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    The forums look very, clean, sterile. It has a certain Windows 8 charm, the only thing I'd suggest is making the header Century Gothic, with the second word bold, you know, for old times sake. :D I'd actually really like to see and old school logo, big, bold, with all the links upon it and an anime character or two... I can't type in crimson, the color tags fail me! :O
  2. [kuja] I can't help watching the news on the latest Gaza conflict, man it's so heartbreaking. Hundreds of dead Palestinians, dozens of dead Israelis. Peace looks like a pipe dream at this point. It's a tragedy that affects both sides, but you can clearly see that Gaza has paid a much higher price for this war. I think it's something like 80% dead in the Gaza strip were civilians who are counted as "collateral damage" and  all the Israeli casualties have been soldiers, occurring after the ground invasion into, and happening in, Gaza.   Do you think Israel is right to do this? Do you you think it has gone too far to defend itself? I honestly think this  has gone way beyond self defense.  With the Israeli missile defense dome, It's kinda like the big kid, who can keep is attacker at arms length, but can't resist dishing out an absolute walloping at the same time. :/   What can end this conflict? Do you think that ending the Israeli occupation of Gaza, allow the Palestinians to leave, import food and medicines more freely than they can do at present, and engage in world commerce might go some way toward it? That's my thinking. Allow the Palestinian people to live freely, have a land to call home, and they might not be so desperate that it's leadership would attack the Israelis, foolishly, as a zebra poking a lion with a stick.   Discuss. ;) [/kuja]
  3. [kuja] Well, that's me told! :p I'd be remiss to ditch the style now I have such an easier time inputting the code for it anyway. ^^; [/kuja]
  4. [kuja] Oh wow, I remember y'all! Lay M, Adams Angels! Now that's a blast from the past! *wonders if BabyGirl still frequents the forum* This forum sure has changed a lot, it's more like Twitter now, with all the status updates, colorful labels and social media focus, it's pretty cool... Sorry for being a dick the last time I was here... I've been booted for a while, lost all my history, guess I deserved that. I'm a different person now, :D and I don't lose my rag over silly little things such as getting relieved as a "super mod." Do you still call them that? There seems to be a slew of new features and user labels to get my head around. LOLed at Jame's OB Royalty... Nice!   I like this little  tongue-in-cheek forum style tags named after me that mimics my old post style, although I do not know why it wont cover my whole post. I've put the tags around the whole post! Oh well, probably wont use it anyway... [/kuja]
  5. [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by IQ#1 [/i] [B]I have an IQ for a 6th rader of 131![/B][/QUOTE] [SIZE=1][FONT=century gothic][COLOR=crimson]this is supposed to impress someone? man if your gonna brag about an IQ realize that the number doesnt go up as you get older (typically) all the questions on a standard (well, recognized by american colleges) are typically harder as u get older, allowing for an average learning curve. so saying u think that is high for a 6th grader isnt proving much... that would be like me telling you mine in the 5th grade and realizing it is well into double digits over yours... and ill be the first to admin IQ tests mean jack crap, they show what you know, not that u have the common sense to impliment it, one of my friends graduated 2nd in his class but couldnt tie his shoes... he had like 170 something if i remember correctly which is a genious (i think 160 is considered one in the US). and then should i mention einstien? IQ just shows how good u are at remembering small details for more than tomorrows test. not that you are smart in any way... so just remember when you brag there is always someone better than you out there...[/COLOR][/FONT][/SIZE]
  6. [SIZE=1][FONT=century gothic][COLOR=crimson]hahaha thank you and your post just adds to it *saves the screen shot and sends link to lawyers* now im not suing because of my being fired, after being banned (which james said i WOULDNT be) i actually enjoyed not having to worry about making sure everything here was clean. now as for your saying this is a website and therefore has no rules, after reading the legal announcement these boards have posted (and finding the standard one for UBB) and then talking to military lawyers who cant get paid for the case or actually take the case, decided i had a very high chance of winning the case since as coppa politely pointed out there are a lot of things illegal with his sites, i dont need to go into them here with yall because this is between me and adam, i already told him that i dont expect to be a SM here, it isnt about the 'power' as you put it chris it is beyond that. if you wanna know ask adam, if he actually paid attention when i told him he may tell you. second if i were to sue as to what james has done to me i would have to sue the site, since james isnt american but works for an american company i would have to sue the company he works for, and if the company is shut down so is he, effectivly getting 'revenge' as he calls it. now as i stated to everyone who has asked me, there are about 3 options which i would settle for (no money or power given to me) that would convince me that i shouldnt do this, and one where i am a SM again (thou i wouldnt do crap cause i really dont want it, am happy with the other forums i go to and the online gaming site (actually play games not like OG) (and i get paid around $500 a month for what i do at one site... the other site im get a ps2/gcn/cpu game a month which yea that isnt much but more than i got here. y volunteer when you can get paid.) but that option is honestly the least likely to happen. and speaking of power hungry... isnt it odd that the moment ginny questioned james's attitude on that relgion thread he demanded an appoligy from her and she quit. and wow james was not wrong in that thread at all? and he is above his own rules, when we close a topic most of us dont open the thread back up unless talking to each other about the general idea of the thread. the thread was closed and he opened it, i talked to most of the staff closed it and asked him to not open it or respond on the post (pretty dang politely for me) and he did it anyway to prove to us that he was right. now if that isnt abuse of power... than nothing on a message board could be. now i personally like adam and was going to buy otakugamer off of him at one point and had even talked to other members about it, but then when i was banned from these boards i obviously wasnt going to buy a site that i couldnt see the message boards that went along with them. and i do know a little bit about law, when your military and move around a lot you get to know a lot of people, so i went into the JAG offices around where i live (they are nothing like the show lol) and got an opinion cause they wouldnt be driven by commision, i then went to a few lawyers that were 'public' lawyers and just to let you know the gvment is in the middle of a anti-net right now and likes to shut down sites. i wouldnt even have to sue for anything james did, just on laws adam broke with his sites. thou i dont plan on bringing everything into this, and trust me, im not stupid enuff to sue and not have a good shot at winning. now i know i may be acting 'immature' as james likes to put anything that goes against his 'maturity' but im making a few teenagers face the facts of life, you screw with certain people and they will screw you tenfold. so before any of you open your mouth i suggest you figure out what i am suing for and what i have offered adam in PMs and IMs to settle this, which frankly 2 of them arent that hard on him. neither of which give me my positon back. btw james i had pretty much dropped it till you went to another boards and swore you hadnt banned me or taken access to anything but the staff forum away from me... so yall can thank james for bringing me back to OB and this lawsuit against them, me and adam were actually talking about a business transaction up until then so thank you james for thinking you shove your weight around wherever you go if members from here are there.[/COLOR][/FONT][/SIZE]
  7. [SIZE=1][FONT=century gothic][COLOR=crimson]actually it isnt about the money i could buy this site and then add on a few other sites if i wanted to, im not suing for money. and i gave adam options to adoid the lawsuit, they arent that hard just a few changes (only one of which makes me a SM but that is more unlikely than the others) im still open to options as i have been asking members. and since adam apparently doesnt know law that well as shown by this thread, im pretty sure a judge would hear it, it would be a case that was probaly open shut, but it would still be hear most lawsuits are settled outside of court, and im trying to get that done, considering i like o3online and adam. i dont want to sue the site but that is what is going to happen unless adam actually talks to me about more than selling him another site i work for. now onto the subject... they do random checks and they do checks when sites are 'recomended' (for lack of better wording) now i gotta with james here... where the heck did your comment come from. i assume u dont like republicans that much... crap demacrots, and independesnts are just as 'bad' or as good as the rest. washington may not 100% agree with everything that has happened but he would be happy to know that the laws were voted on the way that he had set forth 200+ years ago. now i could be wrong IM NOT HIM... and neither are you, so you have no clue as to how he would react. and no it isnt just the 'george's' that have done this, do u think there should be sites of a 7 or 8 year old girl posted nude on the net? ummm ewww your sick if you believe that they dont even know what they are 'modeling' for and last time i heard the 'make a pipe bomb' sites arent actually illegal, thou that may have changed by now. and as to why they do old idle sites... if i were to plant a mine int he ground and no one set it off for 10 years... am i still not responsible for their death? just because you give up on a site doesnt mean your not still resposible for it, there are laws and the site is still breaking them so i dont see what all the fuss is about... if adam had properly taken care of it (i think his response makes it worse) they would have never sent him the letter anyway they have legal grounds and in america that is more than enuff to do what they did[/COLOR][/FONT][/SIZE]
  8. [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Vegitto4 [/i] [B]No offense kuja, but I am guessing, that most eople didn't see to much grammar, they didn't understand that post. Please Clarify. I am interested in what you are tryin to say, after " i just love how yall assume this isnt real" [/B][/QUOTE] [SIZE=1][FONT=century gothic][COLOR=crimson]well im sorry that your too stupid to understand what is being said... oh well not my problem. now if you cant understand what is being said... go back to school cause the only thing im missing is comma's and i type like this everwhere, and james went to another site and said my grammar was good. and it was the same as it is here so i guess that the grammar expert himself is finnally off his grammar kick so u can join him ;) anyway dont matter adam's post is now going in my file to bring up in my lawsuit against o3[/COLOR][/FONT][/SIZE] ps if your gonna bash my grammar... spelling and grammar of your own would make it look like you had any clue what you are talking about... wtf is an eople? and i believe it is enough grammar not to much, even so woulda been too no to ;) haha this is almost as funny as adam posting about me in staff *sigh*
  9. [SIZE=1][FONT=century gothic][COLOR=crimson]i just love how yall assume this isnt real... have any of you thought that all it takes is for one person to drop that a site isnt following the rules and they look into it? so if one of those wonderful spammers decided to do something they could write (well get someone else too since they act like they dont know how) to the senator/congressman and they would have to get someone to look into it. now i hope they dont look into it again adam because well... pissing off the government is a bad thing especially since you know what im preparing at the moment... woulda always be nice to have the government shut you down before i had the chance to do my thing ... ;)[/COLOR][/FONT][/SIZE]
  10. [SIZE=1][FONT=century gothic][COLOR=crimson]as much as telling you that the 3rd option looks really good, i will refain from it... james is looking for a good reason to ban me again... anyway... first off if your as annoying to her as you are to me... stay away from her... if your walking in on her while she is making out... um ewwww? dude if she has a bf dont try to blow that... let it runs it course and be polite to her, getting in the way of someone u like and whoever they are with is actually the worst thing you can do (IMO), cause if they like the person enuff they will remember that you were involved in them breaking up, and that is a bad mark on you. now i could be wrong but every girl that i end up getting between her and her bf... we end up being bestfriends but cant date cause we know what buttons to push on each other lol... anyway yea just let her know u care and give her space (as long as your like 13... little kids dont know jack about love it is called friends before then) [/COLOR][/FONT][/SIZE]
  11. [SIZE=1][FONT=century gothic][COLOR=crimson]congrats steph, lol i always made these things... even the spanish nhs roflmao it isnt all it is cracked up to be, just a bunch of losers showing up to meetings so they can say they did an after school activity on their college application lol not saying it isnt hard to make or anything just i know if i can make it... everyone should be able to...[/COLOR][/FONT][/SIZE]
  12. [SIZE=1][FONT=century gothic][COLOR=crimson]first off i would like to say... your 9 whacks away from marring me, dont think i would forget you just cause you left for a while ;). second i will tell you to follow your heart, it may get broken, but i personally think it is better to have a broken heart than a curious one, you will always find someone better if they dont feel it back, but if you dont at least let them know, your heart will always wonder and fall for them each time you think of them. third can u send u me your email addy in a PM? i miss talking to you about nothing (i talk to a lot of people about nothing) *hugs* we all missed you lots (maily ada... um yea i wont finish that in case you didnt know 0: ) hehe)[/COLOR][/FONT][/SIZE]
  13. [SIZE=1][FONT=century gothic][COLOR=crimson]well as most of you know james has fired me. this was because i edited a thread. the guy was advertising his site in 4 forums saying to go join his boards. i changed the thread to say 'hello i am a complete moron'. now yea that was wrong... but i was having fun and he and adam have both changed peoples post to make them look dumb. but james then proceded to block my access to the boards. now i can totally understand him firing me, he had been trying to do so since he promoted me to SM, using the excuse that my grammar is bad. thou most members understand the idea of what im saying and have to ask me what the rules he posts mean... i guess that means he wants to fire himself since people dont understand him right? anyway... y did he make it so i cant see the boards? was he scared i was going to tell what he calls 'lies' about him? well i didnt (and am only doing so now cause he PMed me and lied to my face about me lol) so yea... well james gave me 2 choices in the staff forum. A. i could become a normal member and surf the site like that or B. stay a mod of the forums i was a mod in. now i was talking with other staff to see what they felt on it. this was in the moring, and i went to class that night and when i came back i could no longer see the forums. now where in these options was C. have all your forums turned off? umm i hadnt even talked to james so how did he know what i was going to pick? until i talked to him my mind wasnt going to be made up. yet he gives me options then makes a choice (which wasnt an option) on his own. now how exactly am i going to make a choice when he makes it so i cant post (all i could see was 'who's online' and my PMs, and he blocked me on AIM (i logged onto a brand new account and he was online so i know he blocked me). Now there are a few people who can tell you i had my access screwed cause i changed my pw and gave it to them and they saw exactly what was up. about a week after all this i asked james why he had done this, he said that all he did was take access to the staff and o3 forums away. he said he would go and fix it. so im like good, cause there are some semi intellegent convesations in the gaming forums once in a while. so i wait a few hours since he said he would go and do it... and then log in (i could see the forums if i wasnt logged it) and still i couldnt log in. so i figured yea this is james's way of not holding a grudge. so i decide it isnt worth it, thou me and adam had been talking about him acciring a site that i work for (that isnt up yet he just likes the name). so it isnt as if im mad at o3 or anything. so i go and start working for another site. helping with boards their, and getting the gamming site ready for launch. now we had a rule that said try not to talk about OB issues there and james makes a post there that says a few things about me. i mainly ignore it and post on something someone else had said about something unrelated. now another member there goes and says that james is wrong which is quite funny. thou i love how james acts like the admin when he goes elsewhere and breaks the rules there and thinks there will be no reprecussions. guess he has let his ego gotten to him so much he doesnt see he is wrong (yea i know this post is wrong i just have to clear my consious and get james to maybe just maybe see that he can be wrong when it comes to things that deal with these boards) so i guess someone talked to james as to why i couldnt see the forums and he tells them a few things. now the other day i get an email saying i have a PM from james. so im all lost as to why he is sending me a PM. so i go and check it out. i read it and get a good laugh. it says that he thought i only had access removed for 24 hours. so yea i might have forgiven him for that. but then he says that if i had told him about it he would have given me access back immediatly, yet i had already talked to him about it and he said he would (and it was a 'nice' conversation considering) so i IM him on AIM yet again today and he says i never talked to him about it. lol ok james sure ;). then when i ask him what i should tell members when they ask me why did james ban me for calling a guy a moron when TN used to call people stupid in there posts. since both words have a similar meaning they thought it was unfair of james. so he avoids it and starts back on the grammar thing. i tell him that most members have trouble reading his college level grammar when most members are around 12-15 here. not saying ya'll are stupid just saying the average kid of that age will have a hard time understanding college level grammar. so he again changes the subject (why is it he cant answer anything with a strait answer?) and says he doesnt know why all of a sudden i started to dislike him. so i explain that since he forced ginny to leave i havent exactly thought the best of him. he says he didnt force her to leave that it was her choice, which yea it was her choice to leave, but she left cause of his 'noah's ark theory. and she is very religious i dont think there are any of us here that can argue that point. now james thinks that his 'truth' is the only way to go and that religion is rubbish. now he says that his explain how noah's ark never isnt trying to shove his religion on someone which was one of the staff's rules we agreed on. now exlain to me how using athestic (sorry i cant spell) views in a thread about god isnt trying to show your views? now he says that is proving facts and that religion is just beliefs. now doesnt he BELIVE his facts are true? was he there did he see everything that went on? so he must believe what these people said, and all his sciences are truths cause he believes they are. yet he says he only uses facts... thou it was a fact that the world was flat, the earth was the center of the universe, and oh yea those were scientific facts that were proven just like everything he says are facts. so yea science is just as inacurate as religion. and he is just proving his religious beliefs on us even if he doesnt know it. so by telling him this he ended up blocking me... around the part where i said he forced ginny to leave, he always seems to get upset by it when anyone brings up the fact that he pushed her away. i guess that is cause he knows it pissed off a lot of people in staff that he wouldnt admit that it wasnt partly his fault. he thinks that it is all her fault for posting in a thread about god... and she talked about god... he talked about noah's ark? yes god told them to go (according to most religions) and this story is widely believed by more than just christianity and he goes and bashes it.. now within a 3 month period he forces probably the most liked staff member of o3 and fires another... then within a week another staff member quits the boards and practicly the only staff member that posted stuff for theotaku aslo leaves. now why is it that there is a o3online forum and staff of o3 didnt have access to it? hmm i could think of a few reasons but james would refute them all im sure. just like he will this whole post (or delete it lol). anyway i just would like to know... if this is his way of not holding a grude, what does he do when he does... cause he is treating me like i am thimoc or laughing stock or any of the other spammers that has come along... now i admit that what i did is wrong, but it is the same as other staff has done. and i admited i did this as soon as people asked, where as there was a rash of banning right after the new SMs came along and james took away the ability for the 3 new ones to ban... now i admit to what i did and get fired, where as someone else hides behind something a lot more serious and gets nothing, even thou james admitted he thinks he knows who did it. now if i could have banned this spammer i would have but james's idea that nothing bad would happen if the new SMs couldnt ban was again wrong something bad did happen. well before this page takes 10 minutes to load ill wrap it up. i do like these boards and i enjoy the people here. hell i met my fiance here, who even had a thread where a ton of guys were confessing their love to her back on v2 :) (thou i said i liked a girl over 15 who could smile haha) anyway she rarely posts her as well. now a lot of members that were big time posters back in the age of shinji are no longer here. the top 3 posters are no longer here 2 are banned and N-man posts every once in a while. and while james makes all these 'improvements' the boards lose what is most important long term members. while yes new members are a nice thing to have... everyone here doesnt like newbies. so in his 'running of HIS (not adam's) boards' he is actually helping kill them faster than was going on, a lot of members see the boards going downhill and are slowly leaving, now i enjoy these boards and this site a lot, i dont want to see that happening but as long as james runs them it is inevitable to see this. now in january he said he was going to leave and run his own site in a month or two. it is now may and james is still here cause the job fell threw. now those of us who stayed here get stuck with him. he had even told staff that he was going to train sephy and TN as the new admin for when he stepped down. yet all i see is him flexing his power by redoing the boards and rearanging the staff... that is an odd way to step down, or is he not going to step down until his site gets up... [/font][/size][/color]
  14. [SIZE=1][FONT=century gothic][COLOR=crimson]definatly not a gamer... that game was revolutionary, heck im playing a lot of the old school games again, both zeldas, the GOOD FF games, BoF and a few others. these games are MUCH better than anything put out recently in the genre (besides remakes and Golden Sun)[/COLOR][/FONT][/SIZE]
  15. [SIZE=1][FONT=century gothic][COLOR=crimson]SSBM, Luigi's Mansion, Bond, Perfect Dark 2, and whe it comes out the new Zelda MUST RENT AND ONLY RENT: PIKMIN[/COLOR][/FONT][/SIZE]
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