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  1. [QUOTE=DeathBug]The only person who could really say if it matters is ralph Bunch himself. I would grant him the right to determine how hes' remembered, by race, nationality, or what have you. However, I'd also grant everyone else the right to decide for themselves how to remember Mr. Bunch.[/quote] Very true. But that is just a relativity issue. I mean, if you wish to think that if you robbed a bank it was moral and right. Then that is your own thought. That is all that matters then right? So there is no guidelines of morality and thought process. That is to assume there is n
  2. Wrestling is a sport I've always wanted to try... never got into it though. Through Highschool I have played a number of different sports. I've lettered in Soccer my Freshman and Sophomore year and Football my Junior year. I've also lettered in hockey my four years of highschool. Then I've lettered in Golf my freshman year [didn't really count though... everyone lettered] and in Track and Field my Sophomore year. My favorite sport has been hockey. I'm currently actually seeking a career in Canada this next year where I will be playing Juniors. I think that sports are a ver
  3. Seeing how this is going to be moved, instead of me making a new topic/thread, I figured I could hijack yours for a second. I've just started on this banner thing, and my first attempt is what is below. [IMG]http://img31.photobucket.com/albums/v93/Aanallein/Prognosticated_Bereavement.jpg[/IMG] I'm sorry if I offended you Wave of Death by hijacking your topic. But seeing how I am using it, I will rate your banners. For your first one, I think the text needs something to bring it forward a bit more, make it more readable. As for the rest of it, I'd give it an 8. It is very wel
  4. Well, I'd like to say, from the male perspective, I think that for guys to sit and tell their girlfriend about their pick up moves and their tactics, that they tend to analyze what he did to "get" her. It only leads to bad things. Another thing, as far as a relationship goes, I'm all for honesty, but I don't buy into the "completely open" idea. I know it is nice to think you know everything, but there are parts of you your boyfriend doesn't know and their are parts of him you will not know. That is just the way it goes. As long as their isn't any lying involved, then I can't see whe
  5. [quote name='wrist cutter']Sorry if your comment was just some joke or something, but I see a lot of this crap and my school and it pisses me off. Some people just don't realize how good they have it here in America.[/quote] Oh I agree, I made no such accusation of the fact that people don't realize how good they do have it. The United States is one of the best places to live in the world as far as civil liberties go, but that was not the point in the least. But I do understand your standpoint. There is a lot of Americans who have disrespected their nation and their freedom with many
  6. Of my kit-kat bar? Hell no. I want on the goodie chocolate for myself! Anyways, to be on topic, what do you mean by that? In general philosophy, any idea of Equality can be refuted. It is nigh impossible, whether by a higher beigs invention, or just by our own selfs. You know, it would just be nice if you could have argued my statement instead of giving an exasperated one sentence response. If it is for the United States comment at the end, it was a comment on American arrogance. For that I do honestly believe exists. I am an American myself, one of which who feels tha
  7. Well, it seems you've written a bit of poetry before, you lack the classic errors of being too simple in the individual lines and too complex in the meaning itself. I wonder is the narrator saying this because a partner died? Or left them? I'm just curious.
  8. I've seen some good movies posted up here, such as Shrek and the Brotherhood of the Wolf, but I suppose I'll have to go with my list. A Walk to Remember: This movie was so heart wrenching. I'm a big time athlete, and to be turned about by this movie, it was just something I enjoyed. It is a great story and a wonderful movie to watch. I recomend it to anyone. The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly: There is no way you can refuse the title of top movies to Clint Eastwood. His movie was a great time classic. It is just one of those movies that will live for all of eternity. LoTR Tr
  9. I'm with instramen on this one. Needles are bad. I definately do not like them Sam I am! Not in a boat, or with a goat! Or in a box! Or with a fox! I do not like them here or there! I do not like needles Sam I am! Yeah... Enough of that. I kinda like those small butterfly tattoos girls get nowadays. But not normally. Depends if it fits the persons personality or not.
  10. Well, I love this thread. What I find attractive in a female: First off there is the legs. I love long, able legs. Next is flexibility. There is nothing more attractive than a flexible girl. Finally, I love the eyes. Someone needs to have a deep color and pools that carry me away.
  11. Well, as to pose my resonse to the original post, I would have to go with the first option. Does it matter who resolved it? I mean this in the context of his heritage, race, and country background? I doubt it does. As of equality? What is equality? You can't have it. It is an idealistic idea that falls quite short of success. The civil rights movement did what it wanted, except now, I feel that the movement has gone so far as to need to be worked in reverse to even the playing field in other directions. As for people being turned away from public or private institutions beca
  12. Alright, all you GameCube goodies out there, what is the best things to get for the system now? I've been traveling and not able to get much this past year, or follow the new games coming out, what should I go out and buy to update my collection? Any surefire must buys out there? Or are we in a lull for good games?
  13. God, that looks great! I haven't really heard much about the game, but I mean, it looks like a worthwhile buy. You said it is going to come for all systems? Good, then I'll have another thing to add to my GameCube, of which is the best system (FF should be brought to this console). I'll be waiting for more updates on this. As I'm looking to update my game collection.
  14. Zell was a cool character, I liked his story line and his fighting ability was well done. As for other characters I have liked I don't know. I'm rather impartial, as all the characters have always been well developed, that is what has made the game so great. So, my pick is Zell. I just felt I could relate to him more than any other character.
  15. You know you are easily amused when... 1) ...kicking clumbs of dirt is an endless activity. 2) ...you make lightsaber sound effects for every movement of your arm. 3) ...you realize you can have your own lightsaber battle with your arms from the sound effects in statement 2. 4) ...you look through millions of online quotes just to pass the time. 5) ...you think that having a personal commentator for life would be the best thing in the world. 6) ...you walk around the school randomly walking into walls just to get people to look at you. 7) ...you try and count
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