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  1. Jin

    Is This Right? (Language Question)

    [COLOR=Navy][B]You are sort of right, I think there is just saying kawaii is just plain easier to say.[/B][/COLOR]
  2. Jin

    Gaming Wii

    [COLOR=Navy][B]I use to hate Nintendo fanboys/girls but I still in some ways, I have lost some of that hatefuliness because NIntendo absolutly sucked at E3. But there was only one reason Nintendo didn't suck, the new gameboy. The Revolution doesn't even have a controller yet, I piety you guys, for having a so far behind company in the gaming next-gen consoles.[/B][/COLOR]
  3. [quote name='Dagger']Jin would make a much more suitable opponent for Kenshin, in my opinion. Their fighting styles would mesh more smoothly--and besides, (major spoilers for the end of Samurai Champloo follow, so proceed with caution)[/quote] [B][COLOR=Navy]Best for Kenshin would be any of the guys from Peacemaker or Kyo.[/COLOR][/B] [quote name='Dagger]][spoiler']Mugen indirectly implies that he has realized he cannot defeat Jin.[/spoiler][/quote] [B][COLOR=Navy]I don't recall ever hearing that. Maybe an assumption by yourself, though its a good inference.[/COLOR][/B] [QUOTE=Dagger]As for Spike vs. Vash--well, I believe that Grave (from Gungrave) could beat both of them and still make it home in time for dinner. Actually, I think Spike vs. Brandon (Grave's human form--don't worry, that's not a spoiler) and Vash vs. Grave might work out pretty nicely. Especially since both Vash and Grave come from Yasuhiro Nightow anime. ~Dagger~[/QUOTE] [COLOR=Navy][B]For Vash how about Alucard, bnoth immortal equal fight. Grave wouldn't be able to finish off Vash or Alucard that quick. And Spike versus Grave wouldn't be a fair fight but Brandon against Spike would. My versus by keeping it equal I would pick Kenshiro from New Fist of the North Star against Onizuka.It might be a little unfair, a little.[/B][/COLOR]
  4. Jin

    Anime Samurai Deeper Kyo

    I have been able to see about three episodes, it looks interesting but I am a Samurai anime fanctic and this isn't really a good Samuai anime the whole plot doesn't really make any sense. I would suggest seeing Champloo, Kenshin, Peacemaker or Samurai X.
  5. Jin

    Anime Who is the best fighter on Yu Yu Hakusho

    Kuruma fanboys and fangirls. Yusuke is the strongest due to teh act that he is the main character and such. Jin, Raizen and Sensui could be the other strongest becasue of th power dwelling in them. There is a Yu Yu Hakusho thread below, you should use that. reported.
  6. Jin

    Gaming Phantom Dust

    I had beated this game a week after it came up. I still play it, that's the catch. I don't have Live becasue I am to lazy to get it and all of that otehr stuff. I still play lan paties and such with friends and stuff and gambling. I have some sick arensals, I will post tem up. Everyone get this game, its $20!
  7. [B][CENTER][COLOR=Navy]I have seen all 26 episodes of this great show. One of the best dubs I have seen ever, yep I said it ever. The action is great and the samurai action truly lives up to the hype everyone gave this show. Mugen's voice is Spikes just to let you guys know. I like Jin and Mugen, I like Jin a little more becasue he fights with style, if he wants to kill someone he kills that someone in a stylish way, not like Mugen who goes all-out and jsut wants the victim dead, which is still damn cool though. Everyone should give Shichiro Wantanbee a clap in your posts. I don't want to forget this but there is going to be a second season of Samuai Champloo, your tastes will be feed. :animesigh [/COLOR][/CENTER][/B]
  8. Jin

    Anime Movies--to--Anime

    [CENTER][COLOR=Navy]There are a few setbacks from going from a live-action movie to an anime, first the movie can't really be non-Japanese or else it would be a cartoon and not an anime, which are different things. Also you have the fanbase issue, do you wanna get new fans and lose some old fans or direct your anime to the hardcore fans of the live-action movie. Jackass would be a horrible anime, and the human characters of Jackass would kill themselves instead of going to be an animated character, there career's could go down the drain, but there career's are almost already down the drain. [/COLOR][/CENTER]