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  1. Dragonballzman added a post in a topic: Throw a little more gasoline on the fire.   

    Nature is Gone has a pretty strong ending, which I personally think is one of the most important things in poems, but Q&A seems like the best one there to me. The twist sets it apart from all the horribly repeated "omgz i haet leif" suicide poems.

    I'm not the greatest at explanations, so I won't go in depth, but they're good.
  2. Dragonballzman added a post in a topic: Ideas That Should Never Be Translated Into Video Games   

    Ok, get this. You have to deliver drugs somewhere, but the cops are after you. Also, another guy has the same problem as you. You end up racing your trucks to get to the destination. Only, there's NO COPS. Also, your rival is actually a ghost on PAUSE. He doesn't move, and you can't touch him! :D Your truck can drive up almost-vertical hills without losing speed, you have the best brakes known to mankind, and you can drive off the edge of the world! Also, the backgrounds are ghosts too! You can drive through houses! And there's NO SOUND EFFECTS! Just one music track on repeat! Now I know this sounds great, but you ain't seen nothing yet! When you win, it says...Wait for it...It says...YOU'RE WINNER!!!

    ...Wait...What? Big Rigs already did that, you say? Damn.

    *Cough* Um, yeah. My own idea:

    Office Worker Sim!

    You need to buy a keyboard for your console to play this game. Basically, you sit at a desk typing letters to people, telling them they haven't payed their loan or something. It uses the built in clock like in Animal Crossing. You have to turn it on at 9am every morning, and you HAVE to play it until 5pm, or else it's game over! Game over man! IT'S GAME OVER!! And don't think you can cheat by leaving your console on all day, you have to complete at least 25 letters every day! Or else it's...GAME OVER MAN!! Spellings, punctuation ect all have to be PERFECT too, or else...You know...GAME OVER MAN!!

    I think it has potential. :)
  3. Dragonballzman added a post in a topic: Rctnca   

    Managed to clear some space on my Angelfire account. I'll make a new Hotmail and Angelfire account tonight, then host all the previous comics (Kaz's included) on there. :)

    But for now...

    [url=http://www.angelfire.com/comics/bebbies/rctnca20summit.png]RCTNCA # Does anyone even [b]care[/b] what number it is?[/url]

    [url=http://www.angelfire.com/comics/bebbies/rctnca20ut2004.png]RCTNCA # I have no idea[/url]
  4. Dragonballzman added a post in a topic: Rctnca   

    RCTNCA is not dead. Just in a coma. And if you've seen 28 Days Later, you'll know that going into a coma is a GOOD thing. Well...I guess it is. I mean, sure, the guy woke up to a fu**ed up world, but hey, he was still alive wasn't he? :D

    -url taken down, damn crappy *** hosting site-


    EDIT: Crap, this Yahoo Briefcase hosting thingie sucks. It won't let my files go public...

    I thought I'd found a good site, 30mb of space, but I guess not...*sigh* Argh.

    Auugh, comic's too big to attach. I'll find a good hosting site tomorrow...Going bed now.
  5. Dragonballzman added a post in a topic: Crappiest Game You've Played   

    Whoops, just noticed I mixed thirds and quarters in the SA2:B rant...^_^;; I'd thought there were 4 characters in each story, then remembered theres only 3 and forgot to edit that part...^_^;;;;;
  6. Dragonballzman added a post in a topic: Crappiest Game You've Played   

    NES: Dk Junior Math. I think this speaks for itself.

    PSX: Um...Gah...I can't remember the name...It was a Star Wars game, based on Episode 1...Jedi Power Battles, that's it! Jedi Power Battles. I can't really describe in detail what I didn't like about it...It just wasn't fun...

    GBA: Sonic Battle. Geez, why does everyone love that game!? It's impossible to control it!!! >_
    Various consoles: Any of the Resident Evil games. I like being able to walk around without looking like someone rammed a pipe up my ***. If Resi Evil 4 IS in full 3D like I've heard it is, I'll love it, but until then...Resi Evil games = euuugh.

    GC: Turok Evolution. Eugh. No story, bad graphics, boring weapons...

    Sonic Adventure 2:Battle...I spend third or so of the game speeding around with high paced music, smashing everything in my path. Fun. I spend the other 2 thirds shouting at crappy camera angles while looking for keys with rap music in the background, or mashing the B button in a crappy robot...Actually, if you include the "dark" story, you only play as Sonic for 1/6 of the game! >_
    The Sonic games have really disappointed me recently. I'm not going anywhere near Sonic Heroes, for fear of a heart attack when I witness the crappyness.

    I'll think of more later...
  7. Dragonballzman added a post in a topic: Metal Gear Solid Codec Parody Thingie. (spoilers!!!)   

    After playing through TTS a few times, I felt the need to do something MGS-related, then I thought of the Hind D battle. As we all know, Master Miller was actually Liquid in disguise. I never called Master during the Hind D fight, so I don't know if he gives you any advice or just doesn't answer, but the idea of Snake calling his current opponent for advice sounded funny to me, so...*poof* I made this.

    There's one s-word in there, but it's tiny anyway, sooo...>_>

    -[url=http://www.otakuboards.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=18425&stc=1]Hind D Codec call[/URL]-

    Notice the bad lip-synching? Oh well. ^^;;

    As for the actual spritework, the codec itself was scratch made, while the faces were edited from mugshots on Megaman Battle Network 2.

    -[url=http://www.otakuboards.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=18426&stc=1]Originals are at the bottom[/url]-

    I'm actually planning on making a MGS sprite comic series, this is just a test run of what the codec screens will look like. Anyway, tell me what you think! ^_^
  8. Dragonballzman added a post in a topic: Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes   

    Yes, there's a Boss Survival mode, where you fight all the bosses one after the other.

    Sadly, the VR Missions aren't in Twin Snakes. *shrug* It's not like it matters that much, most people have already played the original, and if they haven't, the controls dont take that long to get used to.
  9. Dragonballzman added a post in a topic: Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes   

    I'll be getting it on March 26th when it comes out here...

    I've heard alot of bad things about it, but I really don't care about the framerate and new cut-scenes. So long as I can play MGS with better graphics on my GC, I'm happy...
  10. Dragonballzman added a post in a topic: Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes   

    Bah, still waiting for it to come out over here. I've played the MSX game and I still play MGS on the PSone (well, on a PS2, but you know what I mean.), so I can't wait for this. I don't care about the framerate issues, but I've been cringing at the new cut-scenes ever since seeing the trailers. They try to look cool and exciting, but end up looking nothing more than CHEESY. XD Ah well. I'm still getting it the day it comes out, then running home and putting it in my GC with a huge grin on my face. I've never played MGS2, so all the added moves in TS are pretty exciting to me. ^_^
  11. Dragonballzman added a post in a topic: Favourite Gaming Death Sequence   

    I always found the death animations from the first few Sonic games funny. It pops out at you, with a "dunk" in the background, and Sonic has this crazy expression on his face. XD Funny funny funny.

    The death sequence in Metal Gear Solid is pretty cool too. Seeing the words "game over" spelt out while a random CODEC helper person screams out Snake's name.

    As for death sequence, probably MGS SPOILERS [SPOILER]Grey Fox's death. It was just so dramatic. His speech really added alot to the scene, then seeing REX stamp on him...This isn't my favourite death scene because Grey Fox dies, I actually really like him, its just that it looks so cool. XD[/SPOILER]
  12. Dragonballzman added a post in a topic: James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing   

    My friend got it, I slept round his house last night, and we played it non-stop. You were right, it is amazing. XD

    I think the thing that blew me away as soon as I saw it was the graphics. I mean, yeah, the screenshots I'd seen looked nice, but seeing it in motion like that...Wow.

    The handling of the cars and bike was a little bit sluggish, but it they were still great levels, and the levels where you're Bond are just great.

    I'd recommend this game to anyone, even a non-Bond fan. ^.^
  13. Dragonballzman added a post in a topic: James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing   

    You can play it co-op, right?

    A friend of mine says he's getting it this weekend, and he wants to play it with me. Hopefully it'll be as good as you say.

    I've never actually played Goldeneye, so when all the magazines and sites whine about AuF and Nightfire not being anywhere near as good as Goldeneye, I don't really see what the big problem is. I enjoy playing multiplayer on them, which means they're good...^_^;; So if EoN is better than them, I guess that means the multiplayer if amazing.

    Um...Actually...IS there a multiplayer on EoN? o.O;; Besides co-op...

    As you can see, I know basically nothing about this game, besides some pretty nice looking screenshots and something about co-op. XD
  14. Dragonballzman added a post in a topic: Searching For Online Game Partners   

    I play Multi Theft Auto on GTA Vice City just about every day, but don't really know any others who play it besides Kazuko, so if anyone wants to go to the stunt arena and do some 2-man jumps, or just team up and kill everyone else, contact me on AIM. (just in case anyone doesn't know, its sort of a mod for VC, so if you've got the PC version, you can download MTA for free and go online with it)

    When UT2004 comes out over here, I'll definately be on that alot of the time, so I'll let everyone know when I get it.
  15. Dragonballzman added a post in a topic: Which Is the Best RPG Battle-system?   

    I haven't played very many RPGs, but I enjoyed FF9's. Easy to get the hang of, nothing overly complex, yet at the same time having a good amount of depth to it. ^_^ [SIZE=1]I haven't played it in a long time though, so I can't remember exactly how it was, but I don't remember feeling that there was anything wrong with it. XD[/SIZE]

    The Megaman Battle Network games have a pretty good battle system, personally. Instead of just standing there all turn, you have to move around and dodge attacks manually instead of just hoping your opponent attacks and a little bit of text saying "miss" appears. XD The Counter Hit system is proably my favourite addition to the system, where if you hit an enemy with a chip attack when they're in the middle of an attack sequence, you go into Full Synchro and your next attack does double damage. It works wonders when you're against bosses with lots of HP if you can keep the Full Synchro going by always attacking at the right time.

    Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga's battle system is also very good. Timing is probably the most important part of it, especially with the 3 levels of Bros Attacks.