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  1. Dante powers go *insert trademark used-too-often sproing! sound effect here* You know have a very big remote control for my TV that can do anything. however, the remote turns into a dragon and eats you! for you were trespassing in the sacred realm of the DM. I wish that I could become the most intelligent being in the multiverse.
  2. Dante powers go! *Sproing!* You now have a brisk tea. Lucky you. HOWEVER, just before you Drink it, The trix rabbit braks through your window and steals it from you. I wish that I could play quad guitar.
  3. ANd so the evil genius worked at creating the ultimate weapon. Little did he know that you can't really order "bild your own super-ultimate-giant-mecha-robot-weapon" kits off of Ebay...
  4. Dante powers of PWNage go! *sproing* Congradulations, Strongbad has chosen you to be his stunt double in Dangeresque one: dangeresque too? however, he changed the script around so you get thrown off of the bub's concession stand-scraper by KIllingyouguy. And unfortunately Perducchi Ate the landing mat! I wish StInkoman would answer a SBEmail every now and again.
  5. Dante powers go! *Sproing* Congradulations, you can no longer age or die. However, being only fifteen years of age, you are forever denied the benefits of age (wisdom). you stay forever ignorant, brash and awkward, just like most other 15 year ols, untill the end of time. [I]really[/I] sucks to be you. I wish Strong bad would answer my Email.
  6. And lo, the ever-ignorant rap fan was bested in a match of words with the non-conformist but intelligent Punk rocker. What else would a rap fan do but resort to violence afterwards? All I could think of.
  7. I've found myelf listening to more and more "classic" rock and metal bands. Examples would be Status Quo, Iron maiden, Nitro, Motorhead and black sabbath. I find that songs from bands like this often have really clever instrumental parts, possibly due to teh lacking of sound technology at time of recording.
  8. [B]One day he woke up in a pool of rancid cat piss, [/B] and thought why?
  9. My perfect day eh? I guess it'd either be what I do every day that I'm not at college or Working, which is sit in my room and play Final fantasy/guitar hero. Or playing guitar all day.
  10. Oh, I don't know. You could always try getting on with, and focusing on your studies?
  11. I think my favorite song line would have to be "People think I'm insane because I am frowning all the time" - from Paranoid by Black Sabbath. I don't know why, but this line really strikes a chord with me.
  12. [B]"Life is ours, we live it our way"[/B] - to me this quote serves as a reminder that Life is mone to live, I should decide how to live it, and not let myself be dictated to by some pompous fool claiming to be serving a 'higher power' or 'greater good'. Live by your own ethical code (within the laws of civilised society) not by a code enforced upon you by someone else. [B]"I mustn't run away."[/B] Just about everyone on the boards should know this one - it's a bit cliche, but it's message about always confronting problems, rather than running from them is a s ound one.
  13. [QUOTE=Shadow Blade][SIZE=1][COLOR=SlateGray] Yeah, I read and look at peoples signitures, sometimes. I do tend to favor banners and funny ones. To be quite honest I don't take the time to read the ones with long poetry or song lyrics or ones making statements. As for the banner that I think is most interesting is probably [b]Gavin's Banner[/b]. Good work with the pic, defiantly nifty. As for the interesting signiture I think Lord Dante has an interesting sig.[/COLOR][/SIZE] [SIZE=1][COLOR=SlateGray] I have no idea what the asian characters say, but nice touch. As for the most important rule = True. Your Percentiles are interesting as well.[/COLOR][/SIZE][/QUOTE] Oh wow. I never knew anyone paid any attention to my signature. Is nice to know that people find it interesting. And I'm glad you can see the truth in the rule, shadow blade.
  14. Dante POwers go! Trogdor the BURNiNATOR now exists, Beffy arm n'all. Unfortunately for you, you live in peasentry, and He BURNINATes your thatched roof cottage. I wish that I could type with boxing gloves on.
  15. HIGH DEFINITION dante powers go! *SPROING* your teeth now stop hurting. Unfortunately, your nerve neds have rotted through, and so you can no longer feel anything with your mouth. Sucks to be you I wish I could get Ye Flask.
  16. HIGH DEFINITION dante powers go! *Sproing!* you now have no history homework. However, next year you are commanded to write a thesis on the subject that you would've had homework on under penalty of death. you fail to complete the thesis, and die. poor you. I wish that I could take part in this years Gloustershire annual cheese roll.
  17. *SPROING!!* you are now a video game designer, working on many high-profile next-gen games. HOWEVER. you suck at designing games, the games you churn out end up being worse than unlimited saga. a huge mob of console fanboys charge your place of work and capture you. They torture you for days before finally burning you alive. I wish that I was as talented as I claim to be.
  18. guy: and so, I demonstrate to you my mastery of the force. I can manipulate ther lightsaber without having to do any of Luke's *****-*** Straining. *lightsaber falls* Clang! guy: Awwwww....... nerts.
  19. Lord dante demon powers GO! you have now met metallica. HOWEVER, it was just some fat texan guy who's nickname was metallica, and not the Classic thrash metal band. oh noes! I wish that I could Comprehend, speak and write Every language that has ever existed.
  20. BOOM: the song has been taken out of your head. Unfortunately, the song decided to take your brain with it. your last living image is of your brain floating before you, eloping with the kyle minogue song. I wish i could Shread like Michaelangelo (y'know the only guitarist to ever play a quad guitar)
  21. OK you are out of school and have a drink. HOWEVER. I have poisoned the drink, and you keel over dead. The whole world rejoices at your death as you didn't pay attention to the rules of this game. I wish that someone would Hit tony blair in the face with a shovel.
  22. Yuske: See? i [I]told[/I] you you could score more than 3,333,360 points in pacman!! others: *stunned/awed silence*
  23. [B]krakakow![/B] so you now have a can of Dr pepper, however it is toe only can in existance to have a dot after Dr (dr.), the FBI drive a car through the front of your house, running over your computer, and take the can away to study it in the name of science. ok.... I wish I had a copy of Super robot wars MX.
  24. *kzak!* bag of chips for shadow blade. However, you are dismayed to learn that tehy are sillicon microproscessor chips, and eating them causes you to die of radiation poisoning. I wish chuck norris would [I]die[/I]
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