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  1. I have a question. How come most good keychains shoot down boys? WE aren't all [i]that[/i] bad.
  2. RPG

    Aaron had been home for quite some time. He was sitting in front of teh tv, thinking of nothing else better to do. He had not been called apon to do any jobs in quite some time. He was considering going back into teh bounty hunting buisiness. He flipped through the channels. Death, mayham, terrorists. He turned off the tv. There seemed to be nothing worthwhile on anymore.
  3. Oh, I'm sorry. I forgot to black out the answer. Sorry. Ummm, I don't know if it's my turn or not. I guess I'll post one anyways. Who has the longest sentance?
  4. [QUOTE=Solo Tremaine][color=#503f86]Heh, this one really works better when it's spoken as it's a little obscure, but it's the only one I know. If anyone knows it already they'll understand what I mean. A man is in a sealed room with no doors and no windows. In the centre of the room is a table. How does he get out?[/color][/QUOTE] No, The answer is this. He breaks the table in half. Put it together and one half and another half is a whole. He goes out the whole.
  5. RPG

    Aaron had heard screams from the castle. He let go of Luna reluctantly. He went and followed the screams. He entered a room and Mina was rolling on the ground, fighting... Calek? [i]I thought i killed him. What's going on?[/i] Aaron thought to himself. He saw Marcus and TJ standing nearby. Aaron wanted to help, but he noticed that he probably shouldn't. He walked up and stood next to Marcus and TJ. "What's going on?" he asked.
  6. Now, I've heard a riddle similar to this. Not quite the same, but I'll put the answer anyways. The man was superman and there was Krypotonite in the box.
  7. RPG

    Aaron arrived in the middle of the mayham. Leya was in the middle of killing everything. He was quite upset, to say the least. He felt bad for not being there for her. He sinceraly wondered what had happened. He sensed a crazed sense to destroy, which he felt did not belong in a Mystic mind. He watched the horror unfold, shrouded and protected by his Crimson garb.
  8. Alright, guys. I have a favore to ask. i haven't been able to get on in a few days and I am way behind. I don't have the time to read them all, so can someone tell me what is happening.
  9. RPG

    Aaron completed his spinning attack to find no one there. He didn't show any sign of confusion. He looked around, but the two were no where to be found. He sheathed his sword and continued walking throuout the city. He wished that that man had not just disappeared. It had been a while since he last killed someone and he was growing restless. However, he could control himself. He decided to head back toward his house. OOC: What did I say capt. sparrow?
  10. RPG

    Aaron had felt restless and decided to don his gear and head out looking for some excitment. He was not wandering too long when he felt some energies combating. HE made way for them drawing his sword. He stayed on the outskirts. HE saw that it was a crimson and two mystics. The crimson had just been killed. [i]Good. A little acton.[/i] He thought. He silently approached them. When he was several feet away, he saw that one of the mystics was his sister. He sighed inwardly. He walked towards the other male and stopped several feet away. First his siter reacted, seeing him and looking in a sort of fear, although that wasn't quite what it was. Then the male turned around. Aaron was quite a sight with his black robe and smooth black ebony mask. Aaron hefted his sword and took up his fighting stance. He waited.
  11. Yeah. You make yourself perfectly clear..... I think.
  12. Really/ It's your first time? I actually thought you were a member for a while before I looked at the New member part. Your post is really good, by the way.
  13. RPG

    Aaron Enter his and his sister's house. He went in the back door in the shadows that were there because he had 'neglected' to fix the light. His sister kept on bugging him to fix it, but it gave him great cover in the night to sneak in unoticed. It would be quite strange if they saw the mystreious masked figure of the Crimson Shadows entering the house and not coming back out. Once inside he went to his room. He turned on the light and removed his black robe and ebony mask. He put them in the secret compartment in the wall. He cast an illusionary spell and covered any signs of the hidden door. He went to the living room and sat down. He wondered why Leya was. She was out rather late. [i]Let's face it. I'm worried about her.[/i] He thought to himself. He decided he was hungry and got up and went to the kitchen. He made himself a sandwitch and went back to the living room and turned on the tv. He sat down and boredly flipped through the channles. He stopped when he got to the news. On it, it was covering the murder and wounding of two girls. He sat up, interested. He recognized the girls as Mystics, however the reports were ablivious. He recognized his boss's handywork. He sat back in silent recolection of the two girls. They had been fairly close to his his siter, if he wasn't mistaken. He made a mental note to congratulate boss when he next saw him.
  14. RPG

    A solitary figure stood at Wrigley field. He was clad in a black cloak with a smooth, black ebony mask. He had just pocketed his cell phone. A sword was barely visible under his cloak. He waited quietly. He reached back to feel his pistol and ozzie, making sure that they were in place. Once he felt that they were there, he was slightly comforted. He knew he could take about anything that came at him, [i]so long as it's not boss[/i] He thought to hhimself. He began to reflect on how he had become a member of the Crimson Shadows. He had been on a bounty. He met a man who had a proposition. It wasn't all to long until he realized that that man was his now boss. During the day he worked at a restuarant, privatly owned by the Crimson Shadows. The Restaurant not only brought some extra income, but also served as a center of information distribution umongst the Crimsons. In his first year, Aaron knew just about every member at the time. His thoughts were interuppted by the approache of a car. It was a '82 Firebird. [i]That must be boss.[/i] He thought. He stood there silently.