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  1. Yeah, same here. Between going to school and working full time I've got almost no time these days.

  2. Thanks.

    I'm trying to manage my time better now.

  3. [quote name='James' timestamp='1292833812' post='702982'] [font=palatino linotype]Bingo. From my perspective, there isn't even really a debate about whether we should or shouldn't have less nuclear weapons in the world - I am sure that, ultimately, pretty much every sane person is going to agree that the world would be better off without nuclear weapons. But we live in a complex world and the solution to this problem is not clear. It is unlikely, for example, that the United States would unilaterally abandon its nuclear weapons when other powers have not d
  4. Why thank you my friend.

  5. [quote name='AvalonAngel' timestamp='1292774186' post='702962'] [font="Tahoma"]Didn't stop Al-Qaeda, m'boy I'm sure terrorist organizations and other dissidents are perfectly aware of the capabilities of our countries' military. As would be any other first world countries with Nuclear Arms. The threat of retaliation didn't mean anything at Pearl Harbor, and that was before nuclear weapons. So what changed besides a better bomb? [/font] [/quote] You only focus on the intentional threat. The nuclear threat exists in three place
  6. Great Teacher Onizuka. I don't know why, but this story just grabbed me. I started watching and I just couldn't stop.
  7. wants you to demand zero.

  8. Dirty jokes and pointless posts are so OtakuBoards.
  9. [url="http://www.takepart.com/countdowntozero"]Demand Zero.[/url] Today we live in world where nuclear weapons are within the reach of all industrialized nations. There are an estimated 23,000 nuclear weapons in the world. Terrorists and extremists the world over seek them, and are getting closer everyday. When I severed in the military I learned that surprisingly, of the three ways to obtain a nuclear weapon(buy it, build it, steal it), terrorists were in fact trying to build one. And that as long has you had the uranium or plutonium all the needed parts can be bought c
  10. When drinking always be aware of your hands. Sometimes they can lead themselves astray. When drunk, make sure the woman hitting on you isn't wearing a ring. If she is stop. If you get to her place anyway, leave if you see a picture of her and another man. If you fail this one, leave when you see two night stands by the bed. If you fail this too, leave when you hear a door open. If you fail here, you will definitely leave when you hear her husband tell you to 'keep it up soldier'. (This is based on a true story that will haunt me to the grave.)
  11. Hey, long time no see. How have you been?

  12. Well enough. I spent a year in Iraq, did some traveling. I got to go to Egypt, which was fun, but now I'm just enjoying a simple life at home til the next time I have to move.

  13. Yo, long time no see.

  14. Hey haven't seen you in a while.

  15. Hey man, long time mo see.

  16. is right behind you

  17. There are some among us who are born unique. We don't ask to be, but we are. In the early days those like us were either feared or revered. Having these powers made us not unlike gods to these primitive people. However, as mythology and faith gave way to reason, the definition of our kind changed ultimately from God to Psychic. The exploration of psychic power as a weapon has been around as long as our kind has existed, but it really met it's heyday during World War II. The NAZI's were obsessed with finding a way to weaponize us. To make us both pliable and reliable.
  18. [b]Name:[/b] Micheal "Silent thunder" Burrows [b]Age:[/b] 27 [b]Nationality:[/b] USA [b]Personality: [/b]He is quiet and calm by his very nature. Years of military training have only further honed these dispositions. Though no one would guess, based on his rather unmoving and carefully managed expressions, he is passionate. He has a strong sense of justice and honor. He is known as Silent thunder for his tendency to explode in anger without warning or sound. If he feels that someone has crossed the line and has acted in an dishonorable way, he is likely to react with se
  19. I understand a desire to solve the greatest mysteries of the universe, but something about this whole thing seems more then a little dangerous. I'm just as curious about the creation of the universe as the next guy, but maybe there are simpler things we could be looking into first. Jumping straight into seems a little reckless is all I'm saying.
  20. Marcus's ears were still ringing and his head was still throbbing. What the hell was even going on anymore. And where the hell did these damn thing keep coming from. He'd only ever even seen one werewolf before today and now it was like they were sprouting out of the ground like daisies. As another one of the monsters started to charge him Marcus put one of his hands on the ground. The earth shatterd just beneath the beast and it slowly was pulled beneath the surface. There was a screeching sound in Marcus's brain, but he couldn't afford to lose it now. He could see from where he wa
  21. As a wolf rushed for Marcus he offerd up his right hand, palm facing out. The floor beneath his hand burst up in long flat slab. Marcus heard the thud as the beast collided with solid rock. Marcus then brought up his other hand slapped the two together causing the flat slab to fold in half and crush the beast with a sickening crunch. It had been a few years, but Marcus still had what it took to kill a couple of wolves. A second one tried to flank him. Marcus placed his left plam flat on the ground, then thrust it up and out toward the wolf, sending a jagged pillar of earth up and thr
  22. Tommy wanderd out into this long dark hallway. Whatever this place was, it looked decrepit. There was little to no lighting in this place. It looked like an old hospital and it was starting to creep Tommy out. As he started to walk off to his right he heard voices coming from behind him. He turned and started to run down the hall. As he came to the end of the hall it opened up and he could see three people already out there. As Tommy came running in all eyes fell on him. He looked out and kinda smirked at them as he walked through the door [B]"Am I late for the party?"[/B] Tommy s
  23. [B]Name:[/B] Aaron Kiel [B]Age:[/B] 23 [B]Gender:[/B] Male [B]Side:[/B] Hells Salvation [B]Human Appearance:[/B] [URL="http://i31.photobucket.com/albums/c384/GeneOutlaw/RobLabou.jpg"][U]Aaron[/U].[/URL] Aaron stands around 5'9 and weighs around 185 lbs. He has 2 scars on the right side of his rib cage from a stabbing a year ago and 2 more on his stomach from being shot 2 years ago. [B]Alterd Appearance:[/B][URL="http://i60.photobucket.com/albums/h1/Mao610/digital%20devil%20saga/art-008.jpg"][U]Alterd Aaron[/U].[/URL] In his alterd state he grows about 2 feet tal
  24. [CENTER]The world is diseased. Corruption has become the standard and moral decay is the only truth of the world that still remains. The world is slowly burning itself and calling upon it's own hell. God has decided the world is too sick to be allowed to continue. The world of the divine is decending to bring about the end of this world to usher in the new age of paradise. As heaven decends they reach out to the people of earth and call for their aid. But not all are welcoming this new age. But when you stand opposed to heaven, would you sell your soul to hell to gain the strength t
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