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  1. What up, yall. Im Mouse of "The Rodentz" a hip hop team inspired by anime and video games.. Check us out at [url]http://albums.chambermusik.com/rodentz/rodentz.htm[/url] . You can here samples of our music. You can also view [url]www.myspace.com/therodentz[/url] . I hope yall like our music.. :animesmil . We got some samples from NGE, Madlax and other Anime's Give it a listen even if you dont like hiphop. U might just like it. hahaaa.
  2. Mouse036

    Anime Dating Anime Characters: Would You?

    Hmmm That would be either Rei (Evangelion) or Kirika (Noir). Kirika would be ready to bust somebody up with they ever try to mess with us. It would be nice.. Rei?? I dont know probably just because i like her blue hair and her eyes and she is quiet.. The type i like... Hahaa.. Peace :animeswea
  3. Mouse036

    Anime What is your favorite anime character

    Favorite so far would be Mirielle from NOIR. I love here.. And thats that.. ahaha :animesmil
  4. Mouse036

    Anime Noir

    Yea. well It was kinda slow but didnt matter to me i am patient. I dont really knwo if Noir is a starter kit for New watchers. You definetly gotta hit people strong like i did with my friend. I sayd. Watch "Evangelion" first so it captures them quickly. She now is an Anime freak just like me haha. In my Opinion i loved the Music it was nice. The fighting music is ridiculous just gets me amped. It was very well done, not to much and not to little in the plot. My favorite character is definetly Mirielle she is a star. Haha Thanks for your reply fellaz good to know all yall opinions on Noir.
  5. Mouse036

    Anime What is your fav anime paring?

    My favorite pair is Definetly Mirielle and Kirika from Noir. I mean they are the true Noir. They handle there guns like nobody else haha..Definetly my favorite pair. Oh and Chloe was cool but... Mirielle and Kirika are just stars ;)
  6. Mouse036

    Anime Noir

    What up I just finished watching this series. I bout the box set and it was well worth it. It definetly definetly Knocked .Hack from my second place favorite anime and took its spot. Noir was a master piece in my opinion I loved it. What about yall?:animesmil
  7. My favorite is either Zone of the Ender or .Hack//Sign. Im leaning more toward .Hack because i love Tsukasa, he/she is the man/girl. Haha Yea All the characters were mad cool. But Zone of the ender was very interesting. Although it is being slept on by fans. Some people should give it a try its actually really good. And then there are the many that i think are also amazing like Evangelion GGundam>>> ETC. OH and CHRONO CRUSADE is HOT HOT too.
  8. I am Most like Tsukasa from .Hack, I dont really like to deal with people often. And He has almost the same personality as me. Its pretty wierd when i think about it Haha.. yea :smirk: