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  1. Greetings everyone from the frozen desert of Idaho Falls, Idaho, USA! Yes, IF is borring at times, but I don't hate it here. I love the mountains (snowboarding baby!), the awsome whitewater kayaking, the backpacking in real mountains, and being so close to Yellowstone. For those of you who don't know much about Idaho (which is probably almost everyone), Idaho is home to conservatives, Mormons, potaoes, and more potatoes. (A small town near Idaho Falls has a fair every year called Spud Day, where they give out free baked potatoes. :laugh: ) Anyways, Idaho is probably the most consis
  2. [COLOR=DarkSlateBlue]Hmm... Last year I decided to dye the tips of my hair [COLOR=Red]red[/COLOR]. Not the hair color red, but [COLOR=Red][I]real[/I] red.[/COLOR] It looked pretty cool for a few weeks, but then it faded and turn a blond color. My ends were so fried that I had a friend cut them off. It looked pretty bad, and was uneven. My word of advice is never let your friends cut your hair unless they really know what they're doing. Also, I permed my hair about a year and a half ago, and it is still curly! I can tell where my hair has grown since then, but bellow that point my h
  3. [COLOR=DarkSlateBlue][quote name='Corry][SIZE=1']Our lives ARE cakewalks. Just wait unill you get to college. No one will teach you how to do things. You are given a book, an assignment, and are expected to learn it on your own. None of this guiding through BS. You are responsible completely for your actions in every way shape and form.[/SIZE][/quote] Welcome to my AP Biology class, in which the teacher is more of a figurehead who is only there to hand out the assignments and I have to learn it without any help from him. You learn to read the textbook and absorb information on your own.
  4. [COLOR=DarkSlateBlue][quote name='DeathBug']On the other hand, I've never understood the logic behind saying, "Vote, even if it's not for my guy". If I'm voting for my guy, why would I want to encourage people to vote againat him. So, in the futre, please clear your choices with me, and I'll let you know if you should vote or not.[/quote] Hehehe... Of course Death Bug... Bush all the way. *falls over and dies of heart failure, because she has no health insurance* (j/k) Good point, but as an Idaho citizen, it doesn't really matter who you vote for. The Republicans always win. Our i
  5. [COLOR=DarkSlateBlue]Oh man! I wish that I lived in a swing state like Ohio! Idaho has been republican for so long that no one cares about us at all. Hell, we don't even care about the election! Damn those Idaho hicks and religious fanatics! (j/k) Anyways---- I will turn 18 twenty-two days after the election and it sucks! *sigh* Well, today in the most republican state out there, I wore a Kerry-Edwards yards sign as a mini skirt to school. (I wore pants, because it kept falling off.) Anyways, I got the most interesting looks and comments. That was exactly what I was going for.
  6. [COLOR=DarkSlateBlue]Interesting subject! I know that I could never develop and keep a relationship with someone I met over the internet. It would just be too hard. I would need to meet them in person first, or it would never work out. Right now I'm dating a freshman in a college close to my home. (He still lives with his parents.) We've been dating for about nine months now and things are going great. (We even went to Europe together, it was so much fun!) And now the subject of a long distance relationship has come up as I decide what college I want to apply/go to. I want to
  7. [COLOR=DarkSlateBlue]I love it! It was very deep, and I had to read through it a couple of times to make sure I understood the thoughts that went into it. (As best I could.) I like how you used your references to musical rhythm measurements along with the biological references. (Too much AP Bio? ;) ) These really added to your word choice. Also the references to color and sound were very powerful. These added to the chaotic sense and "staccato" beat. This also has a philosophical feel to it. "Humanity / The other side / Divinity" This was powerful and it open's the reader
  8. [COLOR=DarkSlateBlue]It snowed today! Those big fluffy flakes that get caught in your hair and eyelashes. It was so magical. At lunch I went out and ran around in the snow. (IN flip-flops of course! :D ) It all melted by the time school ended so I didn't have to drive home in the snow, but it was so cool. This was the first snowfall for this year. I'm so excited to break out my snowboard and hit the slopes. Yeah! :wigout:[/COLOR]
  9. [COLOR=DarkSlateBlue]Drix basically outlined this pretty well for you, so I'll be brief: To initiate the kiss I would suggest putting your hand behind their head and pulling them close to you before the kiss. This helps your aim (missing her lips is never good, but don't freak, just adjust your position) and this also helps to warn her that your going to kiss her. I would suggest eyes closed first, and after that I think it's a preference thing. As far as hickies go... I'm not much of a fan for these... Just giving little kisses on her neck or blowing in her ears can do won
  10. [COLOR=DarkSlateBlue]Hmm... As for the last poem I never thought of the redemption aspects, but I like it. I suppose I was thinking more along the lines of Midnight Rush's interpretation, but their both good. It's good to know that people can pick out my metaphors, while I struggle to make them very secretive and deeply embedded. What the title says three? Oh well, here's another poem. [CENTER][B]My Black Pool of Misery[/B] Standing on the edge of the darkness, I enter, The opaque surface parting to pull me inside, Slowly slipping under the deep pool of misery, Gasping
  11. [COLOR=DarkSlateBlue]Wow! wrist cutter wrote a post longer than two lines! I'm impressed. (J/K :D ) [quote name='wrist cutter']I suppose we should have the liberty to kill people too?[/quote] I agree that liberty is a dangerous thing and that as we destroy the laws already in place we risk shaking the foundation that organized society is based on. With that said, I don't feel that legalizing marijuana will lead to the crumbling of our society and or legalizing murder. [quote name='wrist cutter']I don't get what your point is. Having a law against substances that will kill
  12. [quote name='Baron Samedi']What if we look at this from another side: aside from medical uses, what good does marijuana do?[/quote] [COLOR=DarkSlateBlue]What good do cigarettes or alcohol do? Not much aside from the claim that red wine helps with lower blood pressure. The real question is why should these potentially harmful products be legalized and the one word answer is [B]LIBERTY[/B]. We have the liberty to get in a car when the death rate due to car crashes is tremendous. We have the liberty to live in polluted cities and ruin our lungs. We have the liberty to smoke cigarett
  13. [COLOR=DarkSlateBlue]I feel that marijuana should be legalized for medicinal purposes. Marijuana has many positive effects on patients with tremors and other neurological ailments. It can also be used in place of morphine a highly addictive pain medication with side effects just as bad as marijuana. We can also learn so much from working with marijuana to create better medications that are less harmful, but with the same medicinal qualities. As for allowing people to use marijuana for non-medicinal purposes I would still have to agree with its legalization. I don?t feel that marijuan
  14. [COLOR=DarkSlateBlue]Great topic Chibihorsewoman! It's kind of interesting to me when I think of what my mother has done with her name. When she married my father she dropped her middle name and changed it to her maiden name and kept his last name. (Coincidently they gave me her maiden name for my middle name, but not my brother.) After my father died she remarried and kept my father's name. She is a published, respected microbiologist and didn't want to lose her professional prestige because she remarried later in life. As for me, I will probably just keep my maiden name or hyphe
  15. [COLOR=DarkSlateBlue]Well here it is my last poem for now. I wrote this the other day durring and english lecture. I tried to follow a rhythmic patter, but I'm not sure if I like it so much. Try and figure out all of my symbols/metaphores. It should be interesting. [CENTER][B]A Rock in the Sea[/B] In the midst of the swirling dark ocean depths, Waves rising and falling in their own time, Turmoil and chaos in the moon?s design, A rock stands firm, struggling in the dark. Waves crashing down, thrashing the rock?s face, Crumbling away into the endless sea, Smothered a
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