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  1. miss_adriana

    Art Any opinions on my Art?

    u have some good talent. good shading and very good hair. but on the women give em some more...er curves ya know. but you are naturally good.
  2. miss_adriana

    When's Too Young?

    u know 14 is waaay too young. lots of people have sex too young and they all think that theyre ready. but most of them are wrong. believe me, most young people dont know whats good for them, even if your gf is really special. u have ur whole life to have sex so u dont reallly need to start so young. i would say u should be at least 17.
  3. miss_adriana

    Anime What anime has the most effect on you?

    yes dbz (which my little brothers were way into) did it for me. it was the first anime thing i ever saw and it totally turned me into an anime person! then i was obsessed with every thing anime and it inspired me draw more because anime is just so darn cool to draw :D. anime makes me happy :)
  4. miss_adriana

    On my last nerve

    here are some very annoying things people who try to act like dumbasses- when very uncool people at school try to act like a dumbass/disrespectful/bad just so popular people might think theyre cool. u probably never will be so get over and dont care what they think snitches- yes i hate snitches. mind ur own business crybabies- they annoy me alot. and get all upset about stupid things and expect people to care socer moms- lets see, stupid capris, big flat butt, mini van, short flipped out hair preps- think they're way too cool. and their stupid amercrombie clothes and pooka shells. and the guys who were tight shirts and flip flops
  5. miss_adriana

    Anime Funny anime moments

    There was this one time on Dragonball GT whre trunks and goku and pan are on this on planet searching for a dragon ball and theres this giant cat thing and little goku pulls off one of its whiskers and is running away with it and the cat is chasing him. lol. for some reason that was too funny
  6. miss_adriana

    The Butterfly Effect

    when i first went to see the butterfly effect i didnt want to, but it was sooo good. after we saw it we even snucked in to the other showing and saw it again lol. it is really interesting to see all the things that could have happened. and its really well cast and my sister and friend were like in love with the charatcters when they were thirteen.lol. the movie is so good we were like obsessed with it for like 2 weeks, like that.
  7. miss_adriana

    What TV shows did you watch as a kid?

    well i asked my mom what i used to watch and here it is when i was little i used to love barney. yes i still know all the kids from that show and occasionally sing one of the songs lamb chop...that was a funny show. i particularly remember when sheri put her head on puppet thing lol and yes i loved mighty morphin power rangers. i remember they were tommy, billy, kimberly, trini, and someone else.... lol. i was always the yellow ranger
  8. well i also have to say joey from yugioh because he stupid and is bad at dueling and always clenches his fists and says "comon ya big creep" and is just plane annoying. what a loser. kuzama kuwabara is alos pretty annoying in the same way.
  9. miss_adriana

    You know you're easily amused when. . .

    lol. heres somethings 1. you unlock and lock a combination lock because you like the sound 2. you laugh out loud when ur reading a book 3. you can sit and watch the slow progress as things download on the computer 4. you think its funny when ur brother does a fast forward of the hand movements eminem does when he raps 5. you pretend the long top ramen noodles sticking out of your mouth are christmas tree branches sticking out the window and when u bite them off its dopey cutting them for snow white 6. you make a huge maze on ur bedroom floor out of markers and colored pencils 7. you laugh hysterically for at least 20 minutes when ur brother points out that a manequin looks like paula abdul (it so did!)
  10. miss_adriana

    Secret indulgences

    ok here are some really embarassing things about me: i do still collect pokemon cards. and i think george bush is just cute. i love kaiba, marik, yoh, len and trunks, and i know all the words to all the songs on the oops i did it again cd. oh i cant believe i said all that embaaaarassing X(
  11. miss_adriana

    The Simple Life and The Simple Life 2:Dumb Blondes

    well i too cant stand blondes who act ditzy. im blonde but not a dumb one. but i think the show is really more about how funny it is to see those rich bitches know what its like to do normal stuff. but they really are just spoiled brats . and you cant help it if people think blondes are dumb because theres just as many dumb poeple with other color of hairs if not more. but yeah and i like my hair color so who cares what people would think. it funny
  12. miss_adriana

    Request Banners

    ok, yall is talking about banners and making them for people. well could someone just tell me how to make a banner so i could make one for my self please? thanks[SIZE=2]undefined[/SIZE]
  13. miss_adriana

    Harry Potter Movie 3!

    [SIZE=3][SIZE=2]yes i cant wait to see the new movie!! it is so fun going to the going the first day it opens...yes, good times. but the movies are sort of disappointing how they change things. and the characters are never really what theyre supposed to be. dudley is supposed to be really fat and have blonde hair, lockheart was supposed to be handsome, and ron was supposed to be tall and skinny and the scar on harrys forhead was supposed to be in the middle. it looks so gay like it is in the movies. and people that i thought would be hot were not! (well mcgonagall is what i imagined and mrs. weasly but thats about it) and is the books are much much better and they should stay true to what it says in the books. because the books rock and i could read them a milion times :)[/SIZE][/SIZE]