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    very cute : m/15/cali
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  1. RPG

    oh i didnt know :(
  2. Anime

    my favorite girl is sakuya,ryoko,ayeka but im not sure that those names are right. pm me to tell me if im right or wrong.:p
  3. Gaming

    i think all of them but mostly Rinoa. And can some of u guys send me some pm's that will help me with my starting. [color=teal][SIZE=4]Rinoa is the best of them [/SIZE] [/color] if not then send me a pm and lets talk about what girl has the best stuff:p [SIZE=1][FONT=century gothic][COLOR=crimson]size 8 come on now that is crazy here try this 4--kuja[/COLOR][/FONT][/SIZE]
  4. i think it was great. im new and want some help too. so can some of u guys send me some Pm's.:p
  5. RPG

    hey everyone im new and need some help so send me Pm's.:D