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  1. [B]Character[/B] Name: Elphaba Gender: Female Rank: 8th Appearance: She is 5'6" with long black that is usually wavy and tied back. She has a dark complexion with bright green eyes. She stands out in a crowd because of her skin color and she wears clothes that look like [URL="[IMG]http://i56.photobucket.com/albums/g172/Just_Be_Yourself/48.jpg[/IMG]"]gypsy[/URL]. Personality: She is very much confident and stands up for herself whenever she is being put down upon by others because of her looks. She has a very attractive personality in which she makes jokes and loves to have fun. There is also a part of her that wants to be free and roam around the world of the living and the Soul Society. [B]Zanpakuto[/B] Name: Zefie Appearance: looks like a katana but the hilt is clear and the guard is white. Shikai Call Out: Defy Shikai Appearance: Size of a katana. A clear blade with a white hilt and guard. The hilt has a wind symbol along with a charm for good luck on the end of hilt. Shikai Power: With a quick movement of her blade she can create tornadoes that cannot be seen. These tornadoes are powerful enough to destroy anything in its way. If she holds her blade high and then strike the ground she can create a vacuum that can suck the air out of a 2 meter radius and suffocate anyone trapped inside Bankai: She is training to obtain Bankai Bankai Power: n/a [B]Hollow[/B] Mask Appearance: [URL="[IMG]http://i56.photobucket.com/albums/g172/Just_Be_Yourself/masque-de-venise-fete-joker-1408.jpg[/IMG]"]Joker[/URL] Level of Control: she can hold it for 2 hours Specialty: she can create a defense shield around her made from wind that can deflect most attacks back [U]Extra Info[/U] Short Bio: Elphaba was hated by the man that took care of her in the North Rukon District. She had a sister and mother that both died during a horrible accident. Every since their death she has tried to get away but the man didn't approve of her leaving and beat her until he nearly killed her. Then before he could finish her off she began to go through her Hollowfication and killed the man on the spot. It was then that she fought with her inner Hollow and won the battle of control. When she woke up she found a mask and her blade next to each other. She was then picked up by the Soul Society to join the 14th squad which they told her had people who were just like her. Character Snippet: Will add Character Snippet later
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    Sign Up NightMare

    [B]Name:[/B] [COLOR="magenta"]White Rabbit[/COLOR] [B]Gender: [/B][COLOR="magenta"]Male[/COLOR] [B]Personality:[/B] [COLOR="magenta"]White Rabbit is the most consciencous. He constantly checks his watch and then turns around and around saying, "I'm late, I'm late for a very important date!" He then runs and when he sees someone, he will ask them the most questions super fast to where the words run together. White Rabbit has no sense of direction that when anyone follows, they all get more and more lost.[/COLOR] [B]Appearance:[/B] [URL="http://images.epilogue.net/users/kyoht/WhiteRabbit.jpg"]White Rabbit.[/URL] [COLOR="magenta"]Looks can be decieving but this liitle guy may look cute but he can change faces and turn into an evil rabbit.[/COLOR] [B]Abilities:[/B] [COLOR="magenta"]Leads people to an evil eerie place to where he will kill you[/COLOR] [B]Weapons:[/B] [COLOR="Magenta"]Pocket watch, fan, and gloves[/COLOR] I thought that we needed a White Rabbit since he is the most famous for this kind of thing.
  3. Funny Girl

    Sign Up NightMare

    [B]Nightmare Beings:[/B] [COLOR="Purple"][B]Name: [/B]Crazy Hatter [B]Gender:[/B] Male [B]Personality:[/B] Just like in the story, he has a crazy way of being dumb and stupid yet is also very informative when he wants to. Loves to talk about all of the things in the world and even some in which you don't want to hear. [B]Appearance:[/B] [URL="http://tn3-2.deviantart.com/fs10/300W/i/2006/154/c/b/The_Mad_Hatter_by_Beloved_Creature.jpg"]Crazy Hatter[/URL] [B]Ablities:[/B] Can make people go insane [B]Weapons:[/B] teapots, teacups, cakes, and all of the joys of teas[/COLOR] [COLOR="Magenta"][B]Name:[/B] March Hare [B]Gender:[/B] Male [B]Personality:[/B] He is a very outgoing mad hare. He never shuts up and wants everything that has to do with the Crazy Hatter to somehow invovle him. March Hare likes to pull tricks and gags on guests and loves to laugh in your face if you are embarrassed. Just like the Crazy Hatter, he's dumb and stuid in an informative way. [B]Appearance:[/B] [URL="http://carolined82.deviantart.com/art/March-Hare-69915398"]March Hare[/URL] [B]Ablities:[/B] can drive you mad [B]Weapons: [/B]teapots, tea, teacups, plates, and everything of tea food.[/COLOR] [B][COLOR="Navy"]Here are a couple of good 'ol chaps that love to do a little thing like driving you mad!!![/COLOR][/B]
  4. [IMG]http://i102.photobucket.com/albums/m95/naruto_fan94/Naruto%20Characters/temari-tessen20animeTN.jpg[/IMG] That's too bad since she can outsmart him.
  5. Who needs bunnies. Haruhi as Alice could care less about bunnies. [IMG]http://i18.photobucket.com/albums/b140/Sweatdrop_Stealer/Ouran%20High%20School%20Host%20Club/122806.jpg[/IMG]
  6. This mother didn't have to die but instead she trained her son to be a phantom theif. [IMG]http://i238.photobucket.com/albums/ff124/tamakiuzumaki/Emiko02.jpg[/IMG] Nothing more but mother that loves to train her son with rigorous traps when he gets home.
  7. Rei has gone missing but where exactly is it that she has disappeared to? Has the wolf taken a victim? Or is it a Rabbit gone stray? Could Rei be the wolf? [B][COLOR="Magenta"]It's time for the search and rescue of Rei. [/COLOR][/B] Hint 4: One of you will be notified when you find Rei.
  8. Mitsuki looked around the floor. It was the same as all of the rest. Hallways and more and more doors. The group headed over to the first door and looked at the lock. [COLOR="Purple"]"It's a barcode entry only,"[/COLOR] said Mitsuki. She looked down at her barcode and lifted up her leg until it touched the scanner. There was a scanning noise and then a loud beep that soon read, [I][B]"Invalid."[/B][/I] [COLOR="purple"] "Shoot. I thought that mine might work."[/COLOR] [COLOR="Red"]"Move aside. Let me try,"[/COLOR] said Shiki pushing Mitsuki aside. Shiki pressed her barcode from her neck onto the scanner. This time it read, [I][B]"Valid"[/B][/I] and the door slid open. [COLOR="red"]"Cool. So mine can open this room."[/COLOR] They all headed inside the room to see if there was a way out. There wasn't. It was just an empty room. Stained walls and no windows. There was another door in the room that was open. [COLOR="YellowGreen"]"Hey look! There's another door here!"[/COLOR] shouted Mion pointing. Everyone's eyes followed to where Mion's finger was pointing and looked at it. Haruka walked over to the and the others followed. He opened the door more and looked inside. It was another room bare room. But there wasn't another door besides the one that Haruka had opened. [COLOR="Green"]"That's strange. Why would there be a room like this? No one would be able to escape from it if there were locked in here,"[/COLOR] said Airobeth peeking around Haruka. Rei waited in the other room while the others looked through the other door. Rei then went to the door that had led them into the room and looked around down the hallway. Left, right, left. There was no one there. She sighed and took a deep breath and turned around to face the room. Everyone else finally went into the room they had discovered. They all wandered around until they saw a window facing outside. Anna went up to it and looked through it. Bars. [COLOR="RoyalBlue"]"Looks like we cant' get out through here. The window has bars on it."[/COLOR] [COLOR="Blue"]"That sucks. Now it looks like we're stuck in this hell for long time,"[/COLOR] said Tommy sarcastically. [COLOR="YellowGreen"]"Hey? Has anyone seen Rei?"[/COLOR] asked Mion. They all looked around the room and then some ran into the other room to look for her. The ones that went into the other room shook their heads and said that she wasn't there. [COLOR="Cyan"]"Wonder where she wandered off to,"[/COLOR] said Zach. [COLOR="Purple"]"She could be anywhere in this building. Wait, she has a wheelchair so she should be on the third floor still. Let's go look for her," [/COLOR]said Mitsuki with vigor. [COLOR="Red"]"But how do you know that she's still on this floor. Maybe she tried to go down the stairs and fell,"[/COLOR] said Shiki. [COLOR="Navy"]"We would have heard that she fell,"[/COLOR] said Ken. [COLOR="DarkOrange"]"Maybe the wolf took her,"[/COLOR] Xander spoke up. [COLOR="YellowGreen"]"Then that would mean... Oh Rei, where have you gone?!" [/COLOR]
  9. Alright. I have posted what it is that has happened and of everyone's introduction with one another. So far where it leaves off is where everyone goes together to find a way out. [COLOR="Magenta"]Hint 1: This hopital is three stories plus a basement. There is no elevators or working wheelchair lifts. All there is, is stairs.[/COLOR] Hint 2: Mion has never played the game Rabbit Doubt. [COLOR="magenta"]These hints are to help you with your posts. More and more hints and clues will be posted so keep an eye out for them.[/COLOR]
  10. Rei looked around the room to see all of the new faces that had joined up with them. [COLOR="Magenta"] "So what do we do now? There must be a reason why all of us are here in the first place right? Maybe it would be best if we introduce ourselves. My name's Rei."[/COLOR] They all nodded to the idea and everyone started to say their introduction.[COLOR="YellowGreen"] "My name's Mion!"[/COLOR] [COLOR="DeepSkyBlue"]"Mine's Zach."[/COLOR] [COLOR="Blue"]"Tommy."[/COLOR] [COLOR="DarkOrchid"]"Haruka. Pleased to meet you all."[/COLOR] [COLOR="Red"]"Shiki."[/COLOR] [COLOR="Green"]"Airobeth."[/COLOR] [COLOR="DarkOrange"]"Xander."[/COLOR] [COLOR="Blue"]"Anna."[/COLOR] [COLOR="Purple"]"Mitsuki."[/COLOR] [COLOR="Navy"]"And my name's Ken."[/COLOR] "[COLOR="Blue"]Well now that we've got that over with, now what?" [/COLOR] asked Tommy. [COLOR="DarkOrange"]"I guess we could try a find a way out, right?"[/COLOR] said Xander. [COLOR="Green"]"But where's the exit in this place? Everything here seems to be barricaded or blocked."[/COLOR] said Airobeth. The room got silent as everyone tried to think of a way out. [I]Ring Ring Ring.[/I] They all looked around to see where that ringing was coming from. Then it hit them. The desk. Shiki ran over to it and looked at the old phone. [COLOR="red"] "The damn thing works."[/COLOR] [COLOR="DeepSkyBlue"]"Well pick it up. We could try and see if the one that's calling could help us out of here,"[/COLOR] said Zach. Shiki nodded and picked up the phone. [COLOR="Red"]"Hello? Could you please help us. We are locked inside an old abandoned hospital and don't know a way out. Could you please help us!!!"[/COLOR] There was silence and Shiki's face went pale. [COLOR="red"]"What the hell do you mean by that?!! I don't give a damn thing that you are trying to say but you could at least contact the fucking police to tell them we are in a fucking crisis!!"[/COLOR] It went silent again and this time everyone heard what was being said on the other line. [COLOR="DarkRed"][FONT="Impact"]"The liar must die..."[/FONT][/COLOR] The phone went dead and everyone went pale. [COLOR="Purple"]"Wait, wasn't that the catch pharse for the game Rabbit Doubt?"[/COLOR] asked Mitsuki trying to lighten up the mood. [COLOR="Blue"]"It is." [/COLOR]said Anna. [COLOR="Green"]"But what is that supposed to mean? Is that some kind of creepy joke or something? What could that person mean by it? It has to be a joke. I mean, we all played that game but it was always harmless. What if... what if... one of us die here?! Then what would happen?!!"[/COLOR] shouted Airobeth in a panic. [COLOR="Navy"]"Calm down. It can't be anything like that. How about we just go around and find a place out of here? If we stick together then we may be able to find an exit."[/COLOR] said Ken.
  11. Mitsuki thought that this little shenanagain would be worth seeing through the end. She ran down the hallways to look for the exit, a clue, a hint, or something that would tip her off. Mitsuki loved these sorts of things and wanted to know who was it that set up this game. As she ran and ran, she finally found out that the place she was in had multiple floors. [COLOR="Purple"] "Interesting. This little game is going to be over with soon."[/COLOR] Mitsuki ran down the stairs and jumped onto the next floor. She looked around before getting back up and smiled. [COLOR="purple"] "No one's here either. Not much of game if there aren't any obstacles."[/COLOR] Mitsuki walked down the hallways until she heard some commotion down one of the halls. She carefully walked down it and stopped when she saw some people. Mitsuki waited to see what was going on. They all seemed to be talking about them having barcodes and being at the club and then waking up where Mitsuki was now. She turned the corner to show herself and said, [COLOR="purple"]"Hey there!! My name's Mitsuki and was wondering if you guys know a way out." "Sorry but we don't." "Check if you have your cell phone." "Okay," [/COLOR]Mitsuki checked her pockets and saw that she didn't have it, [COLOR="purple"]"Alright, what the hell's going on here?" "We don't know. We all seem to have been at the club one moment and then the next we all woke up here with these weird barcodes and stripped of cell phones." "Barcodes? I wonder if I have one too. I really didn't check since I thought that this was all a game."[/color] Mitsuki checked herself until one of the guys said, [COLOR="purple"]"It's on you thigh!"[/COLOR] She looked down and saw that it was true. [COLOR="purple"]"Weird. Now who would do such a thing to all of us?" "We've been trying to figure that out."[/COLOR] [COLOR="Navy"]OOC: Okay things are looking good. All we need is for Knuckle's Girl to post and TBO to post your last character.[/COLOR]
  12. [COLOR="Magenta"]Well, a fat alien is no match for a skinny girl that can make herself fat.[/COLOR] [IMG]http://i156.photobucket.com/albums/t17/MonteCristoHakushaku/fat%20anime/365393tenjofat.gif[/IMG]
  13. [B][CENTER][SIZE="3"]THANKS FOR CHECKING THIS PLACE OUT![/SIZE] Post your comments, questions, or anything here about Rabbit Doubt[/CENTER][/B] [COLOR="Navy"] [U]Knuckle’s Girl[/U] Name: Kendra Mist (Ken) Age: 19 Gender: Female Cell Phone: Nokia, just a regular phone, no bells or whistles. Barcode: On the underside of her wrist.[/COLOR] [COLOR="Blue"][U]Stephanie[/U] Name: Anna-Marie Andreas Age: 16 Gender: Female Cell Phone: Purple Verizon Juke Barcode: Right cheek Name: Zachariah Donaldson Age: 21 Gender: Male Cell Phone: Dark blue Blackberry w/ all the features Barcode: Right below his collar bone [/COLOR] [U]Starwind[/U] Name: Thomas Kiel "Tommy" Age: 20 Gender: Male Cell Phone: Motorola T-mobile. With all the comforts you'd expect from a phone, to include a camera with photo and video feeds. Barcode: Palm of right hand [COLOR="Green"][U]Frankie[/U] Name: Airobeth Durant Age: 19 Gender: Female Cell Phone: The Sony Ericsson w580 (Slider phone) 2.0 Mega pixel camera, Blogging, sending videos, pictures to any mobile phone or email address. Large music library. Barcode: The Barcode is located on her forehead Name: Xander Age: 21 Gender: Male Cell Phone: Black iPhone 3g complete with internet, music, and total calling ability! Barcode: Middle of the throat! [/COLOR] [COLOR="Magenta"][U]Angels[/U] Name: Rei Age: 13 Gender: Female Cell Phone: Red Samsung slide phone with a camera and video recording. The cell strap hangs on the bottom of the cell phone Barcode: Upper underside of her right arm Name: Mitsuki Yami Age: 18 Gender: Female Cell Phone: Blackberry with yellow stripes going vertically on the back. Comes with all the bells and whistles Barcode: Left inner thigh[/COLOR] [COLOR="Purple"][U]The Black Order[/U] Name: Shiki Age: 17 Gender: female Cell Phone: Verizon black-red Voyager with a camera and video recorder Barcode: left side of neck Name: Mion Age: 13 Gender: female Cell Phone: Verizon green Samsung Glide with everything Barcode: on her stomach Name: Haruka Age: 18 Gender: male Cell Phone: silver LG enV^2 with all the bells and whistles Barcode: on upper left arm near shoulder[/COLOR] [COLOR="DarkRed"][FONT="Fixedsys"][U]Wolf[/U] Name: unknown Age: unknown Gender: unknown Appearance: [URL="http://i56.photobucket.com/albums/g172/Just_Be_Yourself/CopyofGameStart.jpg"]Wolf[/URL] Tools if Killing: Axe; stakes for girls and nooses for guys.[/FONT][/COLOR] Here are all of the characters of Rabbit Doubt. This is just some info on the characters and info on the biggest character of all. The wolf. Yes, the wolf has been chosen by both TBO and I. The wolf is to stay as anonymous as possible. The real wolf will not post since it would give out it’s identity, so everyone can control the wolf. The one thing that’s mysterious about this wolf is that it prefers to isolate one person and then kill that one person. So if you get a pm saying that your character is to die, then you are allowed to control the wolf for when your character dies. Also, when a character dies, it will conclude the round. There will be more information given out about how things will go and what is to happen. For the most part, one character will die each round until there are about three to four left. Thanks for joining this thread and we hope that we will all be able to make it out alive.
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    RPG Rabbit Doubt

    [CENTER][SIZE="3"][B]Round 1: Players[/B][/SIZE] [IMG]http://i56.photobucket.com/albums/g172/Just_Be_Yourself/TheLierMustDie-1.jpg[/IMG] [/CENTER] [COLOR="DarkRed"][FONT="Fixedsys"]One day, a wolf snuck into a group of friendly rabbits. As the others fell asleep, the wolf appeared in it’s natural form. Day by day, one by one, the wolf killed and ate the rabbits. The rabbits, not knowing which was the wolf, arranged a meeting. Then, the tribunal decided on the one amongst them that they believed to be the wolf and killed it. If they chose correctly, the rabbits win. If they were wrong, all of the rabbits would be killed and eaten by the wolf. This is the story of such a game.[/FONT][/COLOR] As Rei headed down the hallways, she noticed that there were more and more doors with barcode entrances. Rei didn’t know what her barcode opened and was scared to find out. Rei went further and further away from the room that she woke up in. Bars walls that seemed to be stained from heavy down pours or giant cracks in the walls. She had finally made to a set of stairs but couldn’t go up them. [COLOR="Magenta"]“This is hopeless.” [/COLOR] Rei turned around when she saw a lift for wheelchairs. Rei went over to it to see if it worked. It did. She set herself on the lift and went up. She had made it to whatever floor that was above the one she was on. Rei looked to the left and right of her and found that it was exactly like the last floor she was on. More doors and more barcodes. [COLOR="magenta"]“Just where exactly am I? This scenery seems all too familiar. What is it?”[/COLOR] As Rei tried to figure it out she heard her name being called. She turned and saw someone running towards her. As the girl came closer and closer Rei realized that it was Mion. [COLOR="magenta"]“Mion! Is that you?”[/COLOR] [COLOR="magenta"]“Of course it is! Why wouldn’t it be me?” [/COLOR] Mion stopped and tried to catch her breath. [COLOR="magenta"]“Where are we?”[/COLOR] [COLOR="magenta"]“Hell if I know.” “Same here. I didn’t find anyone else except you but this barcod on my arm.” “Wonder what this place is?” “Makes you wonder. How about we try and see if there’s an exit around here.” “Okay.”[/COLOR] Mion and Rei headed down a hallway. At the end of that hallway they saw a large open room with a large half- moon desk. As they got closer to it they saw someone standing there. The person turned to look at them and said, [COLOR="magenta"]“Do you know a way out of this place?” “Sorry. But we don’t.”[/COLOR] When they reached the area they saw that the person was a man and that they were all in the lobby of a hospital. Rei looked over to the door and saw that it was barricaded and closed off. Mion and the guy who she found out was named Haruka talked while Rei went over to the desk and saw that all of the monitors were broken and shut down. The phone looked broken and that there were some old yellow files scattered on the desk and the floor. Rei went back to Mion and said, [COLOR="magenta"]“Looks like this place has been abandoned for some time. Everything here is just broken down and old.” “That doesn’t sound good.” “Hey! You guys have cell phones, right?” [/COLOR]asked Haruka. [COLOR="magenta"]“Yeah, we do,” [/COLOR]replied Rei. [COLOR="magenta"]“How about we use that to call for help.” “Good idea,” [/COLOR]said Mion reaching in her pocket to get her cell. Mion looked shocked. [COLOR="magenta"]“I don’t have it. It’s not here. But I was sure that I had it.”[/COLOR] Rei checked her pockets and found out that she too didn’t have her cell phone. [COLOR="magenta"]“Mine’s gone too.” “I thought as much. Mine was also taken,” [/COLOR]said Haruka. [COLOR="magenta"]“What do we do?” “I don’t know. You and I had just entered the club when we blacked out. After that there was nothing.” “You were at the club?” “Yeah.” “I wasn't there but I also blacked out. You played the game Rabbit Doubt, right?” “Yeah. So that means if you weren't at the club for the game then that means that there’s others here too that played the game who might've been at the club.” “So, we wait here for the others to hopefully join us.” “Right.”[/COLOR] [COLOR="Navy"]OOC: Alright. Time to get this game on the road. Everyone needs to meet up where these characters are at. Once that happens then the game of Rabbit Doubt can truly begin. There is a Backstage for this thread as well so if you have any questions or comments and updates for additional info. [/COLOR]
  15. [COLOR="Magenta"][B]Name: [/B]Rei [B]Age:[/B] 13 [B]Gender:[/B] Female [B]Personality:[/B] She is very shy and self-reserved. She likes to stay back and watch what happens so that she doesn?t get too involved with others. Making friends is very difficult because she does have trust issues and is not quite sure who to trust. Rei is very emotional and can?t take much of criticism and will break down and go into depression. Rei does have a very joyful personality and does occasionally smile when she has some hope. [B]Appearance: [/B][URL="http://i56.photobucket.com/albums/g172/Just_Be_Yourself/Arina%20Tanemura/Full%20Moon%20Wo%20Sagashite/Meroko.jpg"]Rei[/URL] sits in a wheelchair due to paralysis in both legs [B]Cell Phone:[/B] Red Samsung slide phone with a camera and video recording. The cell strap hangs on the bottom of the cell phone [B]Barcode:[/B] Upper underside of her right arm [B]Snippet:[/B] Rei looked in the mirror and smiled. Rei knew that she would probably be different that the others because she is quite young and that she sits in a wheelchair. She looked at her phone to check the time. ?Looks like it?s about to go. Hey! Are you ready yet?? ?Just about. I need to go to the bathroom before we leave.? ?Just hurry up, okay Mion?? ?Alright.? Rei was going to meet up with some people from a game that she had played on her cell phone. Mion was her best friend and never played the game. Rei was too shy to go so Mion said that she would go with her for some support. ?Alright. Let?s go.? ?Okay.? Rei and Mion headed to the club that was to be the meeting place of the players. She wondered whether the others would be okay with Mion coming along. ?Hey, Mion. What would happen if you?re not able to enter the club because you never played the game?? ?Who knows? This is a club by the way so what does it matter. You?re under-aged so I don?t think it would be a problem.? ?You?re right. Thanks for coming, by the way.? ?No prob. I?ve always been there for you and you asked me to come so of course I?d come along.? They had both arrived at the club and walked through the door when Mion fell to the ground. Rei looked around and then blacked out. When she finally came to she was sitting in her wheelchair in the a strange room with nothing in it. The walls were bare and stained from water. Rei looked up and saw pipes running across the ceiling and shaded her eyes from the lights. That when she noticed a barcode of some sort on the upper under side of her right arm. She saw a door and went out of the room. She looked down the hall and saw that there was no one there. ?I wonder where I am.? She then headed down the hallway to find if there was anyone here.[/COLOR] [B]~~~~[/B] [B]Name:[/B] Mitsuki Yami [B]Age: [/B]18 [B]Gender:[/B] Female [B]Personality:[/B] Mitsuki is a very sporty girl that loves to have good time. She is very tomboyish and loves to go face to face with danger. Nothing really seems to fear her much except dead bodies and blood. This sporty girl loves to have a good time. [B]Appearance:[/B] [URL="http://i104.photobucket.com/albums/m200/neo_queen_serentiy/Anime%20Girls/Modern%20Anime%20girls/1525097635_l.jpg"]Mitsuki[/URL] also wears a pair of black cheer shorts and orange converse [B]Cell Phone:[/B] Blackberry with yellow stripes going vertically on the back. Comes with all the bells and whistles [B]Barcode:[/B] Left inner thigh [B]Snippet:[/B] Mitsuki was finishing up her afternoon jog and went to take a shower. After she took a shower she got ready. She looked in the mirror and put some makeup on to make her look a little more attractive. She blow dried her hair and put some pins in it and some bracelets on. Mitsuki checked her phone for any messages. None. Mitsuki grabbed her phone and put her shoes on and left for the club. It was getting dark by the time she had reached the club. Mitsuki walked through the door and saw that there were a quite a lot of people already there. She met some of the people that played the game. Mitsuki talked about how she felt about the game. She then went to the dance floor and started to dance. She noticed one guy that seemed to be attracting attention to himself. Mitsuki danced with him and then she felt dizzy and blacked out. She then woke up in what seemed to be a bathroom. She looked around and couldn?t remember anything that had happened prior to her getting here. Mitsuki stood up and saw something on her thigh. There was a barcode. She didn?t remember how she got it and just assumed that this was all a joke. Mitsuki went out of the bathroom and walked down the hallways to find some piece of evidence that would help her find her way out.
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