined.
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    :excited: Name: Tyler "TyBo" B. Age: 25 Sex: male Race: Human Weapon of choice: Anything within reach, carries a martial art weapon at all times. Job: Sense at a martial arts Dojo Clothing: TKD dubo, (um... try a google image search under "century tkd uniform") Favorite color: red/black Method of Transportation: hitchhiking Likes: Martial arts (specificaly Judo, jujitsu, hapkido, and TKD), Video games, RPing. Dislikes: Country music, "preps" Bio: As a kid, Tyler was teased a lot, as a teen he started his martial arts as a way of venting his frusturation and became very good. He now owns/opperates a Dojo for his martial arts. All in all: The angry-loner Alignment: Civilian (I've never online RPed before so i'll need some help)