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    I LOVE Trigun
  1. ChibiVashKitty

    Weird last names, do you have one?

    I like some of your last names people my last name is soo boring Kozak what do you guys think? I know some last names get made fun of sometimes but i would just don't listen to the person that said that :animeangr those people can get so annoying. I have a friend with a weird/cool last name and people would sometimes make fun her last name
  2. ChibiVashKitty

    Anime Trigun + Cowboy Bebop = GUNxSWORD

    Hey I was wondering, is this a real show? If so, where can i check it out. I'm sorry but it seems sort of like a fan fic to me :confused: Maybe you can show me a picture of this show or something
  3. ChibiVashKitty

    Anime what if ......

    Ummmm, i don't think you noticed but if Knives wasn't the bad guy and didn't kill any body there would be no story to go along with.There would be no Trigun, I'm sorry but i don't you thought about that before typed that. :animeangr Knives is ment to be evil and if he didn't kill people than the project seeds ship would still be looking for a planet, Rem would be alive, there would be no gung ho guns, no legato, no angel arms, and Vash wouldn't lose an arm. :animestun alot of things would happen,but there would still be no Trigun story line. It would be cute to see Inuyasha, koga, and Sessy working together.A little bit of tag team *giggles thinking about it* :p . I would feel bad for Kagome if she had to marry Naraku, hes kinda creepy.
  4. ChibiVashKitty

    Anime Fullmetal Alchemist

    [quote name='hidaboy']sorry folks' never heard of it. :animeswea[/quote] You should see it. It's on cartoon network , if your an anime fan you will love it. :catgirl: ~ChibiVashKitty
  5. ChibiVashKitty

    Anime Fullmetal Alchemist

    I love FMA it has a great story line and great character disigns. I was crying during episode 7. FMA is one of the best anime shows out there. You get attached to the characters and hope that they make it through whatever they are in. The characters have great personalitys like Ed whenever you call him short he'll freak out *giggles just thinking about it* :D. This is kind of random but on the show X-play (on G4) they were talking about the 2nd FMA game and were making fun of Al. They were kind of mean about it too. They gave it a 2 out of 5 those meanies :animeangr ~ChibiVashKitty
  6. ChibiVashKitty

    Anime What is your favorite anime character

    I would have to say my favorite anime and or manga character is Vash The Stampede. I like that he can be goofy at times than be so seirous just like that. :catgirl: Plus hes sooo cute *hugs plushie of Vash* and he has an awesome kick butt brother. :D Hes so funny and i love characters that have a sense of humor and he crys all the time i only saw a few anime and manga charaters cry like him. My second favorite would have to be Legato from Trigun. Hes so cool, he has that awesome blue hair, golden eyes, and he say the best quotes in the whole show. He so scary sometimes hey he even freaked Vash out. Thats about it I was wonder how do you get icons in this forum