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    i'm 15, male, hyper, annoying, a yaoi freak, I have huge crushes on yuki-sama from gravitation , Gackt,and Billie Joe Armstrong from Green Day, I'm homosexual, and proud of it
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    I just mooch off my parents
  1. Miryoku

    Coming Out Stories

    Mine was like realy weird, i had like always known i was gay, and my mom kinda already knew,but one day i just decided to tell my friends and they were all okay w/ it, in fact a few of them came out the same day, the hard part was telling my mom, i did'nt know how to do it but i knew i had to, cuz she works at the same high school i go to so it would be around school and she'd find out eventualy. So one morning on the way to school i jsut told her "mom i have something i need to tell you" and i did'nt even have to finish it, she was like"your gay" and i sayd yeah and she sayd that she could always tell, my dad still does'nt know and i probably won't tell him until i'm 18, but it's pretty obvious so i think he might have some idea.
  2. Miryoku

    How straight are you?

    Um okay well, im just a little confused here, I'm gay and i understand being gay, but i don't quite understand Bisexuality. Noth that i'm saying it does'nt exist every where, but i don't think its as genuine as alot of people think. I know when i came out of the closet about a year ago, almoast all my friends did, most of wich i don't think realy are gay, but my other friends that wanted the attention of being a homosexual yet still wantd relationships with the opposite gender became "bi". i know it probably exists but it seams like it's turned into a fad, wich is realy pathetic when people resort to sexual orientation do get attention.
  3. Miryoku

    It's a weird thaught but...............

    [QUOTE=Lore][font=Trebuchet MS]I don't think it's even so much a matter of being willing to give things up, but actually being able to. See my earlier point: Even with all the willingness in the world, I wouldn't last a month without some level of prepackaged food. Granted, we are talking about a situation where there is a level of trade going on. Someone else could make food, and I could....geez, I don't know, mend fences or something. Not that I really know how to do that, either. :p[/font][/QUOTE] lol ur funny. well i guess it takes a certain kindof person to do what i wanna do.I don't think most people could handle it. I'm certain i could, it's what i want to do, and it's not an impossibility, it could happen. It just makes so much more sense to produce most of what you need yourself and to live whare you want, away from every one.
  4. Miryoku

    It's a weird thaught but...............

    well i don't realy have much, and if it could make my life change it would be fine, i've always wanted to live fairly unconventionaly, if you new me youd know i'm not realy a conformist, i have my own ideas and creativity and i'd like to build off it, and create a new life for me and others that think the way i do.
  5. Miryoku

    It's a weird thaught but...............

    See i understand many of your guys' points but i would'nt mind giving everything up to live in a some what utopian society. Kindof like modern transendentalism. Yes computers, microwakes, tv, they are all big parts of our lives today but if you look at it the way i do those things are made to make life more simple but they only complicate matters.....if that makes any sense. The simple life is actualy not so simple it involves work and faith in your cause but if you can incorperate those 2 things into your life it would be far greater than any invention could make it.
  6. Miryoku


    well, im 16 and my perents have no curfew for me but the town i live in says minors cant be out after 10. I say whatever, i normally stay out until like 11:30 or 12 and sometimes sneek out of my house to hang out with my friends at like 2 am by the train trax, but thats only in the summer. ahh good times.
  7. Miryoku

    Request converse avi request

    thanx a ton
  8. Miryoku

    It's a weird thaught but...............

    [QUOTE=Lore][font=trebuchet ms]No kidding! I used to have computer game like this. It was one of those darn 'educational' things, called (wait for it!) [spoiler]Stocktopus[/spoiler]. And yes, it involved a large, purple octopus. Insanely frustrating game. I can't imagine having to do it in real life. (Actually, I can, I just dislike the thought.) I mean, there's no reason why you can't just trade/barter between friends, but on a commercial level it's simply not feasible.[/font][/QUOTE] i understand but were not talking about a country, were not even talking about a city, it's just a small colony of people maybe a dozen families at the most. Look through out the history of the western U.S. especialy in Utah, the early settlers had no money, they made or grew what they needed and what they could'nt produce them selves they joined up with the community and built co-ops where the town would produce them
  9. Miryoku

    It's a weird thaught but...............

    [QUOTE=dd protector]I actually have thought about this and i came up with an elaborate plan. The thing you really need to think about it what would you do differently from today's society? If it was me, i'd try to destroy currency. I'd bring back to old free market of trade. The thing with that is is today's society you need corruency to even set up a civilization. But i don't like the idea of money, its stupid when you think about it, placing a number value on something. Iunno thats my opinion.[/QUOTE] yeah exactly, trade, no set value but a value that you and the seller think is fair, another is to cut out the complicated tax system, have everyone live and work for each other, to keep it going that way thare is no one set government and taxes are un needed.
  10. Miryoku

    Request converse avi request

    Kay um hi. i was wonderin if any of u guys could do ma a favor.well i'd like two avi's I would just like the logo to be resized and for the one of the pic of the shoes: i'd like it to say somethin like "smexy shoes" or somethin to that effect. other than that just be creative. thankies miryoku-kun p.s. if you have any problems just pm me
  11. Miryoku

    Noooo! Blink 182 splitting up?

    they're a good band, but it was'nt realy a split up, it was more like vacatin, they are gonna go on tour again in 2009 so they are'nt over. They just felt like they needed a brake.
  12. So i was sitting around the house yesterday when i thaught how cool it would be to go out in the middle of no whare and build a town, it would be like my own little society, houses a store or two and maybe even some kind of religion, i could try to get enough people to make us self suficient a couple of farmers, grist mills, a textile mill. and we would be set. we could live life the way we wanted to and everything would be great. In todays world it's probably impossible to do that, but if you look back thats what pioneers were doing, i dunno maybe i'm crazy. but have any of you ever thaught about something like that?
  13. I believe in ghosts, spirits whatever you wanna call them, i've seen them, felt them, and heard them. Ive had many experiences with the "supernatural". I dont believe that faeries, gnomes, and dragons exist in the way people think they do, I think these were just ways for humans to put a face on so called "supernatural" events and other things they could'nt understand.
  14. Miryoku

    Dumbest Reality shows Ever!

    I only watch Queer eye, the amazing race, and sometimes survivor, cuz thare are always cute gay guys. The one i hate the most is that super nanny one or whatever it is those kids are so annoying i could just kill um. oooo i liked that boy meets boy one too, o and the realworld is good too.
  15. I don't beleive in violence, i hate it and it makes me sick, but with some people there is no choice, the human race is a F'd up group, and so violence is sometimes necessary, but if people would'nt start fights there would'nt be any and thats what pisses me off, i don't see what people have to prove, how does death and injury prove anything, except for how ucivilized we can be?