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  1. Gaming

    i know exactly how that feels:) its not alays easy to say the right thing
  2. Gaming

    hmmmm.........:) i kinda figured the reaction to be more bouncy, kinda relaxing, invigorating, you know what i mean, right?
  3. Gaming

    have you heard the chocobo racing them in ff7, it is really cool
  4. Gaming

    depends i prefer the chocobo hot or cold music to the feild music, what about you
  5. Gaming

    thanks to all who posted and id like to offer any assistance needed, ff7,8,9 ive finnished most and allmost finnished 9, any questions requests or anything really just pm, post or email me
  6. Gaming

    like what ???
  7. Gaming

    yeah i think kuja has a point the american version aint got it, the brittish one ain't got it i aint so sure about the japanese but he is right about one thing where he said it would be all over the net well he was right it really would be and i aint found a way without the gameshark
  8. Gaming

    um so wich one goes over mountains in 9 if there isn't a green one
  9. why would you want to be scottish:confused:
  10. Gaming

    does anyone know where, when or how to goet a green chocobo on final fantasy 9
  11. Gaming

    i think is kinda a sequil to abe's exedous or sumfin bt i don't know the plot or the levels or nufin really
  12. if you are as boared as me or you want someone to talk to im on all day and night so please!!! just chat wiv me for a while;)
  13. Gaming

    only on the jappanese version but you might be on to sumthin if that isn't a import your'e playing
  14. no thanks
  15. yeah right