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  1. DarkShippo

    Weird Dreams

    My weird dream is kinda of freaking me out. Ok It starts me running what seems like on a rather large map of the U.S. ((you know the ones where all the states are diffrent colors)) well i'm chasing some one it looks like a guy but it's all black and...figurery. Then i'm in a white padded room i look around and i'm all and tears start running down my cheeks then i kinda like slam my hand aganst one of the walls but it wasn't a wall any more but a huge rose and my plam has a rather large thorn though it my tears stop and the blood starts flowing down my arm and dripping on the floor then the blood on the floor turns into this rainbowishy spiral but it keeps on changing colors then it dissapears and i'm in a hall way staring at a with my hand over a black bar thingy with white words i take my hand off and there is a bloody hand print on the sign partly covering the word -ve i see a huge hole in my hand and i start to feel the pain the some ones hand on my shoulder then my goddamn alarm goes off it may not seem weird to you but it's weird to me and kinda freakin' me out
  2. DarkShippo

    How straight are you?

    [QUOTE=AzureWolf][COLOR=blue]So, do people here think sexual preference is discrete, or is there a spectrum (was it Freud who said that)? What I mean is, do you think when one person likes girls, that person only likes girls, or just likes boys significantly less. And then there are bisexuals, who would be in the middle of the spectrum, liking both genders equally. Do you get what I'm asking? O_o Just putting in more things to discuss, heh.[/COLOR][/QUOTE] I belive that bisexual is Defined as being attracted to both sexes.
  3. DarkShippo

    Are any out there any more???

    I belive goth is origanlly a religion in rome or somthing awhile ago. I'm not really sure though
  4. DarkShippo

    Do you judge someone by looks?

    I don't like Judgeing people before i know them i know nothing of them so i shouldn't say anything about them. It's rather hard because i'm constatly wondering, " what is that persons life like? who are they?" -_- stuff like that. The reason i really dislike juding people before i know them is me many people say i'm a drug addict a hippie because of my hair and i have sleeping problems the only nickname i have that i like is jesus...don't ask. I have had people hate before they know me then they get to know me and don't hate me. 16 people on the internet want to got out with me because "i'm the nicest person they have ever met and talked to" but they wouldn't even know me if they dod live near me becuase i'm "ugly"...i hate people -_-
  5. DarkShippo

    Discuss POLL: What type of RPGs appeal to you?

    Hmm i my self love Fantasy i find it as an escape from the real world or kind of like a book that every one is writing...but thats just me ^^
  6. DarkShippo

    What are you 'addicted' to?

    [SIZE=1]My addiction...i would have to say currently an online forum called Gaia online I love that site ^_^ But...sadly it's being over run by horny,stupid,greedy noobs -.- it's sad really [/SIZE]