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    The Oven Mitt of America
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    I've been on OtakuBoards since it started. Hooray for me :)
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    Acting, writing music, photography, graphic design, illustration, women, films, the 1920's-30's, European fashion...
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    Actor, Songwriter
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    Yu Yu Hakusho or any Hayao Miyazaki films.
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My name is Gavin Kendrick Brown and I am a man. I have been alive since I was born. I wear shoes that don't match the opposite foot and I have had the same mixtape stuck in my car's player for four years now. I'm a songwriter who plays multiple instruments including (but not limited to): guitar, banjo, piano, singing, glockenspiel, bongos, harmonica, mandolin, tin whistle, and porcupines (they squeal when you squeeze them). I study the women at Grand Valley State University and am a self-employed Jedi. I want to be a film actor and I like the smell of hardware stores. I don't drink coffee, but I like to spend time in the atmosphere of coffeeshops. Women are my favorite (and up to this point my only preference) when it comes to sexual orientation. The way to my heart is through movies, music, or root beer. Jus' sayin'.

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