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  1. Hey haven't seen you in a while.

  2. [COLOR=DarkOrchid]"Well, it was nice meeting you..."[/COLOR] The strange group turned and left rather hastily after Achilles' statement. They went back to whatever it was they were doing with mumbles of 'weirdo' and 'freak'. Chrys feigned a pleasant, yet lost smile until she was sure it was 'safe' after the polite Goodbyes. Strange place. Strange inhabitants. She finally took notice of how Achilles was dressed. [COLOR=DarkOrchid]"What are you wearing?" [/COLOR] He shrugged his shoulders a little pointing out that it seemed to fit in with the rest of the surroundings. The fire demon got the point, and looked down at her tattered evening dress covered in old blood. Whatever, that could be dealt with later. As the two walked looking for the others, Chrys spotted some sort of open area that seemed out of place around much of the large, reflective, and dull colored buildings that were behind it. Thinking she might have saw somebody through the momentary break in the people walking the streets. Maybe it was one of their friends?her insides gained an extra flutter of hope thinking about the possibility she'd run into Gale soon. Don't get her wrong, she'd still be just as happy coming across any of the others. With an excited 'I think I saw some one', she took off at a sprint down the street. Smart enough to know NOT to fly. Achilles just laughed to himself a little before following after her. To think Chrys still could act as such. Almost there, he had to grab her arm and pull her back onto the corner before she got hit by one of the many moving vehicles. It stopped short with a loud, annoying BEEP, followed by some very vulgar language that couldn't even be heard clearly over the din of the rest of the traffic. [COLOR=DarkOrchid]"Watch yourself."[/COLOR] Chrys grinned cheezily, very embarrassed at her brash stupidity.[COLOR=DarkOrchid] "Heh?oops? Sorry, Big Brother. I'll be more careful,"[/COLOR] she said half in jest. There was another break in the crowd, and the fire demon pointed toward a fountain in the middle of the patch of green. [COLOR=DarkOrchid]"I think it's Grace."[/COLOR]
  3. As Lyra approached the place where the group was staying for the night, she stopped short and sighed openly. Should she wait until the rukus died down? No, it wasn't worth it. Pushing the door open, Lyra immediatly joined in to help finish off those that were left. By the look of things, the fight was thinning down anyway. Wait...there were a different number-whoops. Tripping over godness only knows what, she knocked into some unknown guy who seemed to be watching the Rave Master's back. Very efficiently too. She continued momentum and fell on the ground, while the guy had remained unaffected. Save of course for, an annoyance directed at her. [COLOR=Olive]"Sorry!" [/COLOR] she squeaked out as an apology while dodging an attack from a random Demon Card member. With a swift kick and a swing of her whip as if holding a sword, Lyra found herself out of danger again, able to do what she usually did best. Stay unnoticed while moving about freely. Manuvering to the other side of Adol she said, [COLOR=Olive]"Man, you are a popluar fellow aren't you."[/COLOR]
  4. (*laughs* Oh my, 2006 Earth? Anybody not looking just like a normal human probably might be in trouble...quick! call the government! lol) Chrys was...confused. No, there was a better word...she just couldn't decide what. The sights were different from anything she had ever seen. More extraordinary than the world the Elf Lord sent them too. Wow, it seemed so long ago. The fire demon was torn from gazing at the tall buildings, bright lights, automobiles, etc in order to glance quickly around for her friends. She couldn?t see any of them in the crowd. Wait?they were staring at her awkwardly. She blinked, and stared back, facing away from the toy store window she was looking at minute ago. A small child pointed and looked up at his mother, who quickly hushed the toddler and hurried away. People mumbled amongst themselves and Chrys quietly started backing away down the street. Somebody pulled out a small device and held it to their ear while talking. This was all too strange. Rubbing her arm nervously, Chrys was frightened of this new place. It reminded her very much of how some in Fujin would look at her. No matter of what populace, there was fear and scorn of what was different. She calmly walked away as if she knew where she was going. Maybe she would find the others by walking around. Turning an corner and a few blocks over, she saw a group of people wearing headbands with different colored ears, dressed much differently than the people before. Now she was even more confused. [COLOR=DarkOrchid]"Hey, great costume!"[/COLOR] one of the cat-dressed girls waved. The people she was with glanced in her direction before agreeing with the girl. They hurried the few steps over. [COLOR=DarkOrchid]"Hey, haven't seen you at the Convention before,"[/COLOR] another said. This one was dressed in some pink outfit?with bright blue hair. [COLOR=DarkOrchid]"Um?" [/COLOR] Chrys tried to reply. [COLOR=DarkOrchid]"Costume?" [/COLOR] she asked, having never encountered something like this. [COLOR=DarkOrchid]"Yea," [/COLOR] the cat from before chirped up. [COLOR=DarkOrchid]"Those wings look so real, did you make them yourself? What character are you supposed to be anyway?"[/COLOR] The fire demon had absolutely no idea what these people were talking about. One of the girls looked closely at one of her feathery wings, her costume looking the most plausible out of the group. If it wasn't for the others, she would have thought the girl really was what she looked like. A silver haired dog demon of some sort. [COLOR=DarkOrchid]"May I?"[/COLOR] She lightly touched some of the feathers, but Chrys was still sore from fighting. The rest of her didn't move at all, but her wings trembled a bit in a hurt response. Eyes went wide, and the group backed away a bit. [COLOR=DarkOrchid]"Holy shit, those are real!?" [/COLOR] they exclaimed very loudly in unison. They sounded frightened, as if a winged demon wasn't something one ever came by.
  5. 30 seconds was all Chrys needed to finish. Drained and exhausted, her aura disappeared as she half fell; half set her self down on the ground. She could barely support herself sitting on her knees. The Elder looked to be in worse condition at first. Inside whatever it was that Achilles had done, the entire playing field went to his disadvantage. Startled by the fact that it actually had worked at first, the Elf couldn't breath. And with lack of oxygen came less logical thought and more panic. He was suffocating by his own magic, the atmosphere itself burning his skin with cackling and hissing. Chrys couldn't help but smile weakly, proud of how much pain that creature was in. Deserved it. Blood ran down her arms and the side of her face from wounds that weren?t visibly made. She coughed a little up, but nothing grave.[COLOR=DarkOrchid] "I can't?Make it last?out of my league."[/COLOR] Breathing hard, the fire demon tried to choke out the rest of her sentence. [COLOR=DarkOrchid]"Few seconds...Somebody?finish him good..."[/COLOR]
  6. Lyra stood outside of a small shop on the other side of town near the outskirts. Just as she was about to knock, the door was opened by a familiar old face. [COLOR=Olive]"Well if it isn't Lyra,"[/COLOR] the middle-aged woman greeted. [COLOR=Olive]"Still haven't done a thing with your hair I see. Minuendo even said it..." [/COLOR] In good humour the woman moved some of the girl's hair around and and chuckled as she held in place. [COLOR=Olive]"See? You look just like Har-"[/COLOR] Lyra smacked the hand away and fixed her hair quickly. [COLOR=Olive]"I didn't come here to be told who I resemble. Or that I have the same eyes at that girl who traveled with him..." [/COLOR] she sighed, thinking it was bad idea to have showed up. But she did promise Minuendo she'd stop by if ever here again. [COLOR=Olive]"You don't happen to know where Minuendo is now, do you?"[/COLOR] she asked. [COLOR=Olive]"Not at all, took Dimini and Crescend on an adventure of some sort. Said if they happened to find you they'd see if you wanted to join the gang again. Come in, sit down," [/COLOR] the woman motioned, leading Lyra into the back and pulling out a chair. The girl sat down. [COLOR=Olive]"So who are you traveling around with? Not Demon Card I hope..."[/COLOR] Lyra made a face. [COLOR=Olive]"Uck. No way. I've been hanging out with the Rave Master of late. The New one." "It's a nice change for your style." [/COLOR] She could see Lyra was shifting uneasily. Somethings just didn't change. [COLOR=Olive]"One last update of things before I let you run back. How's the search going?"[/COLOR] Lyra shook her head. She hated this topic. [COLOR=Olive]"No, I haven't found them..."[/COLOR]
  7. Chrys stepped behind Gale and put a hand on his shoulder. She ignored the small tear that had escaped along its path down her cheek.[COLOR=DarkOrchid]"Don't even think about it," [/COLOR] the girl warned him. [COLOR=DarkOrchid]"They say it took the power of a God to defeat this vile waste of space (although she did think that 'dwarf' suited the Elder well). It wouldn't do the trick?I believe it would be in vain."[/COLOR] She didn't want to loose him. If indeed she was right and Gale?s self-destructing sacrifice was going to fail if he went through with it?anger bubbled up inside her at the thought, and the smile that would be on the Elf's face getting her even more enraged. Her eyes narrowed, glowing a deeper orange than ever previously. She had been careful of becoming blind and making a fatal mistake. Caution was being thrown out the window as a brick red aura surrounded her in essence matching the pulse of the golden color around Gale. Her knuckles were almost white in their grip around her scythe. The Elder had to be taken down. Chrys' insides matched the inferno the group had walked into. If she could get it right?she could use it to the group's advantage against the Elf. She never tried it before, and the attempt could very well kill her, not as if she was about to inform them of that. [COLOR=DarkOrchid]"This is my turf of a battlefield although hellish it may be. I'm going to try and use his own residence against him?" [/COLOR] she whispered in the King's ear. She used her wings and energy to create a shield blocking an attack at Gale although at injury to herself. But unless the Elder used his magic to change the playing field, the fire demon could draw enough from the surrounds that minimized the effectiveness of the blast. The dust that was kicked up cleared quickly with a gust of wind from her wings moving. She embraced Gale for a short moment, kissing him briefly. [COLOR=DarkOrchid]"I love you,"[/COLOR] she said. Chanting softly under her breath as she took to the skies, once in a while her voice would raise volume slightly on certain words or phrases as she hovered in the air. The heat started to subside somewhat a bit vaguely, the air becoming a bit easier to breath. However, around the Elven Elder himself, it got worse. She was trying to concentrate it all around him alone in a small enough area around the pointy-eared supposed-to-be-dead guy. At the very least, it would buy everyone else time to maybe get a critical hit while the Elf was forced to concentrate on her. [COLOR=DarkOrchid]"Ancestors of mine, of ?" [/COLOR] she continued with eyes closed, repeating the same long words over and over. Chrys would continue until either killed, her energy gave out completely (dipping into life energy before giving up in result her dieing still), knocked out, or her friends were able to kill the Elder.
  8. [I]'I hate my name...'[/I] Under any other circumstance almost, she would have one of her now rare bouts of complaining. Maeryn Maddock. First name meaning ?bitter? and last having a meaning of ?giving?. What could she say? Books had been a treasure before, and she never really got to read anything good anymore. The random information well had its ups and downs. A pleasant look was plastered on her face, just as if this was a regular vacation and nothing more as the group sat around to await instructions once more. Hoshi let her mind wander a little bit, but kept enough attentioned so that she knew what was happening this time. The 'sister' one, who was going to be called Lena?she was the most interesting of them. The guy who didn't talk, trouble-maker she's heard about before?he had a very resolute air about him. No idea what to think about the?multiple personality guy?and the fact that Kain was there almost made her feel like he was babysitting. Hoshi really didn't know what to think of anything, or how to ask to cause the least amount of problems possible. It was the first ever really seeing most of them. When two others walked through the door, she had doubts about what it could be that need such a large team.
  9. Chrys laughed. At almost the same time that Sarin walked through, Amer appeared as well to join the group. It probably was just her, but she found it amusing for some odd reason. [COLOR=DarkOrchid] "Nice to see you too Sarin, are the rest of us chop liver here?" [/COLOR] she grinned jokingly. She looked up at the sky for a moment, then back at everyone else. Now all they needed to do was get to Gale, attempt to defeat the blasted Elven Elder, and then hopefully suceed.[COLOR=DarkOrchid] "That reminds me," [/COLOR] Grace said thoughtfully. [COLOR=DarkOrchid]"Before I walked through this door to get back, a voice was saying that my 'friends were waiting through the door' and that 'Chrys will explain'."[/COLOR] Chrys nodded sadly. [COLOR=DarkOrchid]"Yea, my parents. After killing them the Elder was using thier souls for his own purposes...they said all they could do to help was open the doors for us."[/COLOR] As she finished, one last door opened behind her. It was dark, violet vines entwining around the frame as if to mark the sights beyond. Only vague shapes were disernable against the mute sounds from the other side. [COLOR=DarkOrchid]"This is it friends,"[/COLOR] she expressed gravely. [COLOR=DarkOrchid]"For better or worse."[/COLOR] Her scythe glowed a faint red around the black material it was made of. She for one would die fighting before seeing the world go kaboom...Chrys walked through first. They were into the final few minutes and she refused to hesitate.
  10. Experiment. She had been here before countless times during her gang-hopping and wandering. But the word started to take on a new meaning...one that would give itself up for knowedge. It was big place, giving a false sense of security that they could evade the Demon Card for a good length of time. Or even get them off their trail if one was hopelessly hopeful. Night was falling, and Lyra got the sense that it would be raining soon. [COLOR=Olive]"There's a place...around this corner I think...that would be a good place to stay for the night. I think It's going to rain." [/COLOR] Besides. Suzu needed a chance to rest.[COLOR=Olive] "I'm gonna have to take a short leave though..."[/COLOR] she added quietly. [COLOR=Olive]"There's somebody I have to see."[/COLOR]
  11. Chrys put her hands on her knees breathing heavily. Below her the surroundings melted into that of the former wasteland that the group had entered before. In front of her were the two glowing transparent images of her parents, smiling proud. Past them, she could she Emilio in the distance. With a hyper wave and a shout of greeting, she ran over to meet him. [COLOR=DarkOrchid]"Glad to see you again, any idea where the others are?"[/COLOR] Emilio shook his head and she sighed in thought. An airy voice behind her grabbed both their attention. [COLOR=DarkOrchid]"The one closest in location to you is Achilles, and the others are not far off either. The best we can do is open the doors while the Elder is preoccupied," [/COLOR] the ghost of Herthe spoke as they faded into nothing to reveal an open door. Chrys took one look at Emilio and nodded. [COLOR=DarkOrchid]"Insult to injury, and he went ever further to take a stab at my pride as well. I'd assume you had a rather trying experience also." [/COLOR] she has no intention of inquiring further; she respected the kappa too much for that. [COLOR=DarkOrchid]"I guess we should move forward?" "Yea," [/COLOR] he replied. [COLOR=DarkOrchid]"Time's running out."[/COLOR] They walked through the door; it was like stepping through a thick chilly fog before looking at a lush green field. In front of them were the backs of five Elves, initiating an attack all at once on Achilles. He swung the axe flawlessly, easily taking care of all of them without a scratch to himself. The scenery once again turned back to the wasteland. The sight was really getting on her nerves. Even the additional paths to other locations were tiresome. Exchanging various greetings, the three pondered which one to take and where they led. [COLOR=DarkOrchid]"You guys choose," [/COLOR] Chrys said. Her mind kept wandering back to Gale. She knew when she asked he would most likely end up breaking his promise and felt a fool to hope otherwise. Most likely out of any of them, the Elf would want to meet Gale in person?but he was almost god in power, none of them would stand a normal chance unless somebody knew how to call upon the power of a god. [I]'Don't die on me yet Gale,' [/I] she thought with all her might as if by some means it could convey the words or feeling to him. [I]'Wait for me?if this really is the end of everything, let's fight together one last time.'[/I]
  12. The injured Suzu boy looked ready to just jump in head first and blindly, so she grabbed hold of him first. Nudging him backward a little away from the Demon Card member she tapped his head fairly lightly with the back of her hand, just enough to push the boy over the line into unconsciousness. He had been struggling to stay awake anyway. [COLOR=Olive]"What'd you do?"[/COLOR] Adol asked in confusion. It had looked almost like she was going to have attacked him. [COLOR=Olive]"Keeping him from committing suicide." [/COLOR] She didn't know why, but did anyway. Iaa tugged on the Rave Master's arm slightly. "[COLOR=Olive]We better get out of here."[/COLOR] Lyra nodded in agreement. [COLOR=Olive]"If luck would have it, none of us,"[/COLOR] she replied to Abaddon's question. Turning her back and moving to help support Suzu, she saw Adol didn't look ready to run away. [COLOR=Olive]"You couldn't beat the other guy. How do you expect to fair against the Leader of The Six,"[/COLOR] she hissed at him.
  13. The grim and dismal hallway was fairly quiet for the most part as Hoshi was led silently down hallway after hallway. She never gave any trouble?at least not for a very long time. Stopping abruptly, a doorway to left was pointed out. Entering the room to see the meeting was already in progress the girl raised an eyebrow partly at Sir, mostly at the site of the others in the room. By the looks of things she was late?and just missed a guard's unfortunate accident with his shoe while arriving just in time to hear some bitter words. [I]'I'm not going to ask.'[/I] Standing in a corner by herself, she made no move to approach further. [COLOR=Navy]"Wasn't my fault," [/COLOR] she stated simply as an excuse. The boss sitting smug and casual in his chair knew exactly what she meant; everyone else could only figure generalizations. [I]'Buddy system?' [/I] she thought mildly, not needing to have instructions repeated. Hoshi would just figure things out as they went. She jerked her head back slightly as a small envelope was thrust in front of her face almost hitting her. Snatching it out of the air as it dropped Hoshi looked at the name. [COLOR=Navy]"?Maeryn Maddock?Double letters again, how lovely," [/COLOR] she rolled her eyes and crossed her arms while waiting patiently to hear what else had to be said while she tried to figure out who was who.
  14. Chrys turned about from where she stood, immediately jumping to her feet after landing in a place she did not know. Where was everybody? The strange water?it had pulled her to someplace, another of the Elder's magic diversions. To keep the group busy no doubt, if they all died in the process a big bonus. She couldn't see any signs of life, not even plants. She looked up. The sky was the same, definitely still in the domain. But there was none of the water where the fire demon now stood. The terrain?it looked like?Dante's Peak? [COLOR=DarkOrchid]"You are late."[/COLOR] She whirled around on her heal to face the speaker. Mizale. His wings were shredded, the image of the blood he bled caking the colorless skin and torn clothes. [COLOR=DarkOrchid]"Again, you weren't here. Where were you this time around? Run scared like the cowardly disgrace you are? Huh cousin?" "I'm no coward,"[/COLOR] she said standing still, arms at her sides. The apparition flew past her, a line of blood appearing on her cheek. She hadn't moved. Images of all the dead, deceased's memories of what happened, tons of heartbreaking and fearful things running through her mind, many too horrible to repeat. Almost tearing her attention from Mizale. Telling her it was some how her fault, that she had let everyone down and disgraced her family, her demonic race. [COLOR=DarkOrchid]"What's the matter? It's too late for guilt. Tell me Miss Chrysanthema, where were you when the mighty force of Elves tore through the land?!"[/COLOR] he taunted. Chrys' eyes narrowed to daggerish slits. [COLOR=DarkOrchid]"You. Are. Not. Mizale." "Of course I am-"[/COLOR] the image didn't get a chance to finish as the scythe buried itself in its chest. Red flames licked at the thing that claimed to be Mizale as the illusion faded to reveal the Elven guard it was concealing. [COLOR=DarkOrchid]"How'd you know?" "Mizale isn't pompous. And would never call you scum a mighty force."[/COLOR] Ripping the weapon out of the dead elf with a sickening squish, Chrys turned to gather her bearings for an idea of where any of the others could be but was stopped by a lance that crossed her path. Crossing it to make an 'X' was an onyx sword. [COLOR=DarkOrchid]"You have some explaining to do young lady,"[/COLOR] the man with the sword said sternly. Torran, her father. One look at his eyes and those of her mother Herthe, she knew they weren't illusions. [COLOR=DarkOrchid]"Let me pass," [/COLOR] she demanded evenly while making a motion at the surrounding area, the images around them. [COLOR=DarkOrchid]"I can't be broken like this, and have already come to terms with these nightmares the Elven Elder is showing me." [/COLOR] Always the carefree one, it took a great amount to start eating her insides for a long length of time. [COLOR=DarkOrchid]"We know dear,"[/COLOR] her mother said gently, although her lance was readied for a fight. [COLOR=DarkOrchid]"We know the entire story. But we cannot break our spirits' imprisonment to his wishes. In order to stay alive, you must defeat us. If you do, we will be able to finally rest." "Are you able to do that?" [/COLOR] Her father added. [COLOR=DarkOrchid]"Think of it as my final test, for we won't hold back. Pass and you have my blessing."[/COLOR] Chrys nodded, and the battle began.
  15. Hoshi's hand twitched, wishing to get this over and done with. But it was the target's time, not hers, which was being gone by. She pulled the gloves tighter in anticipation of what would happen when he walked through the door. All the windows in the dark room were securely shut and the shades closed. A suffocating quiet settled in, the traffic outside a distance away just faintly perceived. Her breathing was small, slow and silent, the chill on her back from the wall long gone. Any longer and her feet would make an imprint to prove of somebody standing there. Looking down at the blackness that the carpet resided in, the pale yellow color underneath the door became obstructed by a person's feet, casting breaks in the pattern of light. Any moment now... The door was opened completely, illuminating lush furniture and various other objects with a bluer hue in the moment before the main lights were turned on. The man took a few casual steps into the room while Hoshi went completely unnoticed in the place she chose to stand. She silently stepped forward, and raised the hand that held a gun. His own gun. Time slowed down as the target turned to face her, eyes wide in shock and mouth open to speak. Only for the callous grin on her face to be the last thing he ever saw alive. Now it was time to go back?back to that hell? Dropping the weapon casually on the floor she calmly made her subtle exit.
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