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  1. Yeah, same here. Between going to school and working full time I've got almost no time these days.

  2. Good luck with that. I'm trying to do the same but it's been difficult. >

  3. Thanks.

    I'm trying to manage my time better now.

  4. Hey, welcome back. ^^

  5. [quote name='James' timestamp='1292833812' post='702982'] [font=palatino linotype]Bingo. From my perspective, there isn't even really a debate about whether we should or shouldn't have less nuclear weapons in the world - I am sure that, ultimately, pretty much every sane person is going to agree that the world would be better off without nuclear weapons. But we live in a complex world and the solution to this problem is not clear. It is unlikely, for example, that the United States would unilaterally abandon its nuclear weapons when other powers have not d
  6. Why thank you my friend.

  7. Crazy, yet engaging. I like your style, sir.

  8. [quote name='AvalonAngel' timestamp='1292774186' post='702962'] [font="Tahoma"]Didn't stop Al-Qaeda, m'boy I'm sure terrorist organizations and other dissidents are perfectly aware of the capabilities of our countries' military. As would be any other first world countries with Nuclear Arms. The threat of retaliation didn't mean anything at Pearl Harbor, and that was before nuclear weapons. So what changed besides a better bomb? [/font] [/quote] You only focus on the intentional threat. The nuclear threat exists in three place
  9. Great Teacher Onizuka. I don't know why, but this story just grabbed me. I started watching and I just couldn't stop.
  10. wants you to demand zero.

  11. Dirty jokes and pointless posts are so OtakuBoards.
  12. [url="http://www.takepart.com/countdowntozero"]Demand Zero.[/url] Today we live in world where nuclear weapons are within the reach of all industrialized nations. There are an estimated 23,000 nuclear weapons in the world. Terrorists and extremists the world over seek them, and are getting closer everyday. When I severed in the military I learned that surprisingly, of the three ways to obtain a nuclear weapon(buy it, build it, steal it), terrorists were in fact trying to build one. And that as long has you had the uranium or plutonium all the needed parts can be bought c
  13. When drinking always be aware of your hands. Sometimes they can lead themselves astray. When drunk, make sure the woman hitting on you isn't wearing a ring. If she is stop. If you get to her place anyway, leave if you see a picture of her and another man. If you fail this one, leave when you see two night stands by the bed. If you fail this too, leave when you hear a door open. If you fail here, you will definitely leave when you hear her husband tell you to 'keep it up soldier'. (This is based on a true story that will haunt me to the grave.)
  14. Hey, long time no see. How have you been?

  15. Well enough. I spent a year in Iraq, did some traveling. I got to go to Egypt, which was fun, but now I'm just enjoying a simple life at home til the next time I have to move.

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