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  1. Zeekan

    Art [OBGT] Zeekan vs. Kitty

    Very sorryh, my apologies, i forgot about this contest and I haven't really visited this site much since signing for it. :( Here's my submission ofr it if it isn't too late.
  2. Zeekan

    Things that go BUMP in the Night

    [size=1]When I'd go to the loo at night, I'd run as fast as I could to get into bed before it stopped flushing, I thought that a whirlpool of water was coming after me to suck me in should I fail to reach my bed before the flushing stopped. Logic failed me when I was 6, i never thought about why the whirlpool water-thingy would stop chasing me just because I managed to get in, and wrap myself up in, blankets. [/size]
  3. Zeekan

    Cruel Robbers Take Items From Cemetery

    [size=1]I've always had this notion that people who rob things from graves will be haunted by them. I mean, who isn't going to think about the dead guy they just robbed that beautiful wreath from whenever they look at it? [/size]
  4. Zeekan

    Google Earth...

    Google Earth is pretty cool, I tried it out by zooming in on ymy hometown and then New York, seeing from how high above you can see the Ground Zero was something. Google Earth is addictive viewing and I'd have visited alot more places if it weren't for me having to watch our bandwith usage...
  5. Zeekan

    Request Green Day Banner/Ava

    Not sure of you're still after this banner/avi set, but I figured I'd need to brush off my skillz for the graphics tornament anyways....
  6. Zeekan

    Two Teens Hanged.

    OA, you say that no-one should be put to death just because they're homosexual, but your first quote says that they should be. Isn't that a little contradictory? And besides, the Bible also says that women should cover up in churches and people should not wear cloth made of two fabric. 2 ideals that I don't see practised at the churches I have visited. My question is this, how can followers of God strictly adhere to one rule and barely folow some of the others?
  7. Zeekan

    Futurama to Return?

    Sweet, Futurama is one of my favorite shows, it's always sharp-witted and [insert what has already been said that was good in this thread here] If they did bring it back, that'd be mint. It's such a shame a great show like Futurama got canned even when it was topping the Simpsons, I'm a huge simpsons fan, I have seen only the episodes after where everyone said it's declined but I think they're great so at least Simpsons is still on air. Even if they didn't bring it back like Family Guy it'd be great to see the Direct-to-DVD movie, and, as #3 said, see what they're capable of with a longer running time.
  8. Zeekan

    Two Teens Hanged.

    [size=1]Well said, Sage. I've always found it difficult to swallow the "It's a choice to be gay" line when there are gays being bullied, persecuted and killed because they happen to love someone of the same gender. I don't believe it's a choice at all, It's the way you are born and, why should you die for that? I don't see how a loving God could place people on this earth, give them an affection for the same gender and then burn them in eternal hell for it. I believe in God, just not the big bully on a throne pointing the figner God.[/size]
  9. Zeekan

    Favorite Band and Why

    [size=1]Favorite band: Green Day. I like Green Day because their songs are just so catchy, wehter it's Minority, Closing Time or American idiot, it's all good stuff. I bought American Idiot the other day, and I'm veyr inpressed, it's got some real wicked songs on it, like Letterbomb, Holiday and St. Jimmy. Very catchy, great sounding songs. I'm forming a band with some of my mates, and Green Day are a big influence on our direction. [/size]
  10. Zeekan

    Art Official OtakuBoards Graphics Tournament

    [size=1]Count me in, this sounds neat. [b]I wish to join the OBGT.[/b][/size]
  11. Zeekan

    Gaming Game Controversy

    I went down to my local games outlet today to buy GTA SanAndreas, and they wouldn't let me get this game because I'm only 13, yet, only last year, I was able to buy both GTA3 and Vice City no sweat, at 12! The same outlet that let me buy the game is now restricting me buying the latest one because of some "Hot Coffee" thingy. I don't know and don't care what Hot Coffee is but coudl that possibly be as bad as killing thousands of people? Beside the point though, my point is I reckon they should bring in a maturity test or something other than age to determine a gamers' ability to handle mature games. I have not been enticed to go on a shooting spree just because I shot up some mall as Tommy Vercetti, i haven't been ispired to act like a maniac and take off with somebody's Ferrari. And yet, the game is only sold to those over 18, and it is not a very good measure of maturity. The two dudes who shot up Columbine were over 18. My point being there are some idiots in all age brackets the same as there are mature people in all age brackets as well. The age rating is flawed and I wouldn't mind sitting some kind of maturity test to gain a kind of "certified mature" rating to allow me to buy these cool games, because I'm not a twit just because I happen to be younger. Edit: My thread was merged, now I know what "Hot Coffee" Is, I still don't have any intention of utilising it. ;)
  12. My full name is Andrew Zeekan, Zeekan is a funny last name eh? Especially when my first name is so common, aye. Still, it makes for a unique forum name, and is quite cool. Mos of my friends at school hame names like Brown or Smith, McAllister or some other name that I've heard a bajillion times. Anyone else on Otaku have a wierd last name? and if so, what do you think about it, is it cool to have a unique last name?
  13. Zeekan

    Christian ... or Not?

    [quote name='Sage']Like the parts where it tells you to stone your wife if she cheats, while in the other parts it tells you not to kill? Very solid, indeed...[/quote] Old Testament.....New Testament, as far as I can see, the difference is Jesus. The Judaic religion required eye for eye, and corporal punishments for sin, they also demanded animal sacrifices, but then Jesus came along, claimed to be the son of god and did away with the sacrificial system for sin by being the sacrifice himself. He also did away with the need to stone a cheating wife, blatantly condemning it in one instance. Jesus was sinless, for the christian religion, and therefore he was the only one who could stone someone without being a hypocrite. This is where the whole debasement of stoning cheating wifes coems from, the fact that none of us would be worhty to do so anyway. As a plus, you get the whole "Love thy neighbour" thing which is pretty nifty, I don't know what the crusaders were smoking.
  14. Zeekan

    Wanna Cyber [opinion]

    Cyber is cheating, If It's sexual contact with soemone else other than your girlfriend/boyfriend that is. I can understand couples who have been seperated by some travelling plan facilitating it's use for sure. As a hobby, well, I'd rather get some porn, get off and be done with it. Cyber requires you to type and be creative at the same time. :p
  15. Zeekan

    Christian ... or Not?

    Well, whackjobs like Hitler and Stalin use religion to justify their evil intentions, could Hitler be truly Christian? he gassed 6 billion Jews, the "chosen people of God". It's not very Christianite to do that, is it? Christian or not? Well, I'm not really into that much religion, but I am starting to question my atheism. The Bible does make some solid readin.