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    korean dramas

    [QUOTE=Hevn][COLOR=#DC9B99][SIZE=1] On [B]Rain [/B]from [B]Full House[/B]: The first time I saw him I thought he's ugly. When I watched the series, I just want to pinch his cheeks. He's too cute. lol[/B].[/SIZE][/COLOR][/QUOTE] ha ha i know at first i was like who is this with song hye-kyo comeone. but at the end i hecka fell in love with him now. don't you jsut love it when he says "as long as it takes the oceans to dry up i'd still love you, even if my soul were to burn to ashes i would still love love you" ahhhhhhhhhhhhh*fangirl scream*
  2. mary no jutsu

    korean dramas

    if anyone wants to find korean movies or dramas go here: [url]http://hancinema.net/[/url]
  3. mary no jutsu

    korean dramas

    wow i'm happy to find people taht watch k-dramas. i saw like one episode of roof top room cats. but it was like 15 i was just watching it cuase the guy from my little bride was in it. haha i think. hmm i ahve nothing else to say so i'll post pics [IMG]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v320/whoa_momma_no_jutsu/avatars%20and%20sigs/ws1.jpg[/IMG] oh my gosh when they first met [IMG]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v320/whoa_momma_no_jutsu/avatars%20and%20sigs/rain.gif[/IMG] hahah its rain aww so cute i would have more but its not working
  4. mary no jutsu

    Manga Bleach Manga [Warning: Spoilers]

    wow i should have looked instead of making another thread srry... well anyways i love bleach among all the animes and mangas i'm currently into i think its my favouite. the art is so unique and the characters all seem to ahve a life of their own. when it wants to be funny its funny. the story is getting so deep now with all these twists. ummmm how do i put the black thing that covers the spoilers? I love how everyone's soul cutter is so unique. and how everyones story all comes together i love it well anyways i love renji he is so kool. renji forever GO 6TH DIVISION (wow i said love alot in this post)
  5. mary no jutsu

    Ghost stories

    yeah the philipines has so many ghost stories i have so many of them that i got from my cousins. heres one. well there were these kids playing in the ricefields one day. it was pretty foggy there parents said not to wander far off. but being the kids they are they wandered off they got lost in the fog. so while they were walking around to find ther house they saw this guy he was really tall and they were really small and the fog kinda covered alot of him. he was dressed in a priests cloths so the asked him oh can you help us find our way back. he held our both of his hands and they took it. so he took them back to their house and when they turned around to thank him the fog wasn't as thick where they were and when they looked u he didn't ahve a head. i'm not really sure if thats true but my cousins told me this.
  6. mary no jutsu

    the worst/funniest pickup lines

    well post the funiest pickuplines youve ever heard. did you just fart cause you just blew me away are those space pants your wearing cause that *** is out of this world. and one for the band geeks: i'm a fermata hold me
  7. mary no jutsu

    What's in your CD Case?

    i usually just borrow cds and rip them on my compupter so i don't ahve alot of cds. winter sonata ost cream of clapton thats it but ive borrowed alot of cds though
  8. mary no jutsu

    Anime Love Hina

    i read the manga and watched the anime. i overall liked the manga so much more. the anime was so weird. kentaro pissed me off. the anime would have been so much better if they followed the manga more. or at least make it longer. GO MUTSUMI
  9. mary no jutsu

    Manga bleach

    does anyone here read bleach online.
  10. mary no jutsu

    Ghost stories

    oh i'm sorry if i offended you in anyway. its just how the story was told to me sorry if i offended you.
  11. mary no jutsu

    korean dramas

    oh my gosh this is so kool to find someone besides my family who loves k-dramas. oh my gosh i love winter sonata among all the dramas ive watched out of all of them all i can say is that it is hypnotizing among everything ive watched i love it so much. i ahve the polaris neckalace. lol.and me and my aunts and my cousins that watch winter sonata we made a club called pilaris. cause my grandma (their mom) is called pilar and my aunts are all sisters so yeah ther called pilaris. lol pretty funny. my uncles say were so crazy and that we sound like school girls when we talk about kang joon sang. hahaha i like full house and lovers in paris as well lee dong geun is so hot so is rain. have you ever heard him sing hes so good. i read on hancinema.net that hes gonna make an album in the U.S. oh gosh i'm so buying that. i really want to watch all of the stuff in endless love thingamajig. ive only watched wintersonata and some of autumn in my heart.i'm almost done with autumn in my heart. oh man i was watching episode 14 earlier i had to stop cause i was crying so hard. :animecry: my eyes hurt. lol my aunt jsut recently bought summer aroma can't wait to watch it. ive been wanting to watch stairway to heaven for a long time. it pisses me off. oh and metoer garden is from taiwan. i jsut finishsed watching it 2 days ago. i need to watch meteor garden II. i need to get that neckalace to. DAU MIN SZUXSHAN TSAI F4EVER oh and white blaze i'm not really sure if blockbuster has any k-dramas they'll probably have my wife is a gangster though. and they stopped showing hotelier on the AZN channel. ther showing this new drama but i think its gonna end soon so i'll keep you updated on how to find k-dramas cause you know i ahve to spread the love. and your best bet to find them is one ebay. ther pretty cheap there. if you ever think of buying them off ebay make sure you start by buying my sassy girl.
  12. mary no jutsu

    Ghost stories

    once i was going over to my friends house for some lunch. it was my frist time going to her house so she gave me directions and i went well i was shocked to find that her house was extremely close to a cemetary. but i didnt let it show that i was bothered by it. well it got really dark and rainy really fast i started getting this weird feeling that something bad was going to happen. well i tried to ignore it and it really worked. that is until lunchtime came. so my friends mom cooked everyone hot dogs. that weird feeling returned and i got really spooked but i never knew that what i was about to do next would shock me so. i took a bite of my hot dog and i realized something wasn't right. i couldn't put my finger onit. so i looked down and when i looked i was shocked to find that the hotdog had cheese in it...... lol my cousin told me that story and i was got hecka scared. i was so mad when i found out the end of that story. now this story is true... well i was in the philipines visiting my cousins and whatnot there was this party downstairs i really didn't want to be apart of it so i went upstairs to my room to read. well while i was reading i had this really weird feeling to look up so when i looked there was this image of a girl in the mirror i was so scared i ran downstairs. i told them my story and they didn't believe me. well a few hours later me and my cousins went up to our room to sleep but then my cousin scream we asked what was wrong and then she told us that she saw a girl in the mirror..... that story is true not many people believe that story....
  13. mary no jutsu

    Manga Hot Gimmick

    hot gimmick is the story about a kind hearted girl named hatsumi. she goes to get her younger sister a pregnancy test and almost makes it but when she bumps into her old childhood bully ryoki. she will do anything so that this scandal will not break out into the apartment complex she works in. so ryoki tells her to be her slave reluctantly she obeys but before anything happens she is saved by her childhood friend azusa. she begins to like him and it seems he likes her back but..... well this is a short summary of what happens in the first volume of hot gimmick. there are 8 volumes currently out. this extremel addictive series will draw you in and it will all be worth your time.anyone ever read this manga if there is alread a thread like this then i'm srry.
  14. mary no jutsu

    Manga Ai Yori Aoshi!

    well i thought the series was pretty heartwarming and sweet. sure aoi was kinda stalker like, and the whole naked scenes scared me but the series was all good to me.
  15. hmmm so many anime worlds to choose from.... well first off i'd like to be transported to the world of bleach so i could have a chance with renji hhahahha. lol. and plus it would be so kool to be a shinigami. it would be cool if i was in the naruto world cause then i could use kage bunshin no jutsu so i could make my clones do all my chores. then i would use my medi jutsus to heal myself whenever i want to. and i would also want to ahve super human strength.