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  1. [quote name='vash-san']i thought that there was only 167 episodes :confused: maybe thats why i was totally confused at the end... wall i have to agree that they dragged the series on way to long.. after like the 50th episode i got bored and i stopped watching and as for the manga who knows what volume its at by now.. i use to really enjoy this anime/manga series and it was actually one of the first series that got me started into anime this and of course sailor moon..but now it so long i really dont care how it ends i just want it to be over! :mad:[/quote] [FONT=Tahoma][COLOR=DarkSlateBlue]You're right, there were 167 (I made changes to my post). I was probably spontaneously retarded (in the most non-offensive way it can be) and wrote 197. BTW, did anyone know that they execute retarded prisoners in Florida??? I just found that out recently. That's messed up... What sucks is that the series may be over, the story isn't!!! I'm still angry at the ending. It wasn't even an ending. You know like in Rurouni Kenshin the ending was a little dodgy, but at least they finished it off with the OAVs. Those producers need to get their butts out of those relaxing Japanese hotsprings and get working on those OAVs so I won't go on in life wondering whether Inuyasha will choose Kagome or Kikyou. Even though Sailor Moon was long and with repeated/similar instances in episodes the ending was satisfactory don't you think? Unlike the series in which we all know and love...[/COLOR][/FONT]
  2. [QUOTE=ChibiHorsewoman][color=darkviolet]Or because the series had run it's course (I think over 200 episodes in Japan-feel free to correct me if I'm wrong) and there just wasn't any point of letting it go on any more and beat a dead horse. Personaly I think that over 100 episodes for an anime it gets tiring (ever watch all five seasons of SailorMOon?) I've only seen the first movie (maybe the second, but the fan sub was so bad I could have been watching Monty Python's Flying Circus). It wasn't too bad except the animation kept switching which leads me to believe that the company that had InuYasha in Japan used a few too many different animators. [spoiler]And even though I could understand both Sesshomaru and Kikyo having cameos in the movie, I don't know what the point was of them interacting.[/spoiler] [/color][/QUOTE] [FONT=Tahoma][COLOR=DarkSlateBlue]I do agree the series just dragged on and on (just like Sailor Moon). Salior moon was so much fun although I wish Neptune, Uranus, Pluto and Saturn were in the fourth season (that would've been fun). But I STRONGLY feel the ending just should have been different. It's like Final Four college basketball 2 years ago where Kansas lost to Duke ( I still don't want to talk about it, it's too depressing). Anyways... There were 167 episodes altogether and then 3 movies with the fourth coming out in December of this year. *potential spoiler* How exciting, I'm wishing that with the presence of Kikyo in the movie, there might be a close to the series. Holy mac, the fan subs are awesome! Where are you downloading your fan subs? The ones I get are beautifully done and grammatically correct too. I love how some fan subs have a little "karaoke" action for the ending songs (it's really cute, you can sing along in Japanese!). If anyone wants links and what-not for really good fan subs feel free to PM me and I'll be more than happy to give you directions! [/COLOR] [/FONT]
  3. [quote name='vash-san']does anyone know if the series is finished....??? i watched a fansub labeled final but it didn't seem like a real ending so im just wondering what number is the latest episode and is the series finished???[/quote] [COLOR=Navy][FONT=Arial]Sure is finished. Sucks huh? I'm sure we were all looking forward to a great ending, but we got what we got. The last episode is #167 (#166 and #167 are like two parts of a really long episode, similar to the fall special featuring Sesshoumaru or the other special that features the story of Inuyasha and Kikyou. Hopefully the Inuyasha team will do some OAVs to give us some closure on Inuyasha. I'm still feeling incomplete...[/FONT][/COLOR]
  4. [COLOR=Navy]I've heard of the series and I would love to download it, however I can't find any fansubs of the series online. If anyone knows where I could get episodes via BitTorrent or mIRC (please specify server and channel) it would be greatly appreciated! [/COLOR]
  5. [quote name='Sword Breaker']On another note, the reason that North America (I take it you meant that when you said America) dosn't use other langueges in their music (besides Quebec, of course) is becouse that North America is the most powerful contenent on the face of the earth, it is the richest, and it is the most influential. People figure they want to be able to sell to North Americans, becouse they will profit much more from it, which is just smart marketing. Not all countrys do that, though, Germany still has many independent singers who only sing in German, the same goes for many European and Asian countrys/societys. (They really beat you up for saying suppose? Since when did using proper english get you beat up? I'm afraid of hicks... *Hides behind the counter*)[/quote] [COLOR=DarkSlateBlue]I totally agree with you on how N. Amer. is rich/powerful/influential (after all, I am American and damn proud. Not to put you off for being Canadian, I actully like Canada very much, you guys grow all the traditional S.Asian fruits that I totally crave, and your public news television is so positive and contributive to society.) ANYWAYS, but yes, I do agree on how that works, however, you'll have to agree with me that many Americans are horrible at learning various languages like the Europeans do for example. I'm not saying that Germans and other Europeans don't sing in their own language, but I mean, we Americans have a horrible knack for not integrating other culture's pop culture into our mainstream society. I'm one of the few Kansans who actually know what anime is. I'm also one of the few Kansans who actually THINK there's a country called Japan (okay I'm exaggerating. The whole World War actually let Kansans back then know there was a Japan). But, you get the idea. And it sucks because it makes it especially hard to get news and stuff here in the middle of nowhere. I hope you understand how that marketing scheme is like a double-edged glaive. *BTW* I was walking in the supermarket one day and this reallly old geezer walks past me and says "damn *** (insert the derogatory slang for a Japanese person)." I'm not even Japanese. I s'ppose he's still resentful since WWII.[/COLOR]
  6. [COLOR=DarkSlateBlue]I thought integrating anime in mainstream tv/movie/advertisments is such a great idea since Japanese pop culture is quickly becoming a part of American culture. So many people are totally into it. That whole Kill Bill anime scene is probably one of the biggest influences since, well, Uma Thurman, Lucy Liu, David Carradine, Quentin Tarantino and all the celebrities in there are so popular and made the movie's use of anime an eye-opener. Has anyone noticed that almost every other country has used the English language in their pop music? I think that we're the only ones who don't do that with other languages. I s'ppose (that's a hick way of saying 'suppose,' well, coming from Kansas you get beat up for sayin' it the right way) we're not too world-cultured. Drifting off to another related topic, it's a fact that many animes are based off of Japanese folklore/old-world culture ex. Inuyasha, Spirited Away, Mononoke Hime etc. converting non-anime ideas to anime (duh, since anime is your/an author's own little creation) but what I'd like to know is in Inuyasha Movie 2 Castle Beyond the Looking Glass, the folklore of Taketori Monogatari/Kaguya Hime Monogatari is written by whom and what text can I get it out of? A fansubbed version was beautifully translated and looked like something coming out of Murasaki Shikibu's literature, but I wasn't sure. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. To the Moderator(s) I apologize if I got a little bit off topic, but I didn't know where else to post a question/comment anywhere else and I particularly like this lounge. Honto gomenasai![/COLOR]
  7. Goodness where should I start? The concept/storyline for InuYasha is awesome, I mean, a messed up love triangle along with a lecherous man who will actually change his ways to devote himself to one woman and a self-denying prettyman with a humungoid fur boa, what's not to like...EXCEPT FOR THE ENDING! [spoiler]So everyone's chasing after Naraku and Kikyou is like [i]this close[/i] to killing that darned person. But alas, she fails and it's followed by various meaningless scenes and then you find yourself with your jaw dropped, sitting in front of the TV with your heart struck by an arrow of disappointment saying "what the hell!"[/spoiler] I feel like we started where we began. Sure we got friends and what not but hell, we haven't gotten anything accomplished! Please forgive my ranting and raging but this was unacceptable for all those Inu fans out there (do you agree all you Inu fans???) I heard there are OVAs in the making, but Takehashi better finish the damn story or else I'll be wondering what happened to everyone until I'm all hunched over with white hair and crippled. Anyways, if anyone has any info, opinions, etc. I'd like to hear it. [COLOR=#503F86][SIZE=1][b]Added spoiler tags. Careful what you might reveal, heh ^_~ -Solo[/COLOR][/SIZE][/b]
  8. [QUOTE=Eric_Draven]I sadly cannot find any InuYasha episodes on teh TV. *so~sad* Can anyone tell me if Inu is being played on any channel in Britain? Is anyone going to try teh InuYasha TCG? It's coming out in November, I believe. I may try it.[/QUOTE] I was sick and tired of re-runs and horrible dubs on Cartoon Network, so I bought the DVDs. If you're a die-hard fan of InuYasha (which I totally am) it would be well worth your while. You understand the story a little better since CN only shows up to episode 64 (or so, I disregarded the channel since I was so enraged). Anyways, you can get all 12 parts at [COLOR=DarkRed][I]link removed[/I][/COLOR] or [COLOR=DarkRed][I]link removed[/I][/COLOR]. The subtitles were done by those who are not so fluent in the English language, so you'll have to be lenient with the grammar and spelling, however, you'll get the gist of the episodes. Now, they did cost a pretty penny (in your case, a heavy pound/euro), but it was well worth my penny since I love the series. Another way of getting episodes is free fansubs which are done [I]beautifully[/I] yet are hard to obtain since you have to download them from a file-sharing program. That's where broadband internet comes in. I'm not sure where to get them, but I know there are programs like BitTorrent and others who have users that will send them to you (that is if you subscribe to the program for a fee). Another way is eBay. I am an eBay freak because they have the GREATEST stuff on there from international sellers, so you can get imported stuff for fairly cheap. These three ways are great because they take PayPal as payment for the services so you feel somewhat protected from getting your info stolen. I hope this reply helped because I consider myself a newbie animefreak and I wish that things like these helped me get imported merchandise and series. Gambate!! [COLOR=Navy]Please don't post links to sites that carry bootlegs. If you have any questions, feel free to PM me or one of the other moderators. ^_^ ~Dagger~[/COLOR]
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