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  1. roxybudgy

    Display problems with Opera

    Here's what the main page looks like for me in Opera: [IMG]http://img214.imageshack.us/img214/5306/theotaku6mr.jpg[/IMG] You'll notice that some parts overlap each other while the rest are really spaced out beneath, see how small the scroll bar thingy is.
  2. roxybudgy

    Display problems with Opera

    I tried to search to avoid making a double thread, and that search lead me to a 20 page long thread, and after looking through 10 pages, I figured I might as well make a thread. Anyway, if anyone noticed, it's been a long time since I visited theOtaku, mainly because I switched to using Opera, and for some reason, Opera renders the main page of theOtaku almost unreadable as the news items overlap each other. If this is indeed an Opera problem, is it possible to fix this somehow? Maybe the site could detect the browser and then use a different stylesheet so that the site is readable. If it's not an Opera problem, what can I do to be able to read the site? I don't really have any problems with theOtakuBoards or MyOtaku, but the main problem is the main page, and I usually don't venture further than that if I can't read it.
  3. roxybudgy

    Learning Japanese

    Alot of people do want to learn Japanese because of anime (nothing wrong with that), but not me. I learnt Japanese in 1997 to 2003, not because of anime. In fact, I got into anime in 1999 (two years after beginning to learn Japanese). I don't know if I can offer any tips on learning Japanese, it was pretty easy for me to lean kanji, being Chinese. I guess the best way to learn it is to be exposed to it.
  4. roxybudgy

    Gaming Tetris

    Tetris was one of the few games that I used to play on my old console. Now, I probably wouldn't bear to play that game because I dislike how the game will never end, no matter how hard you try, things just get harder and harder. You feel stressed and in the end, you can only lose.
  5. roxybudgy

    Manga Chinese Manga

    My dad owns some Chinese 'manhua', and yet he yells at me for reading manga. My Chinese isn't that good, so I can't read it that well. Most of the 'manhua' that my dad owns are fantasy action ones, and there's one about sport/soccer.
  6. roxybudgy

    Anime Naruto!

    @ RizaHawkeye From episode 5: Sasuke wasn't talking about Kakashi, he was talking about his brother, Itachi.
  7. roxybudgy

    Can't read PMs

    Thanks for helping out. My PM now says 0 private messages.
  8. roxybudgy

    Can't read PMs

    Okay, I took some screen captures. My Backroom [url]http://www.freewebs.com/roxybudgy/Backroom.jpg[/url] My PM Inbox [url]http://www.freewebs.com/roxybudgy/Inbox.jpg[/url] I still haven't been able to read that one PM.
  9. roxybudgy

    Gaming Do You Still Play Games for Fun?

    Right now, the only game I play is Harvest Moon Friends Of Mineral Town. And one of the things you can do in that game is buy a Vacation Villa for 100 000 000 gold. Right now I have 700 000 gold. So sometimes I play for fun, but mostly I'm aiming on making more gold to get the Vacation Villa.
  10. roxybudgy

    Why are you so happy?

    I'm feeling good right now because I watched Inuyasha episode 162 (which has my favourite Sesshoumaru in it) after what seemed like an eternity of downloading, darn slow dial up Internet. Plus, I was flat broke before, but my mum put $300 in my bank account, and the first thing I did was rush off to Empire Toys to by Girl Got Game volume 5, and I might go buy some anime DVDs in a few weeks time.
  11. roxybudgy

    Can't read PMs

    In my backroom, it says that there is one private message, but when I open the PM box, there's nothing there, but it doesn't say that there are no messages in the folder. What to do?
  12. roxybudgy

    Manga "I wanna be a popstar"

    I don't know how to computerise stuff. Is it done with Photoshop? I do have Photoshop, but it isn't installed on my computer because I don't have a DVD drive and Photoshop is on a DVD ROM.
  13. roxybudgy

    Manga "I wanna be a popstar"

    Thanks for the feedback. It is supposed to be just a short little manga, I originally tried to make it just one page, but it turned out that I had to make it into two pages.
  14. roxybudgy

    Manga Drawing Manga

    I like to draw anime and manga characters. What I find most difficult is hands and drawing two character or more together, I can never get the size right. Actually, in my opinion, the only thing I'm okay at is drawing faces in 3 quarter view.
  15. roxybudgy

    Manga "I wanna be a popstar"

    I did this short little manga ages ago, and I'm thinking of redoing it because the style of drawing I did back then is different to now. The original version is located at the bottom of this page [url]http://www.geocities.com/roxybudgy/Art.html[/url] I'm considering making some dialogue changes, any suggestions, or should I leave it as it is? By the way, I did not mean to offend anyone with the manga, it was drawn when the reality TV show 'Popstars' was on TV.