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  1. [QUOTE=SaiyanDestroya]Well, it was when I was alittle kid. I was excavating a pyramid of some sort, and all of a sudden, arnold schwarzenegger starts chasing me around the pyramid. And all I can remember is how lost I am, and he's got these fly wings, and they keep buzzing really loud.... Scary as all hell.[/QUOTE] lol...kool dream...in a lot of my dreams especially when I was little I would see my future...and now I get like deja vĂș everyday....very freaky...lol...plus I dream of all this weird stuff....yeah scary .... O_O
  2. What do you think of cloning? Do you think its right or wrong? Do you wanna be cloned? What other possibilities will come from cloning? Give me your opinion....
  3. [quote name='Kareiyasha']What I don't really understand is the reason why it's such a debated tpoic... why do we separate our sexualities? Hetro, Homo, Bi... what does it matter? Can't we all just be sexual and get over it all?[/quote] lol...I like the way you think, I agree with you, more ppl should think your way...lol ^_^
  4. [QUOTE=Unborn Lord Xion][COLOR=SlateGray][SIZE=1]My outfit is almost always the same. I wear jeans, we're talking always jeans, here; a t-shirt or long-sleeved shirt (never buttons, though); and an over shirt of some kind, with buttons but never buttoned. And I either wear my leather jacket or my duster. Some people would probably call me a Goth because of said Duster and my penchent for black (plus I'm pretty pale), but I'm not really. I'm just surly, sarcastic, and dark...oh, maybe I am a Goth. Or maybe I'm just a teenager. Heh. -ULX[/SIZE][/COLOR][/QUOTE] Yea ppl are like a
  5. [QUOTE=Hell'z_KiD]Needless to say..but I don't like gays..And I am not saying this to start trouble. Yes there are some gay people who can't help but like the same gender ,but now days most people just wanna be gay it's like a trend with people. and I don't believe bisexuality exists, It's 1 thing to be gay and like only one sex, but both? Bisexuality seems like a made up sexuality just to have fun at like orgies. (Sorry if I offended you, just my point of view on it)[/QUOTE] Don't worry I don't get offended easily....I see where your coming from....I know some ppl who say the
  6. I'm 14 and turning 15 on February 20th....yay!!!! Birthdays are fun.....*dances around room* *starts chanting/singing* cha cha cha cha cha..doo do doo do do doo....cha cha cha cha cha cha....lol
  7. With me its all about being comfy...^_^ :) Yea...a lot of times I go through my closet in the morning and put on clothes that my mood feels like....a really weird thing about me is that whenever it rains I have black clothes on...lol...they're my rain clothes....rain is fun...especially to dance in...yay!!!! :wave:
  8. I actually see nothing wrong with it at all...so what if they are the same gender...love is love....and why does it concern other ppl what some ppl do or love?....yea I'm a really open-minded person who accepts everyone...and i can understand it both ways, hell out of all my family I'm the only one who will really accepts it....But I don't let my family's opinion cloud my judgement on it....I got a some gay/bi friends, they are the same as all of us....and no one has the right to tell you who you have to love....^_^ Peace :love2:
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