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  1. Name:Azrael Age:689 Gender:Male Description:Pale with raven black hair and cold red eyes. He wears black jeans and muscle shirt with a leatherjacket. He has sunglasses that he wear mostof the time and black boots. He is 6ft and very handsome Organization:(none) Race: pureblooded vampyre Death: (Only applies to GHOST members. As GHOST only recruits those who are presumed dead, you must explain just when, where, and why you were presumed dead. Here's where you show off your writing ability.) Reassignment: (Hellsing members only. Hellsing only sent over their best into Sicily; show
  2. Name: Kiyoshi Age: 21 Gender: male Apperance: He wears black jeans and a black sleevless shirt with a black leather trenchcoat. He is 5'7" with black short hair and green eyes he is athletic and handsome. Personality: He is kind and nice helping people who havn't gotten on his bad side. Gang: The Obsidian Serpents Skills: Assassination, lock pick, stealth Weapon(s): two short katanas and a 9mm custom handgun(if this is in modern times) Bio: He never reveals much of his past people just know not to ask or you get on his bad side. He had wandered into the city a few years ago co
  3. Name: Alex Oakly Age:27 Sex:Male Occupation: Detective Appearance:Black hair up to his shoulder with dark green eyes. He is 6'4" 157lbs with an athletic build. He wears a black trench coat with black pants and a white collar shirt with a black under shirt. He has a scar aboce his righ eyebrow Back History: He was raised in a ruff neighborhood and learned to fight when he was young. He has always been a bright kid and a smooth talker getting out of fights when he could. He decided to bcome an officer when he was 10 and began to practice his shot. Now a crack shot he finaly joined the
  4. "But then who would rescue the grand muscian." He smiled though she could not see it. He thought she was brave so he would do his best to distract the gaurds when the time came. "I am sure the citezens will guard the apprentice when the time comes if we tell them what will happen if he doesn't play." Kiyoshi rubbed his forhead thinking about when they would have to rescue the grand musician. "To rescue your sister is no easy task they will have her in the highest security prison and we will have to go through my land as soon as we rescue the apprentice they will posts guards incase we go
  5. "If you all could destract the guards i could get the apprentice useing my special technique." Kiyosho saw they had to do this or this land would die along with the mundains. He stood up and grabbed his staff and cloak. "I must keep this cloak on I am wanted by my people." he put it on takeing care to cover his face with it. "When do you plan to execute this attack anway." he hoped soon this land held many secrets and he didn't want it to die before he could learn them. "If you want I could escort you anywhere as a body guard. I am not sure how good you are at fighting but I could help."
  6. "Yes I know them too and our chances are lower." Kiyoshi looked serious. "I also know it is better for these people to try than be slaves." He walked up the merc grebcosen and looked her in the eye. "Why are you here besides the money you know as well as I people in the rebellion will most likely die." he said in a low vioce so the pthers wouldn't hear. He was trained very well but they would need more than birds and two grebcosens to win. He looked at Suzun "Do you have a pan." he hoped she did. "Also how well can your people fight close up I am not sure what your music is capable of and I ne
  7. OOC:OK I will aura IC:Kiyoshi took off the cloak and folded it putting it on the table. He closed his eyes and listened to the music. "I love the music here in mundain it is why I am helping you all." He had a slight acsent on his voice (chinese one). "That is interesting what you can do can all mundains make such effects with their music." He walked up to the girl with bells on her feet. "Could you really be able to summon a Roc or phoinex." He was finding out new and interesting things about this country and was enjoying it all. "I had always thought only the grand musician could
  8. Kiyoshi got up and walked to Suzun he decieded to tell her. He went up to her coughed incase she didn't notice himand went close to her ear. "Just letting you know I am a grebcosen and I am here to help." he whispered so only she could hear. He stepped back and hoped she didn't attack him.
  9. Kiyoshi found as seay near the back of the room. Another grebcosen was there he was wondering why. His staff was against the wall where he could reach it fast. Apparently the grebcosen was a merc Kiyoshi never liked them selling their alligences for money. You just couldn't trust them if the other person had more money they would batray you in a heartbeat.
  10. Kiyoshi was wearing a cloak to cover him he was a Grebcosen. He was on the mundains side though but if they knew he was a grebcosen they would most likely attack him on the spot. He got up and started to walk into the room the girl had said to go to. He hoped they would listen to him when the time came for him to reveal who he was.
  11. OOC:you must be in the wrong rpg
  12. "Last time I was here was when these two where born" He said and pointed to Shoui and Miron. "Anyway Inuyasha Scroll is my friend and together we could take you on." He smiled and then turned into inuyasha except he made it look all stupid and weak.
  13. Kiyoshi arrived at the field he went and sat down placeing a barrier around him before he fell asleep. When he woke he saw all the others there. "Shoui Miron hello you probaly don't remeber me the last time I saw you was when you where born." He walked over to them and rubbed their heads. He walked over to scroll and smiled. "It has been awhile I saw you before i left dream land the last time."
  14. Your char would have to be older than that to be around when the band of seven where terroizing the country. They where killed along time ago you would have to be 50 or so
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