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  1. [COLOR=royalblue]I dont maybe it will be kind of cool!!!j/k j/k j/k... heh -_- seriously... i am!!! no need to get mad!! ahh!!![/COLOR] :bawl:
  2. Even though it may be hard to think of but behind every curse there is a blessing, so think of bad things happening, G-d is doing all these things for a reason. again, i am TRULY sorry for what happened.
  3. I am really really sorry about what happened to you ag. Lets just hope that nothing else will happen. This kind of thing should be taken out of the world.... Feel better ok?!:(
  4. Aeris~012

    Gaming best race?

    [COLOR=royalblue]I personall like Zora's they have those head thingys and live inthe water....i mean c'mon they are in the wtaer 24/7 how fun could that be?!?!....ok sorry ...i like to swim...[/COLOR]
  5. pretty good...but the second one looks sorta....computerized or something...i dunno doesnt look like i was drawen frum hand....:p
  6. o0oh ouch..thats gotta hurt!
  7. :D :wigout: ;) :) :p :cool: :babble: :laugh: :angel: [SIZE=2]When you do a message try to put some words in it[/SIZE]
  8. [FONT=arial]he he thanks! and no offense is taken...everyone has their own opinion and mine is that aeris rox.....muah ha ha![/FONT] :D :angel: :cross:
  9. -_- for got to add the attachment..well its down there! V V V V V
  10. Aeris~012

    Gaming Drawing

    [COLOR=royalblue]Okaii, i have been drawing for a long time and i drew this one pic of aeris. It took a loong time to perfect it but i finally did! please tell me what you think![/COLOR] [FONT=arial]p.s. i put it in one thread but i wasnt sure if people would respond to that one anymore....[/FONT]
  11. wsup! i like to draw as well...i drew the one in the attachment tell me what you think!
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