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  1. 'Tis an RPG character of mine, I'm redesigning him and this is the first re-design attempt. [img]http://www.members.shaw.ca/Defect/Shiroiredesign.jpg[/img] Yeah, I'll be posting all my stuff in this here thread when I get it done, any comments are appreciated. Mediums: Pencil and Photoshop.
  2. Damn near the same thing happened to me, I mean she broke up with me before she technically got her new boyfriend, but she had been cheating on me for apparently two weeks before she gave me the respect to break up with me. Course I went out with her two times after this, not finding out she was cheating and all that until she broke up with me the third time. How I dealt with it....hmmmmmm, I don't think I did. I just ignored her from then on. Always crying on my shoulder about one thing or another and I was like "Oh yeah, I gotta go places, BYE!". Eventually she was completely out of my
  3. See you really didn't have to do that, ya just can't let it go. But it was still not used correctly in the sentence.
  4. If you stop replying I wouldn't have a reason to reply would I? And yet you seem obsessed with making me out to be the bad guy. If you want me to stop replying here, stop trying to slam me so I don't have to reply. Simple as that, if you ignore this post and continue on with your day/ thread, then I will not reply, Its as simple as that. Yet I doubt you will do that some how. and uhh for the language thing...yeah the sentence that you explained the language was wrong...which is pretty bad. And yeah Frankly isn't an old word to try and figure out or anything, its still in use today.
  5. [quote name='Mikkaddo][COLOR=DarkRed']because its a "disscusion" its not meant to be posted in if your going to continue to degrade people as you have. if you really feel I am so offensive to you, you can leave. I don't leave because I am actually stating helpful facts to people rather than using one tired example and ridiculing the people that speak differently than I do. you obviously haven't read my other posts. I am helping people that seek info on other religions, other than what I follow. where as you have lowered your posts to nothing more than insults now. you have less reason to
  6. [QUOTE=Mikkaddo][COLOR=DarkRed]To Narius so says the man who reverts to childish "nany nany boo boo" tactics when faced with the truth, if you truly never belittled anyone but only stated your beliefs, than why did you make such an effort to try and belittle me? why if I am so miussguided do you feel that what is needed is moronic and thoughtless insults rather than actual thought out words? you say Im the one offending and saying that other religions are wrong. I am not, I said yes that it didn't make sense to me, but I never said that it didn't make sense PERIOD, where as you had stated
  7. [b]People who assume they know more about what you mean than you do.[/b] Par example; When you say one thing and cut it off rather bluntly and don?t continue on the post, but leave it as a basic generalized statement that could technically mean a lot of different things, then people get pissed off at you for something you didn?t even say, but their pissed off because it sounded to them like that may have been the direction you were going in. That pisses me off. [b] Overtly stubborn people.[/b] A certain degree of stubbornness is fine, but to take it to a point where when you assume s
  8. Once again the degrading flames of a childish fool. Perhaps you want to remain on topic rather than trying to belittle me hmm? Or is your arguement so flimsy you have to use personal attacks to keep up? That would make much more sense in this case. Lets see here. I made no generalizations at any time, I said some of them, or I said it is stupid to be like one, once again your reading comprehension is just so pathetic it almost makes me want to cry. I mean have you passed grade three english? I would seriously love to know if you have, cuz it would amaze me if you did. Uh yeah, you
  9. [QUOTE=IceWolfEyes]Hey, guys, I think you conveniently forgot to read some of my posts. I AM JEWISH. There, I feel better now. Narius--Please do not compare you to me. I did say that I didn't understand certain religions, but I also asked for explanations by the people who practice them. Note the difference. Icewolfeyes[/QUOTE] The post was quite obviously pointed towards the post directly above it...it in fact reffers to specific things in said post. And who's to say I haven't heard explanations of others religions? You assume too much of me.
  10. What I do, draw a lot. and I mean a lot. Understandeable since I intend to go proffessional in the not too distant future. Oh and find my old forums that I was a member on a long time ago and see how far downhill they went, then say something, then make fun of the people who are far too aggressive for their own good who reply whining about me posting my opinion. Wastes a good couple hours at least.
  11. Funny because you just said the same thing I said about my beliefs, but about your own, only less bluntly. You say A certain religion didn't make sense to you, as did I, You said you believed in something else that pretty much went completely against the teachings of another religion, as did I. Strange how someone who did the same thing as me would actually then judge me in the same post. Guh, some people's children.
  12. Does anyone actually read through what I said before replying or just feed off of others flames and pretend to know what they're arguing against. Once again I stated I don't BELIEVE in it, I never once said it is false or something to be wiped aside without a second thought. I use Christianity as an example in my posts because its the mostly widely spread religion out there. Now you misconstrued the meaning of make sense. In other words to make the world bareable. Its impossible for one to not go insane without believing in something, if you believe in absolutely nothing at all then y
  13. [QUOTE=Baron Samedi][color=darkred][size=1]I'll just have to pick an argument here too. This isn't controversy. This is a disagreement. A minor skirmish if you will. Controversy is a ten page debate on the ethics of abortion. This isn't worth.... peanuts. You come in, make a vague insult about the Bible and how every religious person blindly follows their faith, and expect controversy? If you hadn't acted like such a big-head then people wouldn't feel the need to take you down a peg or too. I wouldn't even have considered your post insulting, indeed, it was rather lame.
  14. and you are claiming that no one else would have done the same thing? If I had left it over night say for example it would have ended with those few members trying to disprove me and no other conflict would have gone on? That is to say the least foolishness. Everyone in this case reffered to the majority of the posters who posted after me...other than Altron, had conflict to be raised against my opinion, since conflict is the route of controversy it became a controvercial topic to be discussed, are you following so far? Now as for my inflated sense of ego, it doesn't stop with this topic,
  15. Either way some form of a mechanizm within you gave you the feeling that you had to defend the right to believe in what you want, thus blanking out me saying that I in fact support people believing in what they believe. The close minded comment still stands, though I suppose we are all close minded in our own way. And by creating conflict over an issue such as this without just being an idiot that would be controversy. Also never said I was a superior in any way to anyone, just claimed I have a high opinion of myself, which is seen more as a plus than a minus (I'm also dead sexy incase
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