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  1. [COLOR=Navy] :confused: I don't get it....I don't get it at all.... How is this stuff possible, It's soooo confusing.... Ok, well the games (.hack//infection, .hack//mutation, .hack//outbreak, and .hack//quaritine) Aura is not so small and she is not floating on top of a bed, but In .hack//sign she is and she isn't in .hack//dusk.... :confused: I also don't get how this happends too... Skeith dies in .hack//infection when you beat him...or did I miss somthing? But anyway he comes back in .hack//sign... and also is Morganna and Skeith on the same side? Because when Sora made her mad SKeith came and data drained him.... :confused: Also tell me this....BlackRose and Kite where the ones that where so called "The ones who solved the last mystery of the world" But in .hack//sign Mimiru and her get in a fight, BlackRose says that she was going to be a legendary player, which if her and kite did solve the last mystery then why isnt she already called a ledendary player??? :confused: Then this is the Kicker, If the games came before .hack//sign, then HOW CAN THE GAMES HAVE MEMERIES FROM .HACK//SIGN???? Like the ghost thingys you have to find in .hack//outbreak and the M:wavemaster, M:longarm and all that crap.... THIS IS SOOOOO CONFUSING... :confused: [/COLOR] [COLOR=Navy]They do go in this order right? 1.games 2. sign 3.dusk I know that is right!!!! but it's confusing :confused: [/COLOR]
  2. [COLOR=DarkRed]This gets so ANNOYING![/COLOR] [COLOR=DarkOliveGreen]Many of you are probabley saying the same thing...ADULT SWIM NEEDS TO GET NEW SHOWS!!!! I mean, they are cool and all...BUT EVERYONE HAS LIKE SEEN THOSE EPISODES ALREADY!!![/COLOR] [COLOR=DarkSlateGray]I mean they do play new episodes sometime, but WE WANT ANIME! RIGHT? I love aqua teen hunger force and almost all thier shows, but they never show any new anime episodes....[/COLOR] plus, they are getting old.... remember when adult swim played Yu Yu Hakusho? I was da bomb! It wasnt all edited and crap, it was the real deal! But they don't play it anymore.... :( oh well...I can't do anything about it but talk about it... If you feel this way......please...... :( post.
  3. [COLOR=Magenta]Hello, I love Betterman! I think It is a great anime! My favorite charater has gotta be Hinoki! She is great, an awsome charater! I also like Sakura, but hate her in that one episode where she wants to eat everyone... But Hinoki was like WAY COOL in that episode!!! Hahahaha " LET ME EAT YOU!!!" haha :laugh: lol! :) :D :p [/COLOR]
  4. [COLOR=Purple]First of all, I want to read Anime stories made up by other people...Come on folks, Make your own episode of your favorite anime, I really want to read an episode make by an anime fan.... I have my own Episode for you guys to read! So start your own episode, start your own anime... Ya know if its good enough you might just be famous!!! ^_^ jk, but it might happen! :) [/COLOR]
  5. [COLOR=Indigo]Hey everyone, I want to know what people think of the .hack games...please tell me what you think about them, who do you use in your party the most, if you have the games, which games you have played, which ones have you beat, what is your favorite monster, and what level are you now.[/COLOR] [COLOR=Magenta]I know thats a lot of info to know but I really want to know what other people think of the games besides myself. :) [/COLOR] [COLOR=Red]Also, tell the truth about what you think, I dont want to hear a bunch of bull crap so just tell me the truth, ok? :smirk: [/COLOR] [color=#4B0082]I merged this with the original .hack games thread. Before making a new thread, please do a quick search for threads covering the same topic. - [i]Desbreko[/i][/color]
  6. [COLOR=DarkRed]OMG, I so could not date Korabara from yu yu hakusho. Why? Cause he is ugly I MEAN UGLY!!!! Also I think he is to tall....I mean he is like WAY UP THERE like a tree.... but the main reson I couldnt date him is HE IS UGLY! But Vash the Stampede, OMG, I would love :love: to date him... [/COLOR]
  7. .Hack//legend of the twilight now comes on Cartoon Network!!! I made this thread to see what people thought of the show. So please I want to know what you think of the show. Please make sure you tell me your favorite character and why that character is your favorite, then please tell me what you think of the show... Have fun. :)
  8. [COLOR=DarkRed][B]What Aqua teen hunger force character do you think your like??? Why do you think you are like them??? :tasty: I know who I am like... Master Shake, why because I'm kind of bossy and don't really care what people are doing unless it involves me or my stuff, and I have a chair that I like to sit in and I always get mad if someone sits in it and I always say "Dont sit in my chair!!" [/B] [/COLOR] :D
  9. [B][COLOR=Purple] If I could chose an anime character to come to life and be my boyfriend it would probably be Vash the stampede from trigun. I think he very cool and very good looking. Vash is the best in my opinion!!! :love: :D :) There is also other guys I would choose like Legato and Wolfwood from Trigun, Spike from Cowboy Bebop, and Balmung and Elk from .hack! But Vash is the best, I would choose him! I'm also going to put who i would never pick to be my anime boyfriend, KORABARA :eek: from yu yu hakusho, yeah i know he is a good guy but he is just UGLY in my opinion. :flaming: There are also lots of anime characters I wouldn't choose...[/COLOR][/B]
  10. Who would win in a fight Lady Subaru or Mimiru? :eek: Please tell me who you think would win, why did you you choose them, why would they win, how would they win the fight? :eek:
  11. If you could choose a anime character to come to life and be your girlfriend or boyfriend who would it be??? Please tell me who it would be and why did you choose them. :love: :love2::luv:
  12. I started when i was about 10 :p [COLOR=#503F86][SIZE=1][b]Please add more detail to your posts in future, Blackrose_. This is far too short for OtakuBoards standards- one-sentence posts are against the rules, and hence spam. I understand that the actual question might not give a huge scope for an answer, but you have to elaborate as much as possible; for example- what was your first anime, what did you think of it, etc. This all makes it much more interesting for everyone else to read. -Solo[/COLOR][/SIZE][/b]
  13. I love FLCL i have all the episodes on dvd! Haruko is my favorite character! :D [COLOR=#503F86][SIZE=1][b]As I've already said in another post of yours- please add more detail in future. This is pretty much spam. -Solo[/COLOR][/SIZE][/b]
  14. Who would win in a fight, Lady Subaru or Mimiru?
  15. My favorite anime character is Blackrose from .Hack, I like her because she has a way cool sword, she looks really cool, the way she acts is so cool, and on my .Hack video games(.Hack//Infection, .Hack//Mutation, .Hack//Outbreak, .Hack//Quaratine) she is the strongest character I have. :D
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