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  1. Fannatiku Fest is a Southern Utah Anime convention that will be held March 11-12 2011 at the St. George Holiday Inn! Its our 5th year anniversary, and we'd love to have you join us! Some previous guests we've had are: Jerry Jewel, Aaron Dismuke, Patrick Seitz, and Carrie Savage! Registration is open with some awesome pre-reg discounts! Tell your friends about us, and help us make this year the best that it could possibly be! [url="http://animefannatiku.com"]Fannatiku Fest[/url] Check often for Convention updates, and make sure to join our forums! Registration Prices run as: $20 (full weekend) before Nov. 30th $10 (Fri. Mar. 11th) $15 (Sat. Mar. 12th) $25 (full weekend) before Feb.1st $10 (Fri. Mar. 11th) $15 (Sat. Mar. 12th) $30 (Full weekend) At the Door $15 (Fri. Mar. 11th) $20 (Sat. Mar. 12th) Children 5 and under are free with a paid adult. Children 6-10 are $10 for the whole weekend, or $5 per day. We also offer $5 dealer room passes for those of you who really just want to shop.
  2. This sounds interesting, I'm excited its yours Ober on! Name: Kineas Eric Age: 22 Sex: Female Weapon: 1 Semi-Automatic Rifle, 1 semi-automatic hand gun (yet to be determined), and 1 knife (hidden) Soldier/Psionic: Soldier with undeveloped Psionic potential (if approved by Ober on) Brief Physical Description: She stands at mighty height of 5 even, her skin is pale, and her long dark chocolate hair set with curls. Her vision far from perfect, so a small set of black plastic glasses adorns her face. Her eyes are the type of emerald that had seen better days, but still shown in a dark room. Brief Personality Description: Kind, soft spoken, occasionally shy, but the best friend you could hope for. She has been through alot of tragedy in her life, but strives not to let it show, never telling anyone about her past. Its not that she wont tell anyone... they just have to ask. Reason for Enlisting: Hoping to make a difference in a gloomy world. One distinguishing feature about your character: Rough heart shape scar that sits just under the corner of her left eye. One way in which war has changed/will change your character: The war has created her quiet demenor, and she used to be quite energetic and outgoing.
  3. ?Geni dear.? Ariana?s voice brought Geni back from her spaced out thoughts of the upcoming evening. ?I?m sorry Ariana, it seems I lost myself for a moment.? Geni replied setting down her the tea cup she had been holding. Afternoon tea had been Éclair?s idea, she knew that things were coming down to an end, but she didn?t let that darken the mood. She had been in the brightest of moods since Nathan had finally proposed to her. In the most romantic of ways she could possibly think of. ?I?d know that face anywhere, you were worrying about tomorrow weren?t you?? Éclair asked before taking a sip. ?I believe you know me to well Éclair.? Geni gave a soft smile. ?Like a book I?ve read a million times dear.? Éclair winked. ?So everything is in motion now, and all we need is to make it unfold to our advantage. I assume, we?re all ready.? ?As ready as any of us could be of course.? Nathan replied from a few feet away. Him and Dante were playing an intense game of chess, and Dante didn?t look entirely pleased about it. ?I don?t think that we can assume anything when Jack is concerned.? Dante stated, bringing the mood down again. ?Yes, but you don?t have to be so harbinger about it all.? Éclair replied swiftly. ?Why is it everything I say you have a retort for?? Dante asked angrily turning his gaze to Éclair.? ? I could say the same thing about you Dante.? Éclair didn?t even look at the chess board, but gave simple smile of victory. ?Check mate.? She had telekinetically moved Nathans queen into a winning position. ?I think she has you there Dante.? Rufus replied, he had be sitting on the side simply watching the game. ?The only way we?re going to make it through all of this without any casualties is to be absolutely positive of ourselves, without being over confident.? Éclair stated setting her cup down. ?That?s a foolish way to look at things, you might as well offer yourself to Jack with that Attitude.? Dante was sitting back in his chair with his arms folded across his chest now. His eyes averted away from Éclair. That had been the last conversation about Jack they had that day. Éclair refused to not enjoy there last day before the Queens event.
  4. After Éclair had seen all the guests out, and said her farewells for the evening she found Nathan quietly sitting in the ballroom. He smiled as she entered standing to greet her. The servants hadn't yet come in to begin cleaning yet. "Theres the lady of the night." He replied as she approached, taking both her hands in his. She smiled. "Do you know how hard you are to find in a crowd of people?" "Whatever do you mean? I was everywhere tonight." She looked only slightly confused at his statement. "Everywhere but with me." He added. "I tried to dance with you all night, and never found you for more than a moment." "I am sorry... " She could feel blush touch her cheeks, she had realized that she'd managed to ignore the one closest to her. Nathan placed their hands as if readying for Waltz. Éclair raised an eyebrow, and a smile tugged at the corner of her lips. "I prefer it this way anyway... I'm not much of a crowd person." His eyes were especialy gentle as he spoke. "But theres no-- " Before Éclair could finish her sentence, music began. Nathan asked to musicians to stay a short while longer, and they were kind enough to oblige. "I would wait till the end of the world if I had to." He replied quietly as they began to dance. There movements were slow and graceful. There was no speaking as they danced, there didn't need to be. Nathan had been faithfully at Éclair's side since the loss of Edward, and they had reached a point beyond words. There had been hard times, sad times, happy times, and painful ones, but as far as the both of them could tell... the other wasn't going anywhere. When their dance ended, they did not part, nor did they move as the musicians made their exit. Then after what seemed like an eternity, Nathan spoke. "Eclair... I..." Nathan was fighting to find his words, though he knew exactly what they were, and Éclair's heart jumped in speed. He brought a hand up to cup her cheek in his palm, and took a step closer. "I..." Before either of them even knew what was happening, Nathans brushed Éclair's as he spoke. "...love you." There in the dimness of a faded party, mistletoe hanging about them, they kissed there first kiss. After their lips parted, they still remained close. The both of them smiling. "I've been waiting a long time to here you say that." Éclair replied quietly. "And I want you to know Nathan... that whatever happens at the Queens ball. I love you." Nathan brushed a single fallen tear from Éclair's cheek. "We are both going to live through this, and after that... " Now the moment that not even Éclair Éclair had expected. Nathan bent down to one knee reaching inside his jacket, and pulling out a small glistening ring. "Will you marry me?" "Yes." She answered without a moments hesitation. ******* OOC: There you go folks, theres the fluff that we've been waiting for with these two! Yay! Moving on! Go!
  5. Eclair made sure that her next stop was the home of Ariana and Rufus. She couldn't wait to tell them the good news. Her carriage pulled up, and she practically ran to the front door, knocking enthusiaticaly. The butler opened the dorr, and welcomed Eclair kindly. "They're in the library milady" He stated, before she could ask. "Oh Thank you, I can find my own way. You don't have to worry about me." She walked by cheerfully, it was true of course, she knew precisely where their library was. Ariana and Rufus were actually having a conversation about Eclair, when there was a knock at the door and she suddenly burst into the room. "Afternoon! Its lovely to see that you're both well today." Eclair replied walking over to the two of them. "Oh Eclair, how are you?" Ariana replied surprised at the sudden appreaence. "I am excellent, I couldn't be better. And I come with excellent news." Elcair sat down on a nearby chair. "Good heavens, out with it then." Rufus stated. "Right then, well. Do you remember our lovely conversation with Lady Islands at the dress shop?" "Yes." Ariana replied. "Well it seems she has conections, and our sob story was good enough for her to take a liking to our dear Geni. So, I have invitations for us all to attend the queens ball. They were are from the Queen herself infact." Ariana and Rufus looked shocked. "Thats... amazing." Rufus stated. "I knew getting Geni a new dress was an excellent idea." Ariana smiled. "Thats what I said." OOC: Okay there we are folks.... GO!
  6. The Next day. Éclair had been sitting in her study reading when Ariana had arrived.. She marked her place in the book, and closed it gently setting it aside. ?How nice of you to come visit me Ariana. What is it I can do for you?? Éclair asks kindly as Ariana takes a seat in a near by chair. ?Its no problem Éclair, I wanted to come check up on how you are feeling today. Sir Nathan was awfully concerned about you yesterday when you fainted on Geni?s stairs, and we forced him to bring you home. He does nothing but think of your well being Éclair, you?re very lucky to have him around.? Her voice was sweet. ?Thank you, he is a dear isn?t he?? Éclair replied glancing out the window. ?I am better today than I was yesterday, though a tad weaker than I?d prefer. Thank you for your concern.? ?Well now that the pleasantries are out of the way.? She scooted forward on her chair in what seemed to be excitement. ?I have a excellent idea to make you feel better.? ?Oh do you now? And what might that be Ariana?? Éclair was intrigued. ?Well I figure that your spells have been from all the stress and recent grief in your life, so why not we do something to take your mind off of the depressing? I suggest that we have a dinner party? at my home of course.? Ariana?s face was that of glee. ?That?s a splendid idea, have you spoken to the others about it yet?? Éclair asked pouring a cup of tea for Ariana. ?Yes, truth be told it was Rufus? idea, hes such a sweet man. Though when I was speaking to Geni about it she was concerned on the fact that she has nothing to wear. Then proceeded to remind me on the situation with her dressmaker.? Ariana didn?t have to finish the idea in her mind for Éclair to see it. ?Of course geni need not worry. I shall take her to my dressmaker, Mrs. Greenwood wouldn?t dream of questioning me. My family has been getting dresses made there longer than I have been alive.? ?Very well then its been decided. I shall contact Geni this evening, and the three of us shall go out tomorrow.? Ariana stated, then took a sip of her tea. * * * * * * * * * * * As agreed the three of them, accompanied by Dante, made a visit to Éclair?s dressmaker. Dante waited outside with the carriage, while the three ladies entered the shop, Éclair in the lead followed by Geni then Ariana brining up the rear. Mrs. Greenwood was a short lady, especially in comparison to Éclair, she stood at only 5?0 even. Her hair was an dark chocolate color with silver strands gleaming through for the world to see. She wore small spectacles over her brown eyes, and had the wrinkles of someone who smiled most of their life. She greeted Éclair with a warm smile, and approached her quickly leaving her assistant to continue with the current customer. ?Éclair my dear, how are you? I haven?t had you in since?? She paused a moment to think. ?Oh well its doesn?t matter when the last time I saw you was, the point is that you?re here today. Now my dear what can I do for you?? She gave Geni and Ariana a kind glance. ?My sweet Mrs. Greenwood.? Turns to bring Geni closer. ?I?ve brought you a knew customer. This is Genevieve, it seems that her dressmaker has fallen into the loop of gossip and refuses to make her anything. I told her that you would be more than willing to help her in this situation.? Mrs. Greenwood, gave an almost disgusted look upon hearing of Geni?s dressmaker refusing to make her gowns, but it turned right around into a smile. ?Of course I will make your gowns dear.? She replied giving Geni an slight curtsey, and a wink. ?Any customer that Éclair brings me, I can trust to be worthy. No my dear what is the event?? She pulled Geni gently by the arm toward some fabrics, and over to where should be taking measurements. ?As I said, no questions asked.? Éclair replied to Ariana under her breath. It was not long when one of the other ladies in the shop was attracted to Éclair?s topic of Geni. She approached with a smile. ?Ah Miss Éclair its so nice to see you out and about. I heard from my husband that you were feeling under the weather as of late.? ?Of course Mrs. Islands, its been a while, how are you? Your husband must work with Sir Nathan if he is to know of my health.? Éclair replied with a knowing smile. ?I am well now thank you. It was nothing more than exhaustion from the recent events, nothing more trivial.? ?I?m glad to hear it. Though I must say the curiosity has gotten the best of me.? Mrs. Islands stated. ?And how is that?? Éclair asked. ? The young Miss over there, Genevieve is it? Are those rumors about her and? well you know.? ?You mustn?t believe every bit of gossip you hear Mrs. Islands. Young Miss Genevieve is nothing more than the true manifestation of purity, and to think that she would have done anything to scar that image is absurd. She is nothing more than a victim in London?s need for a story to tell. Besides with young girls mother away from home, I?ve decided to as one would say ?take her under my wing?. You know, give the girl a little guidance. If you?re asking me, the only person London?s people should be talking about is this ridiculous form of human that calls himself ?Jack the Ripper?.? Éclair quickly stated her point and led the conversation away from the topic that was Geni. After a long conversation, Geni was done getting her measurements, and rejoined the group. ?Ah Geni darling this is Mrs. Islands. Her husband works with Sir Nathan.? Éclair replied introducing the two. ?Hello, it?s a pleasure meeting you.? Geni replied nervously. ?I was just talking to Éclair about your incident the other night. When that drunk attacked you. I assume that you are well.? ?Yes Thank You. All is in order now, and I am doing fine.? Éclair and Geni made an order for Genis new gown and the three of them left to join Dante outside. OOC: Go ahead tell me that I'm slower than dominos pizza I don't care. The point is.... tah dah! Here it is! Sorry about that everyone, lifes been a little crazy and this is one of the last things i've been thinkning about!
  7. Eclair noticed that Jeni was off in another world, memories of their past one no doubt, and she kindly waited for her to come back to reality. She did her best to avoid eye contact with Dante, seeing as he hasn't really been pleased with her as of late, of course Eclair couldn't blame the boy. "How is Sir Nathan these days Eclair?" Arianas voice broke whatever chain of thought Eclair had been following and she turned to face her. "I'd ask him myself, but hes been quite busy and to himself lately, that much I can see." "Oh hes been quite busy with the attacks, and with his own regular duties. He spends as much time with me as he can but that is not much these days. Althgouh there has been somthing bothering him these past few weeks, but he won't tell me what it is. Hes very secretive about those sorts of things. Everytime he smiles at me I can see a sort of sadness behind it.Then when I ask him whats the matter, he smiply replies nothing... hes a horrible liar really." Eclair finished as Jeni seemed to finally come back from her visit to another life. A slight smile spread across her face. "Whats that for?" Dante asked, his voice both curious and sweet. "Nothing of importance.... I'll tell you later." "Well since all seems well here, I suppose I shall return to the gentlemen downstairs. Nathans probably in a fit about the killer sending 'items' to the paper." Eclair replied standing and moving towards the door. She turned the door knob and left the room slowly, leaving a smile as she shut gently behind her. She walked down the long hall silently thinking to herself. As she approached the stairs she felt her body weaken, and her mind felt dizzy. She grasped the railing next to her, and slowly sank to the ground, fighting off the feeling of unconsiousness that crept over her. Just as she began to loose her grasp on the railing she heard Nathans voice, though it seemed quite distant. "Eclair!" She could hear him more clearly now as she forced her eyes open. "How long was I..." Eclair asked quitely. "Only a moment, Thank God." Nathan replied quickly. "Does anyone know?" She'd prefer not to focus attention on her if she could avoid it. "No... should I tell them?" He asked. "No its alright, we'll just continue downstairs as though nothing ever happened. We don't need to be worrying about me." There was a frown on Nathans face, as he helped her stand. Then without warning, Eclair passed out, and Nathan pulled her back onto himself to keep her from falling down the long set of stairs. There he sat with Eclair in his lap, and only one thought in his mind. 'Why?' OOC: Woohoo Drama!
  8. "If you do not mind my asking Eclair, do you remember why you came back? Why you accepted this...mission that we were given." Ariana asked shyly, her eyes not quite meeting Eclairs. "I don not mind, and I actually do remember." Eclair replied giving a slight smile as he gaze turned down to her lap where her hands rested. "As far as I can tell I was a high ranked telekinetic and I was the only one willing to come on this mission. Also if my memory severs me correctly, I even broke off an engagement for this mission. I also remember that 'he' wasn't very happy with me about it, and even threatened to take me off the list, but I insisted that I come. The team would have been incomplete without me, and therefore not able to be used to its full potential, so I came." Eclair twisted her gloves in hands as she spoke. "You left someone behind then? Don't you miss them?" Genis soft voice broke into the conversation. "Quite honestly I don't remember him enough to truely miss him. I miss my husband from this time more than I miss the man that feels more like a dream." Eclair stated cooly. "I do not regret a single moment that I have spent here." "Thats very noble of you I believe. Choosing a chance to save somthing rather take your own happiness." Ariana replied, seeming almot distant as she spoke. OOC: Kinda short, but hey its something.
  9. Everyone entered the dining hall and took their seats in thier designated chairs. Eclair began to think about the most recent letter from their friend Jack, being as she couldn't before. "Lady Death" She whispered, simply thinking out loud. "I'm sorry Eclair what did you say?" Nathan asked, hearing her speak. She glanced over at him with a look of displeasure upon her face. "Did I say somthing wrong?" "Lady Death, thats what he called me. Lady Death and her consort Official Calamity. Jack was reffering to you and me." Eclair stated seeming quite unhappy with this title. "It seems out dear Jack has made some kind of sick joke out of giving us all nicknames." Rufus replied, he knew which name was reffering to him. "This is absurd, and disrespectful." Dante stated firmly, he as usual was not in the best of moods. "When has this man ever shown any shred of respect for anyone Dante?" Nathan replied flatly. OOC: Woohoo! Filler und Conversation starter! Sorry it took soo long for so little hope this helps everyone!
  10. Eclair could not believe what she was hearing. Dante had never been able to do that before, and not only was he communicating as a telepath would, but he was directing his anger toward her. [I]"Why did you hide the letter from us? Answer me!"[/I] His voice came again. "Stop that!" Eclair's voice broke the silence. Everyone turned their attention to Eclair. "Eclair whats the matter?" Nathan asked, concern quite clear in his voice. "How are you doing that Dante? You've never been able to do that before." Her voice was more shaken and frustrated than anything. "Eclair what are you talking about?" Ariana came into the conversation. "Dante was speaking to me mind to mind like a telepath. Last I checked he didn't have that ability on his own. Surely one of you must had heard it? Nathan?" She turned her gaze to Nathan, he looked as puzzled as she felt. "I'm sorry Eclair I didn't hear anything coming from Dante." Nathan stated apologeticly. Looking more and more frustrated with the situation Eclair turned back to face Dante. "I told you why, I have no need to explain myself again to you." Her tone had gone cold as she almost glared at Dante. She Dante had his differences with her, but she believed that this was niether the time nor the place to deal with it. She began to speak again when the familiar pain returned, but Ecalir refused to give into it. She felt unsteady for only a moment, but it was long enough for Nathan to notice. "Eclair are you alright?" Rufus asked, clearly he caught the moment as well as Nathan. "I am fine." Her voice shook slightly.
  11. Nathan nodded his head toward an empty chair where Geni had been sitting only minutes ago. Eclair turned her head to glance, then made a sweep of the dance floor. Geni and Dante were no where to be found. "Where do you suppose they went?" Nathan asked quietly. "Its been a long day, and I'm sure dear Geni's nerves are at their end. She most likely retired for the evening. Which is alright, we'll need all the relaxation we can get tonight before we open that letter tomorrow." Eclair replied softly as they continued to dance. After a hand full of dances, Eclair and Nathan joined Ariana and Rufus who were sitting on the side chatting quietly to eachother. "Did you notice Geni leave?" Ariana asked as they approached. "Only just recently, though I'm not sure when they actually left." Eclair stated taking the seat next to Ariana. OOC: Sorry its short filler! :animesigh
  12. Nathan did as he was told and led Eclair in a graceful dance across the floor, not the first time of course that he had done so. And as many time as Eclair told him to enjoyb the rest of the evening, he couldn't help think about Eclair passing out durring the attack. He knew it had nothing to do with what she had told the masses, and it discomforted him greatly. That had never happened at a dire moment before, and his worry for her only increased. "Nathan your thinking an awful lot, and not talking enoug." Eclair replied. With out evening notcing the dance had ended and Nathan had led Eclair to a seat on the side. "I apologize, I was simply--" "You were busy thinking about earlier weren't you? I told you, try to relax. Even Geni and Dante have managed to settle in to the eveing." She stated gesturing over the young pair. They seemed quite pleased with eachothers comapany as Dante led Geni on the dance floor. "Its just that..." His voice faltered and he looked away. Eclair thought that she could see a hint of pink in his cheeks. "What is it?" She asked, pushing for an answer. "Its nothing, I'll tell you later." And with that the two of them joined the dance floor again. OOC: Woohoo filler to keep us up top!
  13. After fooling the masses into submission Eclair was finally able to make her way over the where Geni and Dante were sitting, Nathan at her side of course and Rufus and Ariana close behind them. "Well noting that no one is dead or even injured at that matter, I'd say you all must have faired quite well. I do apologize for not being able to assist you, that truely came out of no where." "There is no need for you to apologize for somthing that you can't prevent." Nathan replied before anyone had a chance to say anything. "However that was a most inopertune moment for it to happen." Dante added no particular tone to his voice as he spoke. There was a short pause before anyone else said anything. "Well I suggest that we continue to keep our guard up, and as we do so attempt to enjoy ourselves." Ariana chimed in cutting the akward silence between the all. "Yes, good idea as always my dear." Rufus replied. He was holding the splintered cane, but it was obvious that it was out of commision. "Eclair why don't you stay here with Geni while I go and get you somthing to drink." Nathan offered. "That would be delightful, thank you Nathan." Eclair replied welcoming the chair. Nathan left in the direction of somthing to drink, but Eclair continued to hear his voice. [I]'Was it the same?'[/I] He asked his concern was obvious. [I]'Yes I'm afraid so.'[/I] Eclair replied. [I]'We'll need to be more careful next time.'[/I] Nathan stated. OOC: Woohoo it seems I've traded places with last years fainter! :animesigh
  14. Nathan and Eclair stood only feet away from where the young couple sat. They all watched as Rufus led as graceful a dance as possible with his permanently damaged leg. A small smile came to Nathan's lips as he watched the happy couple. "What are you smiling at so widely?" Eclair asked glancing at Nathan. "You can tell you know." Nathan replied almost to himself. "Tell what?" Eclair looked puzzled for only a moment. "You can tell there's a love between them stronger than anything." Nathan stated warmly. "You're being awfly sentimental this evening Nathan." Eclair smiled. "Do you remember the first time we danced?" Nathan asked quietly. "As a matter of fact I do. I remeber it was at a ball quite the same as this one. Almack's my very first I believe, Vincent required you to dance with me, because you didn't want to dance with anyone. But somthing tells me thats not true." Eclair replied jokingly. Nathan turned to glance at Dante and Geni. "Dante, hows your hand?" He asked. "Theres a little pain, but deffinately worth it. Probably not as much pain as the oafs going to feel when he wakes up however." Dante gave a small smirk, but it couldn't hide the fact that he was still outraged. Rufus and Ariana returned to the side where their friends awaited, Nathan handing him his cane. "Thank you Nathan." "Anytime Rufus."
  15. "Can you believe the nerve of that man, you can't even call him a man, he's more like a jackal than anything." Eclair could barely contain her frustration with the incident. Nathan had to speak up to calm her down. "We'll just thank Dante for stepping in with a right hook, I can't imagine what the crowds reaction would have been if you had done the same." Nathan replied cheerfuly. "I would have to if it had gone any farther." Eclair declared, though they all knew that Eclair would never dreaming of striking some one with her own fist let alone in public. "You don't have to preach heroics to me Eclair." Nathan stated smiling. "I must say Dante that was an impressive blow." Rufus joined into the conversation.
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